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Thursday, June 30, 2016 – Assessment Thursday

Thursday, June 30, 2016 – Assessment Thursday

Good Morning, Class – It is Thursday and that means assessment practice. Today we will work on 11th grade writing.

# 2 Pencils (800x554)

Here is your prompt.

Would a chanticleer kick a Manziel fighting rooster? Or would one be disqualified after failing the post-fight drug test?

Please write your response in cursive. No emoticons, cuneiforms, hieroglyphics, cave drawings, or text messages will be accepted.

Are there any questions?

Yes, Jose? No, you may not write it in Spanish even if you write it in cursive.

Yes, Jenny Lee? No, cursive is not the same as calligraphy yet.

Does anyone need to use the restroom before we begin? Yes, Chris? I mean Christina. Sorry, still working on the name change. Yes, here is your hall monitor with her concealed handgun to escort you. You know to go to the Ken Paxton or the Dan Patrick rest room? I will let your parents know that you went to pee.

While we are waiting, those of you taking the AP Writing, remember, your response will need to be written in Latin.

OK, Chris is back. Remember when you finish your first response, please make at least two copies of it for when the testing corporation screws up.

Pencils up! Begin.

God Bless Texas Education.

Ship wreck 4

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 – What is a Chanticleer?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 – What is a Chanticleer?  By Buddy T. Cat

Buddy Glasses

Buddy T. Cat

Tonight either the Arizona Wildcats or the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers will have a dogpile. One college baseball team will become Division I College Baseball National Champions. A dogpile for the sports challenged signals the final out, game over and the winning players all pile on top of one another near the pitcher’s mound. I am not real sure how that tradition began.

Until the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers pitched and hit their way to Omaha and the College World Series, few people knew the noun chanticleer. This is because they did not pay attention in high English literature or college literature classes. Until the 1960’s the mascot of Coastal Carolina was a Trojan – the warrior, not the condom. An English professor and his students suggested the mascot be changed and the Chanticleer was born.

“Chanticleer comes from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. More specifically, he comes from the Nun’s Priest Tale, a story within Canterbury Tales. The Chanticleer is a proud and fierce rooster who dominates the barnyard. For the best description of Chanticleer, we turn to Chaucer’s words.

“For crowing there was not his equal in all the land. His voice was merrier than the merry organ that plays in church, and his crowing from his resting place was more trustworthy than a clock. His comb was redder than fine coral and turreted like a castle wall, his bill was black and shone like a jet, and his legs and toes were like azure. His nails were whiter than the lily and his feathers were like burnished gold.”

With all of his splendor and great looks, Chanticleer is also greatly feared and mightily respected by all.”

Wouldn’t it be fun if the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers played the Delaware Blue Hens?

Go Chanticleers. Feel the teal.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 – Random Thoughts from the Left Field of my Mind.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 – Random Thoughts from the Left Field of my Mind.

Life has been too sad lately so today I shall share some of my left field thoughts regarding TV commercials. Let’s laugh.

How long have those two Sonic guys been doing commercials? One would think as many years and as many items as they eat at Sonic they would weigh 300 pounds and have cholesterol and blood pressure readings off the charts.

Have you seen the commercial for bleach where the fake scientists put a bull wearing a T-shirt in a trailer lines with jars filled with stains? My question is this. How do they get the bull to wear the T-shirt?

Have you noticed that just as you sit down for dinner there is a commercial about something to do with one’s nether yeha? Just as you take a bite of that taco there is a commercial for laxatives, irritable bowels, bladder overflow, yeast infections, prostate testings and all other “living better through chemicals” that are made to stop or start the above mentioned topics.

And speaking of nether yehas. What is with the erectile dysfunction boner drug and the bathtubs? Don’t stop to take a pill or find a bathroom. Are they going to do it in the bathtubs? Are they going to do it in a bathroom? Does the drug only work around plumbing fixtures?

Why hasn’t Bob Dylan or Joan Baez been appointed United States Poet Laureate? Aside from the fact that neither would accept such a bourgeois appointment. I am not sure how my brain synapted from ED drugs to Dylan and Baez. I warned you about random thoughts from left field of my mind.

Stay cool on thisTuesday. It is still pretty cool in Texas. The temperature has not reached triple digits yet. Should happen on The Fourth of July.

July 4, 2014 2014-07-04 173 (800x530)

July 4, 2014 – George H. W. Bush Library. College Station, Texas. Photo by me.

Go to a Sonic to cool off with a slushy drink. Perhaps you will see the two guys.

Monday, June 27, 2016 – We Back Pat

Monday, June 27, 2016 – We Back Pat

In 2011 some family members happened to be in Knoxville, Tennessee when it was announced that legendary and Hall of Fame basketball coach, Pat Summitt, had been diagnosed with the early onset on Alzheimer’s. Immediately the University of Tennessee began to show their support with these shirts. Knowing the basketball and sports fan that I am my family bought me one.

Pat Shirt (800x600)

Today our thoughts and prayers go to the immediate, extended and basketball families of Coach Summitt and to all families, friends and caregivers who have loved ones who suffer this horrible disease. May the medical community soon find a cause, treatment and cure for Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile, We Back Pat! And all the others.

Friday, June 24, 2016 – News from the Nether Land

Friday, June 24, 2016 – News from the Nether Land

No, I am not talking about the country of the Netherlands. I am referring to Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Miller’s Tale from Canterbury Tales. If those ultraconservatives trying to run education could only read and understand old English, this poem would be so banned from high school English classes. The Miller’s Tale refers to activities related to one’s nether yaya. For example, peeing out of an upstairs window by hanging one’s rear end out the window, breaking wind in his lover’s face and of course nether yaya love happenings.

Chaucer should have included a story called The Doctor’s Tale. It would tell of having a camera and light inserted into the nether yaya area to look around. I wonder who thought “hey I bet if I stick this camera with a light on it up someone’s nether land I can see inside.” Better yet, I wonder who had the honors to advance science and medicine of being the first to have a camera inserted. “Hey Igor, hop up on this table and let me take a picture of the inside of your nether land.” OK, we are getting way too much personal information.

Let’s just say all’s well that ends well. That is Shakespeare. And that ends your English Literature lesson for the day. Happy weekend.


Thursday, July 23, 2016 – Here’s What I’m Thinking Will Delayed Today

Thursday, July 23, 2016 – Here’s What I’m Thinking Will Delayed Today

I have to go to the doctor for little procedure to check out something in the nether land area. Check back later when I return home. Given the location of the procedure video will not be available. Turn to your cable channel if you want to see anything gross.

Nov 2013 2013-08-24 156 (800x530)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 – You Ain’t Got a Thing if You Ain’t Got that Swing!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 – You Ain’t Got a Thing if You Ain’t Got that Swing!

A few pictures from last Saturday’s EWGA tournament.

practice (293x456)

On the driving range.

My swing (460x301)

Teeing off.

The Aggie players (454x289)

Aggie Players – me, Chanee and Terry


Tuesday, June 21, 2016 – Another Hero of The Greatest Generation – Thank You for Your Service, Sir.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 – Another Hero of The Greatest Generation – Thank You for Your Service, Sir.

Four years ago this month I had the honor and privilege of being on an Honor Flight from Austin, Texas with 25 WWII Veterans. It was the maiden Honor Flight taking these heroes to see the memorial in their honor. Mr. Ray Halliburton was one of them.

DSC_0049 (800x530)

Dr. Tom Matthews, Ray Halliburton and J.V. McClananhan. The Boys from Luling, Texas .Photo by me.

Mr. Ray had never been to Washington D. C. I snapped this photo of him just as we arrived at the WWII Memorial.

065 (800x600)

Mr. Ray died on June 11 2016 at age 91 years. His obituary follows. It is interesting. However, I encourage you to click on the link at the end. It is a link to a Smithsonian Article published in January 2016 about him. You can read his words about the sacrifice he and all veterans make for us daily.

From the Gonzales Paper – Ray Halliburton, of Luling, died June 11, in Audie Murphy VA Hospital in San Antonio. He was born November 14, 1924. In 1944 he was drafted into the US Army and went to basic training at Camp Walters, in Mineral Wells.  He was a Corporal when he went ashore in France in July 1944, one month after D-day.  He was a member of K Company, Third Battalion, Tenth Infantry Regiment, Fifth Infantry “Red Diamond” Division, in Patton’s Third Army.

He fought three months of fierce combat across 500 miles and had risen to staff sergeant and squad leader.  He was 20 years old. He was captured on December 5, 1944, just outside Saarbrucken, Germany, when his unit advanced ahead of the others. He was liberated by the Russian Army in 1945 from Lukenwalde. He was a farmer and rancher for most of his working life.

Thanks Ray. Glad I got to know. You made a difference to me and to the world we live in.

Monday, June 20, 2016 – Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! Or Celebration Brunch

Monday, June 20, 2016 – Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! Or Celebration Brunch

I won first place in my flight at the Inaugural Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) – Aggieland Chapter. First place winners receive an automatic bid to the state Semi-final Championship round. This year’s semi-finals are at The Hills in Lakeway, Texas on July 9.

Me and my trophy (799x800)

I will be declining my advancement. I am going to play in the EWGA Shoot Out on the 24th of June. The Houston, Austin and Aggieland EWGA Chapters are holding a fun tournament to raise money to send young girls to nationals. This round will be played at Pine Forest in Bastrop. It is more fun to play when you help others.

Friday, June 17, 2016 – National Flip Flop Day

Friday, June 17, 2016 – National Flip Flop Day

Today is National Flip Flop Day! Really, there is a day designated as National Flip Flop Day. I read it on the Internet so I know it is true.

So today’s HWIT is dedicated to my friend, JFP, the 1966 Homecoming Queen of Magnolia High School. She and I (like so many other intelligent women) share the same belief regarding footwear – If I can’t wear flip flops (tennis shoes in my case), and then I am not going.

National Flip Flop Day was founded by Tropical Smoothie. If a patron visits a Tropical Smoothie store wearing flip flips today he or she receives a free smoothie. The money is donated to Camp Sunshine – camp that provides support for children and their families with life threatening illnesses.

So flip on your flip flops and stroll along the beach or take a walk in the park and maybe get a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. If you are not up for a walk in the Texas heat here is another thought.

Slide those flippy floppy shoes on, have a cocktail and dance around the room singing along with Jimmy. It’s 5:00 somewhere.

Jimmy Buffet 2013-05-03 095

Jimmy Buffet – Austin, Texas, Circuit of the Americas; May 5, 2013 – photo by me.

“Blew out my flip flops; stepped on a pop top; cut my heel; had to hurry back home. But there’s booze in blender and soon it will render that frozen concoction that helps me hang on… Wasting away again in Margaritaville…” (Buffet, Jimmy)

I wonder if National Flip Flop Day coincides with National Podiatrist Day.

Enjoy the weekend. Happy Father’s Day!