Tuesday, September 1, 2015 – Assessment Practice

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 – Assessment Practice

Good morning, class.

Before we begin instruction, it is time to take away from it to practice for the state assessment tests. Yesterday you were to define the following new vocabulary words:

Beer o’clock

Wine o’clock


Butt dial

Cat café

cat cafe

Cat café in Denver. Nothing like a cat walking across the table where you are about to eat.

Today, you must use at least four of them in a single sentence. For example, “It was late into beer o’clock at the cat café when Sally realized she butt dialed her exboyfriend so she just called him a fatberg and hung up.”

Remember all of your hopes and dreams of the future depend on how well you do on assessment tests. In addition your school really wants a big “A” assigned to it to hang in front so the world can see. Of course we know in the new accreditation scheme the “A” stands for Affluent. Therefore it you attend schools such as Highland Park in Dallas or THE Woodlands HS in THE Woodlands, you will have no trouble.

And in what little time left for instruction, ensure you are aware of the following for the weekend.

Kyle Allen – named starting quarterback for The Fighting Texas Aggies – WHOOP!

Tyrone Swoops – named starting quarterback for THE University of Texas – come one Tyrone, you got this! It is just a mural with a painting of Touchdown Jesus on the wall of the library. Hook the Irish!

In addition to following the SEC and the Big 12, this year the schools of The Southland Conference are added to teams I like. This includes two alma maters of mine – Stephen F. Austin State – Go Jacks! Sam Houston State – Go Bearcats and Northwestern State University. Northwestern is located in the beautiful town, named after the brother of Nacogdoches, Natchitoches, Louisiana. It is the home of the birth of my sister; and the Northwestern team is coached by Darryl Daye – a second cousin, I wish I could meet.

Of course these will be on the assessment practices on Monday. Remember – assessment over instruction.

2 responses to “Tuesday, September 1, 2015 – Assessment Practice

  1. Yea football season. Yea Houston Astros. Yea Blue Bell.. I don’t do tests any more so guess I will fail your class, I was born in Flora, Louisiana….7 miles from Natchitoches. It was a saw mill and oil pumping station town back then…. Honeyboy’s first job in 1928 after graduating from Miss Lynn’s business school in Shreveport Louisiana…..Weaver Brothers Lumber Co. as book keeper, office manager, and postmaster. Mama’s daddy (Popie Faust) worked for the oil pumping station. I think it was Sun Oil. A Sadie Hawkins dance was coming up and Mrs. Weaver told Mama about this handsome new employee they had and encouraged her to invite him to the dance. A Sadie Hawkins dance was when the gal invited the guy. Rest is history. I was born at home 78 plus years ago. But was living in Natchitoches when we moved to Magnolia, Texas, at the age of 8. Everyone thought I was sooo smart because I could spell Natchitoches. So doesn that give me any credit on your test.

    Madam Rose’s sister Dale

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  2. I will ensure you get exempted from the test. And yes everyone who can spell both Nacogdoches and Natchitoches does not have to take tests. Flora – will remember.


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