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Wednesday, September 30, 2015 – Gone Golfing

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 – Gone Golfing

Today is the last day of September of the year 2015. It is Wednesday, so that means it is play day for the Briarcrest Women’s Golf Association in Bryan.

Today we shall see which golfer I can channel in – Will it be Yu So Yung or will it be Yu So Suk?

Happy Day. I hope it is at least par for the course.The Golfer (600x800)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 – The Grand Canyon

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 – The Grand Canyon

The reason the big hole in Arizona is called “grand” is because it is. Enjoy the photographs. These are from 2008. I hope that today Cecil and Becky are enjoying the beauty of the Grand Canyon as much as I did then.

Neither the eyes nor the cameras can comprehend or capture the magnificent  beauty of God’s work of earthly art.

I took all of these photographs; they are all now copyrighted by DRDRD; they are all untouched and my privacy settings on Facebook are always public.

Arizona trip 085 (800x600) Arizona trip 084 (800x600) Arizona trip 083 (800x600) Arizona trip 082 (800x600) Arizona trip 070 (800x600)

Monday, September 28, 2015 – A College Football Weekend for the Ages

Monday, September 28, 2015 – A College Football Weekend for the Ages

It was indeed a college football weekend for the ages. I know the Aggie/Arkansas game alone aged me at least two years. With the chaos that reigned, we do not need an ado to further, so here are my Here’s What I’m Thinking Monday after Saturday College Football Awards.

Our Monday after Saturday College Football Awards post is brought to you by the word “minimax.”

No, minimax does not refer to the old chain of grocery stores in the South. Neither does it refer to a feminine hygiene product. It is a “noun that means a strategy of game theory employed to minimize a player’s maximum loss.

This is the principle of minimax: assume that the worst may happen and act accordingly; remember that lightening always strikes twice in the same place. This is a basic law known to all successful gamblers. William S. Burroughs, The Adding Machine, Selected Essays, 1993.” Sunday’s Word of the Day –

It was also the game strategy employed by the Arkansas Razorbacks against Texas A&M. But first, please have the following teams line up to receive The Poo Poo Undies Award. This award is given to the following teams for scaring the crap out of its fans and/or for just crapping out completely.

  • LSU – Otto the Orange proved much harder to squeeze that originally thought.
  • TCU
  • Texas Tech
  • THE University of Texas
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Texas A&M
  • Ole Miss – Really? Vanderbilt? BTW – Vandy, you get The Ugly Helmet Award. How many more designs can you put on a football helmet?
  • Alabama – not exactly scary, but the Tide is still a bit low.
  • Oregon

Please have all of the centers and kickers – yes field goal and punters – line up for The What’s the Point Award for missing crucial field goals and extra points or creating safeties.

  • Otto the Orange from Syracuse
  • Texas Tech
  • THE University of Texas
  • Texas A&M

The Most Points Scored Award goes to Baylor University. Yes, 70 to 17 is impressive, but it was still Rice. But given the way the other Big 12 teams are playing maybe it’s all gravy from here on out for the Bears.

The Duck Duck Gone Award goes to Oregon for losing to the soaring Utah Utes.

The Dumbass: Do Your Homework Award goes to the half-time announcer who asked “What’s a Ute?” The University of Utah uses Ute as a nickname with permission from the Native American Utes Tribal Council. In 1996, again with permission from the Ute Tribal Council, Utah introduced “Swoop” – a red-tailed hawk, a bird indigenous to the state of Utah.

Speaking of Ducks, the Tide Rolled over the Duck Dynasty from UL Monroe. The Tide still seems to be low and/or rolling out. Ouch – AP Poll Ranking – # 13 – with Georgia in Athens this weekend. UGA!

The Free Falling/Uncle Will Muschamp Defense Award goes once again this week to Auburn. This is what happens when your mascot is named after a dopy New England poet.

The Why Are You Still in the Top 5/6 Award is shared by TCU and Notre Dame. Really? I know the Frogs are injured and barely hopping, and you barely won

  • On a botched snap by Texas Tech that resulted in a safety
  • On a freak Tippy Tippy Bang Bang in the last seconds
  • You almost allow The Band play with multiple laterals and
  • Your defense allowed 52 points from an unranked team.

And Notre Dame? Just because the Pope has been in the United States does not mean you should be in The Top 10.

And to THE University of Texas – Yes, the refs were from The School for Blind and Visually Impaired; yes, there are still many burnt orange bright spots, but I must give the Horns the Streets of Laredo Award:

So beat the drum slowly and play the fife lowly and

play the death march as they carry me along.

UT OSU Nov 16.2013 2013-11-16 026

The award for Does this Three -Point Margin of Victory Make my Ass Look Big? goes to TCU and Coach Gary Patterson.

Two individual awards this week: First to the Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes for heroic and knee hurting courage to give your all.

And to Leonard Fournette of LSU I am giving the Wow, You Are Fun to Watch Run Award. Could there be another Heisman Award headed toward the LSU Tiger trophy case?

And now may I have the final awards’ package?

Arkansas – the state that gives us Mike Huckabee and The Clintons.

Minimax – “noun that means a strategy of game theory employed to minimize a player’s maximum loss.

This is the principle of minimax: assume that the worst may happen and act accordingly; remember that lightening always strikes twice in the same place. This is a basic law known to all successful gamblers. William S. Burroughs, The Adding Machine, Selected Essays, 1993

Was this your coaching strategy, Coach Bielema? Playing keep away from the opponent’s offense almost worked. The thing about the hurry up and spread offensive is – when you don’t have the ball, the other team scores quickly and often.

The Assume the Worst May Happen Award goes to Coach Bret Bielema of Arkansas. The worst did happen.

The Poise under Pressure Award goes to The Fighting Texas Aggies.

Lighting Always Strikes Twice in the Same Place Award goes to The Fighting Texas Aggies.

So it wasn’t exactly an “ass-kicking in Dallas.” I guess you are saving yourself for the remainder of the SEC.

Stop Whining: You Lost – Maximum Loss Award goes to the Razorbacks of Arkansas. See you next year.

Friday, September 25, 2015 – Snarky Friday Football

Friday, September 25, 2015 – Snarky Friday Football

My weekend teams and Here’s What I’m Thinking about them.

Georgia v Southern @ 11:00 AM on SEC – Sanford Stadium, Athens, Georgia

UGA, UGA, YUKA to 11:00 AM games. One has to start so early to be drunk by that time.

LSU v Syracuse – @ 11:00 on ESPN – Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY

The Syracuse mascot is an anthropomorphic orange. Who besides me, Dr. Sheldon Cooper and the DeMarsion know the meaning of “anthropomorphic?” The Orange’s name is Otto. Otto the Orange. (Just Google it)

Otto the Orange

The LSU mascot is a live Tiger. The Tiger’s name is Mike the Tiger.

Mike the Tiger Mike the Tiger eats oranges like grapes. Otto the Orange – oh I can’t stop laughing.

Northwestern v University of Central Arkansas @ 11:00 AM on ESPN3 @ Turpin Stadium – Natchitoches, La.

Well, one team will have a win in the W column.

Baylor v Rice @ 2:00 on Fox Sports @ McLane Stadium – Waco, TX

Do you have the same scheduler as TCU and Ohio State? You are aware The Committee is watching. So is Larry Culpepper, the Dr. Pepper guy. I think he has the deciding vote.

Ohio State v Western Michigan @ 2:30 on ESPN2 – Ohio Stadium – Columbus, Ohio.

See above about The Committee watching. I am thinking the Buckeyes better buck up and show some points on the scoreboard.

THE University of Texas v Oklahoma State @ 2:30 on ESPN @ DKR Memorial Stadium – Austin, TX.

Cowboys v Longhorns – a clash of the oranges – not Otto – Depends on who shows up.

Texas Flag @ Sunset (800x600)

Alabama v UL Monroe @ 3:00 on SEC – Bryant-Denny Stadium – Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Pretty sure the Tide is going to roll over the Duck Dynasty. Watch out for the tsunami.

Texas Tech v TCU @ 3:45 on Fox @ Jones AT&T Stadium, Lubbock, Texas

Beware The Wayward Wind. It’s a restless win. Coach Kliff is in an ass-kicking mood and TCU is playing the ghosts of the Southwest Conference.

Vanderbilt v Ole Miss @ 6:00 on ESPNU @ Vaught-Hemingway Stadium , Oxford, MS

Given that William Cutbirth Faulkner is one of my favorite authors and one of the greatest Southern writers in American Literature, it would only be natural that I would selection Faulkner residential writing home of Oxford as the possible winning team; this of course is because in all honesty Vanderbilt should be playing Rice whereas the two academic powerhouses can play on a level playing field.

The above sentence is understood by those who read WCF and English/American Lit Majors.

Mississippi State v Auburn @ 6:30 on ESPN2 @ Jordan-Hare Stadium – Auburn, Alabama

Go Bulldogs. Uncle Will, we are so looking forward to your visit in College Station. We wanted you to know College Station topped the list of most exciting towns in Texas yesterday. Really!

Texas A&M v Arkansas @ 6:00 on ESPN – @ AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

This is the start of SEC play. A&M almost ran out of time last year. Texas Tech has pissed off the Hogs.

In honor of Texas Tech kicking ass last weekend with their hurry up, spread offense, I am proposing that Aggies wear our Ray-Bans to be cool like and in honor of Coach Kliff and the hurry up, spread offense to help remind Arkansas of last week. FYI – Arkansas, the Aggies run a hurry up, spread office and the Aggies have a defense.

Ray Bans (450x800)

Oh yes – here are some special uniforms designs.

BTHO Arkansas

Thursday, September 24, 2015 – Throw Back Thursday – Stand for the Gold and White

Thursday, September 24, 2015 – Throw Back Thursday – Stand for the Gold and White – Conroe Tiger/Moorhead Stadium – Conroe High School – Conroe Independent School District – Conroe, Texas

Tiger Stadium CHS (800x600)

Here you go Conroe Tigers!  In cleaning out boxes I found the old photograph of Tiger Stadium and a photograph of the late Buddy Moorhead.  My friend Natalie Thompson restored the photograph to what the stadium would have looked like when it was called Tiger Stadium.  After Coach Moorhead’s early death, the stadium was renamed in his honor.  The photograph of Moorhead Stadium was taken this month – 2015.

Check out the cowboy boots – were they Love Ya Blue? As in Houston Oilers? Look at the TRS 80 computer.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 – Lawrence Peter Berra 1925- 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 – Lawrence Peter Berra 1925- 2015

Yogi Berra –  “When you come to the fork in the road, take it.”

Jimmy Buffet – “Our lives change like the weather, but a legend never dies” (Last Mango in Paris)

RIP Yogi Berra

Happy First Day of Fall!

Fall  (800x530)

Soldotna, Alaska September 2014 Photo by me

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 – Three Down and More to Go

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 – Three Down and More to Go

There is a story on Yahoo this morning that lists the 33 best college bars in America. ttps://

I have no idea what the selection criteria were, but I certainly would have liked the assignment to determine the bars. Especially if it involved visiting each one.

Here are three I have visited.

Campus tour 7.5.2014 2014-07-05 098 (800x600)Campus tour 7.5.2014 2014-07-05 100 (800x600)

Campus tour 7.5.2014 2014-07-05 101 (600x800)

Texas A&M Dixie Chicken In the A&M community, your college ring isn’t truly “blessed” unless it’s been through the Aggie Dunk. That involves ordering a 32oz mug off Dixie Chicken’s taps, bathing your ring in that beer, and then chugging the glass for good measure. It’s the kind of bar ritual only a college mainstay like Dixie Chicken has going for it, even if it was born out of accident.

Hmm. I seem to have several photos of The Chicken. It would almost suggest that I spent much time there.

University of Texas-Austin Cain & Abel’s The name would imply this bar is home to a UT-Austin chapter of Fight Club, but when you’ve got $1 beers every Tuesday, it’s all brotherly love. Cain & Abel’s is best known for its Texas Teas (a riff on the Long Island) and H-Bombs (Hideous liqueur and Red Bull). They’re frequently on special, and frequently the cause of regret the next morning.

Sorry, no photo available. Probably one of those “Deny it unless there are pictures” times.

Oklahoma State Eskimo Joe’s Don’t be alarmed by the maniacal grin on that guy in the sign. It’s just Joe, and he probably looks like that because he dipped into EJ’s always $2.50 well drinks. The bar/restaurant/clothing shop has been an integral part of OSU since it first opened its doors in 1975 – the proof is in the annual anniversary bash, which is so big, it regularly spills into the streets. Stillwater’s “jumpin’ little juke joint” also has a long history of live music. Acoustic nights are every Wednesday, but if you’re more into the electric scene, you can catch those acts on the weekends.

OSU Download 178 (600x800)OSU 1 (800x522)

Must plan a road trip to Nebraska.

University of Nebraska Duffy’s Tavern If you’ve never seen one of these in the wild, did you even go to college? You definitely didn’t go to Duffy’s, which raises the bar on the undergrad Saturday night go-to by boasting 29 different fishbowls. Those are $14 during Monday happy hour, but the best special might be Tuesday’s $1 tallboys. Mostly because it’s called Dad’s Beer Night.

Monday, September 21, 2015 – The Monday Morning After College Football Awards.

Horses @ Library (800x530)

Sculpture at Bush Library – 2015

Today’s awards are brought to you by the word “enervate.”

Assessment before Instruction – our vocabulary word is “enervate.” It means to deprive of force or strength; destroy the vigor.” So many teams were enervated this weekend.

So here are my awards for Week Three of College Football Season.

The Keep Calm and Keep Practicing Award goes to the Texas Aggies. In some cultures, such as East Montgomery County, this award is known as the “That Dog Ain’t Ready to Hunt” Award. This does not refer to Miss Reveille as she is from the herding group and also does not like get her nails messed up.

To the Texas Tech Red Raiders – I award the Shredded Pork with Extra Bacon Bits Award for Kliff Kingsbury kicking some koach’s pig butt with his komments. Way to go, Kliff.

In the Hippie Bowl between the school formerly known as Berkley and THE University I give the award for “Close, But to the Right” to THE University for the missed extra point that would have tied the game and possibility sent it to OT. You did not know Cal once known as Berkley? I suppose all those protesters from the sixties resulted in the name change.

The original name University of California was frequently shortened to California or Cal. UC Berkeley’s athletic teams date to this time and so are referred to as the California Golden Bears, Cal Bears, or just Cal. Today, University of California refers to a statewide school system. Referring to the University of California, Berkeley as UCB or University of California at Berkeley is discouraged and the domain name is Moreover, the term “Cal Berkeley” is not a correct reference to the school, but is occasionally used. Berkeley is unaffiliated with the Berklee College of Music or Berkeley College.

Note: Any grammatical errors in the preceding paragraph come from Wikipedia.

THE University is also awarded The Many Bright Burnt Orange Lights for showing life and a near comeback. The interval of the loss was one point.

The Interval Award is shared by TCU and Ohio State. One would think the #1 and #2/3 team could have a larger interval between the score when playing lesser teams. The Committee is watching.

BYOB – The Bring Your Own Bench Award goes to Auburn. This is awarded to the team that does not want to sit on the benches provided. Auburn proposed to bring its own cooling benches. When told that there was not enough power in Tiger Stadium, Auburn staff proposed to bring their own generators. Finally the Baton Rouge Fire Marshall said, “NO! You can sit on the same benches as the LSU team does.” Does Auburn have heated benches for the winter time?

The Great Defense, Uncle Will Award goes to the LSU Tigers for scoring on the second play of the ball game.

My Favorite Player Name Award – goes to Malachi Dupree on the LSU team. Now ain’t that a cultural masterpiece of confusion?

The Hindenburg Award for “OH THE HUMANITY!” goes to Alabama and their fans. I am not sure the Tide ever rolled in. Ole Miss enervated the Tide. Don’t start singing Bon voyage to you, new Titanic just yet. There could be a tsunami waiting for somebody.

The final award is the comparison between the Auburn Tiger and the LSU Tiger as portrayed by the half-time PR clip. One is stuffed into a mascot uniform and one is a live tiger that scares you even on TV.

The Stuffed Tiger Award goes to the LSU Tigers. According to the PR clip, the Auburn Tiger originated from Oliver Goldsmith’s poem The Deserted Village. “Sweet Auburn, loveliest village on the plain, …” It takes you about 100 or more lines to “where crouching tigers wait hapless prey.”

The LSU Tigers take their name from the Louisiana Infantry men known as Louisiana Tigers for their tenacity and ferociousness during battle.

Not mentioned in the video, but clearly noticeable in the photograph to anyone who knows their history or has seen Gone With the Wind, were the uniforms of the Louisiana Infantry. They were known for their red head gear, blue tops and striped pants. Company B of the Tigers wore distinctive uniforms similar to the French zouave, with straw hats or red cloth fezzes, blue-striped chasseur-style pants, and short dark blue jackets with red lacing or tombeaux. You can read more about the Louisiana Infantry on Wikipedia.

So Auburn takes its Tiger name from a long, dopy, whimpey poem from the 1770’s read by American Literature majors only. Auburn has a stuffed Tiger.

LSU takes its Tiger name from a tenacious fighting unit from the 1860’s and has one of the most bad ass mascots in all of college football that eats stuff tigers for dessert. No wonder Auburn was enervated.

Friday, September 18, 2015 – Your Saturday College Game of the Week Football Schedule

Friday, September 18, 2015 – Your Saturday College Game of the Week Football Schedule-

For the third week of college football, here are the games I will be watching. In my ever attempt to enlighten and inform you, here is a schedule and posted on the ESPN App.

Baylor - BU UT 2013 - Scoreboard Champs (800x600)

Baylor has an open week. The photo is the last lit score board in Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco.

Texas A&M vs Nevada @ 11:00 AM on SECN @ Kyle Field. College Station. Who plays football at 11:00 in the morning? I hate the 11:00 AM games because it is difficult to stay awake for the afternoon games. Reminder: Pick up more vodka and bloody Mary mix.

Auburn vs LSU- @ 2:30 on CBS @ Tiger Stadium. Baton Rouge. Tiger, Tiger burning bright; Please give Muschamp’s defense a fight.

Northwestern State v Mississippi State – @ 3:00 on SECN @ Davis Wade Stadium. Starkville, Mississippi. Be sure to watch for my relative on the Northwestern sidelines. My cousin is the defensive coach. He will be the really good looking one. You know it comes with the family. Let’s go Demons!

Texas Tech v Arkansas @ 6:00 on ESPN2 @ Razorback Stadium. Fayetteville, Arkansas. What goes well with tortillas? Pork.

Oklahoma State v UTSA @ 2:30 on FOX1 @ Boone Pickens Stadium. Stillwater. Go Pokes!

TCU v SMU – @ 7:00 on FSN @ Amon G. Carter Stadium, Fort Worth. Really? Who does your scheduling, TCU? The Pillsbury Dough Boy? How much does strength of schedule count?

Cal v Texas – @ 6:30 on Fox @ DKR Memorial Stadium, Austin, Texas. THE University wanted to play in the Pac 12. Now is your chance to show them what you got.

Ole Miss vs Alabama @ 8:15 on ESPN @ Bryant-Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Hotty Toddy and Roll Tide.

And now what could happen after last week’s ESPN programming fiasco. Here is  the possible ESPN schedule.

If you are watching the Aggie/Nevada game @ 11:00 on the SECN, you will be switched at half time to ESPN3. This allows those of us who do not want to watch and pay for it on our computers to watch the game as it buffers along.

The Auburn /LSU game will be transferred to another ESPN station as soon as ESPN buys out CBS giving it a monopoly on college football. This deal will occur during a critical series with minutes left to play in the game.

At 4:46 the Northwestern/Mississippi State will move to ESPNU ensuring only those who chose to pay for more sports on their cable are able to see the game.

At 3:26 the Oklahoma State/UTSA game will be moved to an ESPN sister station, yet to be available to viewers.

At 4:52 the Northwestern/Mississippi State game will move to ESPN2. This game will run long and the Texas Tech/Arkansas match up will be moved to SECA. I am not sure if cable TV has made it Lubbock or the state of Arkansas.

At 7:15 the Cal/Texas game will move to The Longhorn Network, which probably nobody in California receives.

At 8: 07 the TCU/SMU game will be taken off the air and replaced with the Monmouth vs Wagner game from the Big South Conference.

At half-time with the scored tied between Ole Miss v Alabama, ESPN and the decision-makers there will replace what could be the game that says much about what will happen in the SEC with the Sacramento State vs Weber State game or the Northern Iowa vs Cal Poly game. These are schools that no one cares about unless your child goes there.

I hope your team wins. I hope ESPN does not jerk us around like last weekend and BTHO Nevada!

Thursday, September 17, 2015 – My Comments on Their Comments

Thursday, September 17, 2015 – My Comments on Their Comments

Who watched the debates? I thought the Junior Varsity debate had much more substance than the Varsity debate. Of course, I hesitate to refer to 11 people screaming as a debate.

DSC_1153 - Copy (800x527)

Statue of Liberty – I shot this in 1986 from a helicopter ride in NYC.

Both debates went something like this for all of the candidates:

Question: What are your thoughts on Issue X?

Response: Let me talk about Issue Y.

It took 5.7 seconds for Rick Santorium to say the word “abortion.” This was in response to his first question that had nothing to do with the issue of abortion.

When Lindsey Graham was asked a question, his constant response was about going to war. He missed a golden opportunity by not fully explaining Marbury v Madison and then somehow made it sound as though the case that established the Supreme Court as the “law of the land” was responsible for the Court’s decision regarding gay marriage.

He also said he would support payment for a regional army “comprised of 90% of the Turks, the Jordanians, the Saudis and the Egyptians and “we will kill every one of those bastards we can find.” Have you looked at the religious affiliations of those countries?

I forgot who said something about replacing “one novice with another.” Did you forget about George W. Bush being a novice?

Then they took on Chief Justice Roberts – somebody said he would “fight for good, conservative judges on the Supreme Court.” I laughed when Jake Trapper reminded them of Ronald Reagan’s and George W. Bush appointments, including the Chief Justice, to the Supreme Court. Also, history teaches us that Franklin Roosevelt could not pack the Supreme Court with justices.

The Varsity Debate had so many people I would forget who was actually on the stage. Ted Cruz introduced himself as the son of “an Irish/Italian mom and a Cuban immigrant dad, who fled oppression and came to America seeking freedom.” From Canada?

Also Senator Cruz said he would “tear up the catastrophic Iran Deal on the first day if elected.” The others jumped on Senator Cruz from a policy standpoint and actually discussed weaknesses of the Iran Deal and the parts that do need modifications.

Cruz, in response to a question, said that he would get rid of a “theocratic Ayatollah.” Does Senator Cruz know the meaning of “theocracy?” Aren’t Senator Cruz and all the others courting the Evangelicals advocating a theocracy?

Every time Bernie Sanders was mentioned as a “socialist”, it sounded as though their rhetoric came directly from a high school history book referring to Franklin Roosevelt.

I thought Carli Fiona gave some excellent answers and excellent responses.

I also went to bed at 9:00 with a headache from information overload and so much bullshit. But do keep your voter registration card current.