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Thursday, November 15, 2018 – Ring! Ring! Hello?

Thursday, November 15, 2018 – Ring! Ring! Hello?

Question? Why is a Texas Aggie’s hand like a lemon pie?

Answer: Because it has ma rang on it.

And I my hand does have my Aggie ring on it. I could also wear rings from Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston. The Universities – not the actual people. I was not acquainted with either.

The ring ceremony at SFA is called The Big Dip. Participants receive their ring then dip their right hand into a vat of water colored with purple dye. The water comes from the SFA Fountain. I did not realize fountain the SFA waters were that special. In fact, I do not even remember an SFA Fountain. Supposedly, the purple dye fades after several days, but the ring and you’re your memories stay forever. Oh futures, bright with hands purple and white…

I was unable to find a great deal of information regarding the ring ceremony at Sam Houston State. I did read that “your ring must be ordered in time to spend the night at Sam Houston State prior to the ring ceremony.” Maybe there is a Giant Dip and all of the rings are dipped into a vat of orange dye. Maybe the rings spend the night at Sam Houston’s grave.

There is an official ring ceremony at Texas A&M University. Of course, the original (and best) unofficial ring ceremony belongs to Texas A&M. While at the local intellectual salon, The Dixie Chicken, the ring is placed into a vat of beer and one chugs the beer and tries not to swallow their newly purchased ring.

Photo by me

My official ring ceremony consisted of me going to the Post Office and picking up my ring. I have never had an unofficial ring ceremony at The Dixie Chicken or anywhere else. Perhaps, I need to Uber a select group of friends and head down to The Chicken. I’m sure my friends will go for that much quicker than watching me dip my hand in purple dye.

Friday, December 9, 2016 – How Bout Them Applewhites? Or Good Things Come to He that Waits and Sammy Bearkat!!!

Friday, December 9, 2016 – How Bout Them Applewhites? Or Good Things Come to He that Waits and Sammy Bearkat!!!

What is the mascot of James Madison University? Happy Snarky Friday. Congratulations to Major Applewhite! The University of Houston announced the Offensive Coordinator will now be the Head Coach of the Cougars. Good move, Coogs!

However, tonight on ESPN2 at 6:00 pm the best football team in Texas will play  James Madison University in the quarter finals of the FCS playoffs.



This promises to be an aerial attack with both teams averaging around 50 points per game. Sam Houston is the lone unbeaten team remaining in the FCS and is joined by Western Michigan (13-0) and Alabama (13-0) as the only unblemished teams in all of Division I football.

The mascot of James Madison University is Dukes Dog or just Dukes. I do not know why. You can Google on your own. See you in Frisco, Texas, Kats!

Buddy Glasses

Buddy T. Cat – (T. stands for The.) Photo by me.

Monday, November 21, 2016 -The Monday after Saturday College Football Awards and the Best College Team Football Team in Texas

Monday, November 21, 2016 -The Monday after Saturday College Football Awards and the Best College Team Football Team in Texas

Let’s begin with the UGLY Awards and there are many to be awarded.

First Place Ugly Award for really ugly is presented to THE University of Texas who somehow lost to a one (1) and nine (9) Kansas team in overtime no less. Perhaps it was those ugly blue bunting bird looking uniforms KU wore. (Thank you Dr. K.) The last time THE University of Texas lost to Kansas was 1938. Write that on your Rock Chalk, Jayhawk sidewalk.

The Star-Kist Tuna Award – Sorry, Charlie – is awarded to Head Coach Charlie Strong of The University of Texas. I sincerely thought and hoped it would be a good fit for all. The good news is that lots of coaches have FOR SALE signs in their front yards too with more coming soon.

With a possible FOR SALE sign in his yard, we have the Second Place Ugly Award presented to Texas Tech for losing to Iowa State 66 -10.Tech scored when the Iowa State women’s soccer team took over in the fourth quarter.

Third Place Ugly Award is presented to Baylor University losing to K-State 42-21.

Fourth Place Ugly Award is presented to the Texas Aggies for surviving 23-10 against The University of Texas @ San Antonio.

This presents a distinct possibility that Texas A&M and Baylor will meet in the We Suck Bowl to be played in a big high school stadium somewhere between Houston and Dallas.

In Other Awards

The Cat that Ate the Cardinal Award goes to The University of Houston Cougar(s) who ate the Cardinals of Louisville 36 to 10 spoiling all Louisville hopes for a big bowl and maybe Lamar’s Heisman hopes. Nice cat smile, Shasta.

The Snow Globe Game AwardSnow U/OU Award goes to OU vs. W.Va. – OU 56 West Virginia 28. I am glad OU wore red pants with their white jerseys; otherwise one would have lost them in the snow and on the field after it stopped snowing. West Virginia still was unable to find them on the field – red pants and all.

The Taste like Chicken Award goes Pistol Pete and the Cowboys of Oklahoma State as they dined on frog legs defeating TCU 31-6.

This sets up the Big 12 Conference Title to be determined at Bedlam next week. Notice: neither of the schools is in Texas.

Michigan and Ohio State both receive Poopy Undies Awards with Ohio State escaping Michigan State 17 to 16. Michigan had more difficulty than anticipated winning over Indiana 20 to 10.

This sets up The Big Ten Title game between Ohio State and Michigan next week. I am going with the team that wears ugly helmets.

The Thanks for Participating Awards go to Alabama and Auburn. Both teams won handily, but both should have against Cupcake We’ll Take the Gate Receipts schools. This sets up the Iron Bowl next week. Roll Tide.

The Longest Yard Award goes to Florida for stopping LSU on the goal line on fourth and one to defeat the tigers and win the SEC East. Score: Florida – 16 to LSU – 10. Yea. Guess who’s coming to College Station for Thanksgiving Dinner?

It was definitely a week of ugly in Texas football. But there is one bright orange spot coming out of Huntsville, Texas.

The best football school currently in the state of Texas is the #5 Sam Houston State University Bearkats. The Bearkats are undefeated for the second time in program history and will host the winner of Weber State and Chattanooga on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 2 p.m. from Bowers Stadium.


Perhaps there is National Champion Football Shirt from one of my alma maters in my future after all.

Texas Flag @ Sunset (800x600)

Friday, January 15, 2016 – The Case of the Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport – College Football and Kangaroos.

Zippy Kangaroo

The University of Akron mascot, Zippy Kangaroo University of Akron official website.

Good morning, Class – Before we begin our discussion of The Case of the Tie Me Kangaroo Down HWIT post, let’s take time away from instruction and assess something. From one of the Vocabulary Words portions of assessment practice, “Please use the noun “hebetude” or the state of being dull or lethargic in a sentence.”

Response: “He wanted to get up from the chair, but hebetude tired.”

And now to our group projects. Who wants to go first?

I do. If you read the comments on the actual HWIT site, Reggie Reader commented on the January 6, 2016 HWIT and presented a puzzle about college football and kangaroos.

Nancy Drew, here.

Dear Reggie Reader, I believe I have cracked The Case of Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport. Like all school projects, I did not have any help from my friends, Bess or George (the manly looking George whose real name was Georgia– what was that all about?) or that worthless boyfriend of mine, Ned. I had to do the project all by myself.

The MAIN clue (I so amuse myself) is The Old Main Building on the Sam Houston State University campus that burned on February 12, 1982.

If these responses are incorrect, then I think it was Colonel Mustard in the library with the lead pipe.

“Dear Madam Rose……… Now that most bowl games are behind us…….until 1/11 that is…… here are a series of bowl related puzzlers to ponder while waiting for the Ags to select a QB and/or OC.

A Div 1 bowl team is blessed with a kangaroo for a head coach. Can you name the coach & team

The Potato Bowl (or Potatoe Bowl if you are Dan Quayle), Head Coach for The University of Akron, Terry Bowden.

A different Div1 bowl team’s head coach has kangaroos on his résumé……..as well as the Hall of Fame. Can you name the coach?

Hall of Fame Coach Bill Snyder currently Head Coach at Kansas State served as Offensive Coordinator at Austin College from 1974 to1975.

Yet another Div 1 bowl team, in a record tying victory, utilized a QB who is a member of a kangaroo family. Can you name the team & QB ?

Former head coach at The Ohio State University, Jim Tressell, (2000-2010) played quarterback for The University of Akron from 1975-1978. The mascot for The University of Akron is Zippy the Kangaroo.

Hint….think Old Main.”

I did, Reader Reggie – You son of a preacher man! A Presbyterian one if I recall.

From the Austin College website – Austin College opened in Huntsville, Texas and admitted its first class in the fall of 1850. Its original building still stands in Huntsville.

From the Sam Houston State University website – The university’s original three buildings were: Austin, Main, and Peabody.

Fever epidemics, the Civil War, and difficult economic conditions prompted the College’s relocation to north Texas. Austin College moved to Sherman, a more promising area, in 1876.

When The Old Main Building on the Sam Houston campus burned, efforts to save that building switched to save The Austin Building one of the original buildings of what was called Austin College.


The D-1 Bowl clues were helpful. I almost got side tracked by this Kangaroo – aka in mysteries as “the red herring.”

The head football coach for Austin College in Sherman, Texas is Loren Dawson who played for Austin College before transferring to Arizona State University where he graduated with both Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Coach Dawson returned and served as Defensive Coordinator at Austin College before becoming head coach. The mascot of the liberal arts focused and Presbyterian supported college is Katy the Kangaroo.

Reader Reggie, is there a prize? Thanks for the challenge. I should make an A, but not Bess, George or Ned.



Tuesday, November 10, 2015 – Abilene, Huntsville, Sam Houston State, Grade Points, Family, and History or Random Access Stream of Consciousness

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 – Abilene, Huntsville, Sam Houston State, Grade Points, Family, and History or Random Access Stream of Consciousness

Abilene. Abilene. Prettiest town that I’ve ever seen. Woman there don’t treat you mean. In Abilene. My Abilene.

I know people there don’t treat you mean – or at least they didn’t treat me mean during my several West Texas Education Service Center Tours. It was the Midland, San Angelo, Abilene, Lubbock and Amarillo route via puddle jumper airplanes and the cheapest rental cars from whichever service the state of Texas was using that year. Ah I loved travelling to exotic places.

Cars (800x600)

Transportation mode in West Texas used along Route 66 during The Depression on their way to The Promise Land – California.

But prettiest town… are there other options in West Texas for prettiest town? Must go with San Angelo for prettiest town.

Cousin Darryl’s team did it again last Saturday. Northwestern defeated Abilene Christian University in Abilene for a second victory in a row. Way go Cuz. I see that the Demons are coming to Huntsville this weekend to play the Sam Houston State Bearkats. I hope you get to eat at the Barbeque Baptist Church on Old Possum Road.

Make sure you arrive at the correct state institution in Huntsville. Both offer the color orange in their uniforms. One is significantly more restrictive than the other.

Like Natchitoches, Huntsville is a beautiful town filled with rich histories. The campus is a beautiful and very hilly one. In looking at my Wall of Papers, I see that I have a degree from Sam Houston – a Master of Arts in History – 1978.

The emphasis was the time period that dealt with the 1848 European revolutions (and there was a bunch of them –people pissed off all over the place about everything you could think of, people were running around killing people,), the Rise of Otto von Bismark and the German political state, and not just Otto. There were many oratory politicians.

I had a couple of minors with emphasis in American history. One minor is in American Social and Intellectual History and the other is the social, economic, technological and political changing revolutionary period of time in American history preceding the turn of the century- that would be from the 18th to the 19th. (1880’s – 1914.)

Carnegie Library

Carnegie Library in downtown Bryan, Texas

I am not certain the building housing the Sam Houston history department still exists. I hope so due to the beautiful architecture. It was the original library. But I took all 36 required hours in the same room and sitting in the same chair and actually telling new people “That is where I sit. Please move.” In personal reflections I am more like Dr. Sheldon Cooper that I would like to admit.

I first matriculated into Sam Houston as a summer school student in 1968. Those history classes were held in the Old Main Building. This beautiful old building burned sometime in the early 1980’s.

Due to my significantly unimpressive overall 1.2 grade point average from Stephen F. Austin for two semesters, my mother said “Go to summer school, raise your grades or you’re coming home.”

In a futile effort to convince her I had learned many things that were not reflected on my still existing and unimpressive undergraduate SFA transcript, her response was “If it is not on your transcript, I do not want to see it. And you probably should not be doing it.” Side note: As usual, Mama was about 99% right on. But she was wrong on this aspect. Learning to open a beer bottle through various means – a car door, a house door, a belt buckle or your blind date’s teeth – or any other mechanism that provides leverage has proven quite valuable over time. Leverage to open a bottle of Boone’s Farm was not necessary. Neither was a corkscrew.

I took both required semesters of American History on the first floor in Old Main. My professor was Dr. Duncan – aka Flunking Duncan – she doesn’t give A’s.” Education News Flash – A’s are not given; they are earned.

I sat in the back of a very crowded and hot classroom – no AC in those days. Upon daily dismissal, I climbed out the back window. Well, I wasn’t the only one. What were you thinking?

Anyway, Cousin Darryl – Here’s wishing the Demons good luck against Sam Houston. I am pretty sure the historical monuments regarding my Sam Houston experiences are not yet listed by historical markers. I should donate some money.

In addition to my two A’s from Dr. Duncan’s classes, I am sure the Huntsville and Sam Houston police can tell you where all of my speeding tickets and parking citations were handed out. I recall several right there by Bowers Stadium.

Past insurance claims can pin point how many times I wrecked HB and Mama’s car. Hey, it was hard to get a 1968 Chevrolet Impala Land Yacht into and out of those narrow parking places.

I must stop and get ready for the GOP debates tonight and put that Master of Arts Degree in History to work. Let me see – what are possible topics for tonight? People pissed off about all kinds of things; the rise of strong leaders and significantly changing social, economic, technological and social times.

From The Department of Redundancy Department – History Repeats Itself Again.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 – Assessment Practice

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 – Assessment Practice

Good morning, class.

Before we begin instruction, it is time to take away from it to practice for the state assessment tests. Yesterday you were to define the following new vocabulary words:

Beer o’clock

Wine o’clock


Butt dial

Cat café

cat cafe

Cat café in Denver. Nothing like a cat walking across the table where you are about to eat.

Today, you must use at least four of them in a single sentence. For example, “It was late into beer o’clock at the cat café when Sally realized she butt dialed her exboyfriend so she just called him a fatberg and hung up.”

Remember all of your hopes and dreams of the future depend on how well you do on assessment tests. In addition your school really wants a big “A” assigned to it to hang in front so the world can see. Of course we know in the new accreditation scheme the “A” stands for Affluent. Therefore it you attend schools such as Highland Park in Dallas or THE Woodlands HS in THE Woodlands, you will have no trouble.

And in what little time left for instruction, ensure you are aware of the following for the weekend.

Kyle Allen – named starting quarterback for The Fighting Texas Aggies – WHOOP!

Tyrone Swoops – named starting quarterback for THE University of Texas – come one Tyrone, you got this! It is just a mural with a painting of Touchdown Jesus on the wall of the library. Hook the Irish!

In addition to following the SEC and the Big 12, this year the schools of The Southland Conference are added to teams I like. This includes two alma maters of mine – Stephen F. Austin State – Go Jacks! Sam Houston State – Go Bearcats and Northwestern State University. Northwestern is located in the beautiful town, named after the brother of Nacogdoches, Natchitoches, Louisiana. It is the home of the birth of my sister; and the Northwestern team is coached by Darryl Daye – a second cousin, I wish I could meet.

Of course these will be on the assessment practices on Monday. Remember – assessment over instruction.