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Wednesday, March 25, 2020 – Everybody Dance Now

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 – Everybody Dance Now

Anybody having weird dreams? Two nights in a row I dreamed my friend, Shirley Crooks and I were judges in a dance contest. I don’t know about Shirley but watching me dance is not pretty. In fact, it is pretty hilarious, and tequila is usually involved.

But I offer some suggestions for a dance contest from American Bandstand 1967. It is kind of long, but funny. I like couple number four because I had a dress like that in 1967. Check out the ads. Check out the prizes. Different for boys and girls.  I especially like the TV with removable legs so you can take it to another room.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020 – Washington Square

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 – Washington Square

The song Washington Square is one of my favorite songs. Believe it or not at one point in my life, I could play the guitar part and the banjo part. Of course, I could rock the clarinet part. This was the only song I ever learned to play on the banjo, aside from strumming.

Here’s to you New York City. Stay strong.  See you at Washington Square when this is over.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 – What Are You Doing?

What are you doing during this self and government isolation and quarentine?

I went to my new gym today. Also known as a walk outside. I walked a mile.

As of yesterday, I have done all of the laundry, including the bed linens, and the area rugs. The cat is eyeing me suspiciously.

Since my self-imposed social isolation last Friday, March 13, I have read three books.

The Iroquois Theatre Fire of 1903 – by Nat Brandt.  Not a pleasant story, but I learned more about theatre than I ever knew. I never noticed that theatre doors swing outwards. Think about that. The doors of the Iroquois swung inwords. I read these books because I like to see the reforms that result from tragic situations.

18 Tiny Deaths – The Untold Story of Frances Glessner Lee and the Invention of Modern Forensics by Bruce Goldfarb. Another forgotten woman in history.  Her passion for this unknown field made crucial in roads into forensics, crime and the way we view the world today.

Home Front – by Kristin Hannah I like books by this author. They tend to be about women and the paths life takes them. In Home Front, we get to see the world of a military mom who is a helicopter pilot called into action.

Currently, I am reading Erik Larson’s new book about Churchhill The Splendid and the Vile.  Spoiler alert: England wins.

I am keeping a journal about the virus. This is something I have never seen in my lifetime. You are living history. I would especially urge parents to have their kids do this. Someday, these will become primary sources for sociologists, historians and others who study social/psychological issues.

Something else to journal about includes the things for which you are thankful. This can really put things in perspective for you.

The Great Toilet Paper Hoard puzzles me. I have not seen indications that the COVID19 virus causes gastro-intestinal issues requiring extensive lengths from the TP roll. Remember, it is not necessary to make a catcher’s mitt to wipe your butt. However, I must say I found a roll and half of TP this morning that I did not know I had and did a little dance.

In conclusion, I recall a lunch topic from many years ago. The topic was camping and things that went wrong. We discussed the usual – rained, wild animals, eating the cookies from the campers next door (Big Bang Theory reference – The Adhesive Duck Deficiency Episode).

One of the people said when he was a Boy Scout, they went on a camping trip and forgot toilet paper. After a round of “Oh No’s and What did you do?” he smiled and said, “We are Mexicans. We had enough tortillas for weeks!”

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Friday, March 13, 2020 – Happy Friday 13th!

Friday, March 13, 2020 – Happy Friday 13th!

Along with everybody else I am preparing for “social isolation” or the avoidance of large crowds.

This is actually pretty easy for me to do since I really do not like crowds larger than the number who can fit around a table with four chairs and a wine bottle.

This is definitely one of those times when living alone with a cat is an advantage.

Here’s what I’m thinking. If I have to stay indoors for an indeterminate amount of time, I am doing it with Oreos and junk food.junk food 3.13.2020 (2)

Seriously, this is some serious stuff. Please take care of yourselves.

Thank God for Netflix.

Now! Go wash your hands.

Friday, March 6, 2020 – 13 Days of Glory

Friday, March 6, 2020 – 13 Days of Glory

To the 13 days of glory and the men of The Alamo.

On this day in 1836, the Alamo fell to the Mexican Army.

We Native Texans remember the day and we demand that any body who lives in Texas remember it as well.

This is part of our bigger than life Texas pride as we recall our glorious heroes who made Texas the state and people we are. But they were not so glorious at the time.

General Sam Houston ordered Colonel William B. Travis not to go defend the Alamo. When Travis and the rest of the renegades did it anyway, Houston was furious. He did not send reinforcements.

Meanwhile there is Colonel James Fannin in Goliad. This would be the indecisive Fannin who when he finally decided to evacuate the mission, it was too late. When the Mexican Army captured them, Fannin neglected to tell his men of Santa Anna’s orders of “No Quarters!” The result was Fannin and his troops died in what is referred to as The Goliad Massacre.

Because his actions were seen as cowardly, Fannin’s entire family were vilified by Texans until 1936 -the centennial -100 Years later. His wife and daughters were ostracized from society until wife, Minerva and one of the daughters suffered nervous breakdowns.

When the news of the fall of the Alamo and Santa Anna’s approaching army, Sam Houston headed east. At the time, Houston’s men almost mutinied thinking it was a retreat and run.

Meanwhile, Santa Anna let the women and children who were at the Alamo go. They make it to Sam Houston with the news of the fall in Gonzales. And everybody heads east. In Texas history this is called The Run Away Scrape. This is a euphemism for “Haul Ass Out of Here.”

But actually, Sam Houston had a plan in mind. Regroup the troops he had, recruit new troops and draw Santa Anna’s army into Louisiana.

If Houston’s army could get the Mexican Army on United States’ soil, Houston would expect his crony in Washington, President Andrew Jackson would intervene. United States troops would arrive to save the Texas army. And Texas would become a state in the United States in 1837.

Things did not go as Houston planned. He also miscalculated a bit of legislation called The Missouri Compromise.

To be continued on April 21.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020 – Super Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 – Super Tuesday!


 Remember people died in wars long ago in far-away places and in blood and mud for us to be able to do this.  Bless those who continue to fight today for our freedoms.

Celebrate the freedom to cast a ballot.


Monday, March 2, 2020 – Texas Independence Day – A History of Texas in 45 Words

Monday, March 2, 2020 – Texas Independence Day – A History of Texas in 45 Words

Remember the Alamo

Remember Goliad

Remember San Jacinto

Become The Independent Republic of Texas

Join the United States of America

Leave The United States of America

Join The Confederate States of America

Rejoin the United States of America

God Bless Texas

Texas Flag @ Sunset (800x600)Don’t Mess With Texas