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Brenham – Where The Cows Think It is Heaven

OH YES. I think a visit to the Brenham Airport for lunch at the Diner followed by a tour the Blue Bell Creamery should be moved to a priority.

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Who is in for burgers, fries and Blue Bell ice cream? Let’s set a date.

For the excellent suggestion I think we can cover the cost of this trip for you, RF. We have all been in your boots.

Get Off The Couch – May

May 2, 2011

IT’S MAY! IT’S MAY! THE LUSTY MONTH OF MAY! And that song is from what musical?

This essay could be called Be Careful What You Wish For. Several of you have asked for a monthly calendar of events so we can get our expanding asses off of the couch and do something. I have volunteered to find events, so that makes me Queen.

As some of you have pointed out, I am like Dana Owens, aka Queen Latifa, also not a real queen. And for those of you said “the last queen I saw was in drag,” you really do need to get out more and visit Las Vegas less.

Since I am the self appointed Queen, I decided to combine the calendar of events with Here’s What I’m Thinking. That means to access the events, you must wade through the BS of HWIT.  Think of it as the government.  In order to get to the information you want, you must wade through mildly amusing, often filed with snarky comments essays about whatever I am thinking on HWIT.

I have divided the events into the following categories.  If you see something of interest, let me know. Please leave the email at HWIT.  Several of you did send other topics of interest, but please feel free to add others.


May 4-8 at The Paramount Theatre is Ann – An Affectionate Portrait of Ann Richards. Tickets available at or call 512-474-1221.

More at


Lots of options here.  Bob Bullock. Lady Bird Wild Flower Center, LBJ Library, Harry Ransom Center, Elizabeth Ney Museum, Admiral Nimtiz museum in Fredericksburg.  With the exception of the Nimitz Museum, I suggest we not visit a museum in May. Those pesky field trips bring culturally deprived urchins from schools to visit.

Austin Museum of Art at Laguna Gloria., Umlauf Sculpture, Garden and Museum, Blanton Museum of Art,



Round Rock Express. Even if you do not like baseball, this is a fun and cheap outing. Tickets are six bucks and lots of fun things to do. Cold beer with specials on Thursdays. And the toll road will take you to within 3 miles of the Dell Diamond.

Dancing – specifically mentioned was salsa dancing, but other dances would also be fun.

This is the continuing education site for ACC. It has all types of dancing.

Texas Stars (minor-league hockey). 467-8277,

Rowing on Lady Bird Lake – $165 for four two hour lessons. Not bad.

Golf – lots of great public courses; lots of good deals for seniors and at twilight rates.


The Texas Capitol Complex – when was the last time you visited the capital? This includes The General Land Office Building. This is an often overlooked tour, but has very interesting information on the land and land grants and holders of early Texas.

Texas State Cemetery – a very interesting and free tour of the founders and leaders of Texas.

More Ideas:

I especially liked these.

  • Austin Ghost Tours. Downtown themed walking tours of different haunted buildings and stories from Austin’s past and present. Tour schedule on website; reservations required. 853-9826, or
  • Austin Nature and Science Center. Camps, exhibits and animal showcase. 301 Nature Center Drive. 327-8181,
  • Austin Steam Train. Vintage trains make varied runs throughout the year. 401 E. Whitestone Blvd., Suite A-103, Cedar Park. 477-8468,


Every Sunday in May at the Bob Bullock Museum. Admission is free.

MOVIES – we should set a movie day, pick a movie and go.

FOOD – I am growing fond of Vietnamese cuisine and would like to explore. And of course there is the monthly breakfast at the Night Hawk on Burnet Road.

One of the reasons we live in Austin is the many things to do. I am sure I only listed a top few.  But hopefully, it will at least get us started.

May is a busy month for me with Mother’s Day, boys and girls UIL golf, and high school graduation.

If you see something you like, let me know. We will see who is up and off the couch to do something in May. The lusty month of May – from Camelot.

Queen D.