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Friday, April 28, 2023 – The Wall That Heals

Friday, April 28, 2023 – The Wall That Heals

The Traveling Vietnam Wall is in town this weekend.  I have lost count of the number of times I have seen the Wall in Washington D. C. and the Traveling Wall. I notice it is now referred to as The Wall that Heals, as it should be.

There are over 58,000 names of men and women who were killed in action or are still missing in action.

Every time I have an opportunity to visit either the actual wall or the replica, I search for John R. “Butch” Baldridge, Jr.  His name is located on Panel 16 Line 97. In front of his name is a cross. This signifies his remains are still missing. Some day perhaps it will change to a diamond that notes the remains have been found. In 1970, I wore a POW/MIA bracelet with Captain John R. Baldrige’s name on it. I have a photograph of the panel from the DC Memorial with Captain Baldridge’s name on a wall in my house. See the POW-MIA Dog Tags?

It is very emotional to see a name on the wall that you recognize – even if you have never met the individual. You see yourself reflected in the black granite. And you wonder – Would I have gone to this unwanted war? What if I knew and loved the individual whose name is engraved in granite?

Today I was part of what the Wall Volunteer called “A Wall Miracle.” It is when two people show up at the same panel, at the same time, looking for the same name. Now I have a rubbing with Butch’s name – John R. Baldridge, Jr. was Texas Aggie.

I asked the man doing the rubbing who he was and why he was looking a Butch’s name and he only said he was doing it for some friends.

There are still over 1500 Vietnam soldiers still missing. Ten of those, including Butch, are Texas Aggies. I hope someday, not only Butch’s, but all of the missing will be found.

Monday, April 24, 2023 – Don’t Laugh and Remember It Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Monday, April 24, 2023 – Don’t Laugh and Remember It Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Several months ago I was talking to God and I asked if He could guide me toward something else to do to fill my days. I told Him that sleeping late, going to the gym, reading books, playing golf, taking naps and watching The Price is Right and the ID Channel on TV were just not enough to fill all seven days of the week.

I kept hearing Him say “ART!” Hearing the word “art” in my brain kept on for a few weeks. I finally told God that the last experience I had with an art project was in the third grade and I had a stadium set of Crayolas.

Nevertheless the word “art” kept running through my brain. I knew I did not want to take art lessons anywhere. That would mean being someplace at a certain hour and there would be people to deal with. Two things I really do not care for.

Then from the boundless wonders of the Internet a YouTube video appeared about a painting technique called acrylic pour. I thought to myself – I have three college degrees. I bet I can pour paints into a cup and then pour it onto a canvas. Then spin the canvas or swish the paint around the canvas. So I began a new hobby. I am now a card carrying member of Michaels.

The thing I like that most about paint pours is that you never know what the finished result will be. It is somewhat like life in that you just have to trust God and the process.

Here are some examples hanging in my combination car garage and art studio. If you rotate the canvas, you can see many different things. Guess which one I named Mardi Gras. The blue one was done by rolling a marble through the paints. Anyway, I am having fun and that is the main thing.

Friday, April 21, 2023 – Softly Call the Muster

Friday, April 21, 2023 – Softly Call the Muster

To have a family member or friend to answer “Here” when my name is called at an Aggie Muster is all I want after I leave this earth. It will be just another Corps Trip and I’ll march in behind the band.

However, I do not plan on marching any time soon. Besides, I told my sister that I was not going to pass until the Fightin Texas Aggie football team won a national championship. She told me I could not live forever.

And finally, to Michael Karlis, the author of the article stating that Texas A&M University and THE University of Texas at Austin are the most cult like schools in Texas:

Dear Michael, first of all, you do not appear to be a Texan. Neither did you attend a school in Texas or even in the South. They are called traditions! Have you ever been to the LSU campus in Baton Rouge? They have a live tiger called Mac. Or even the entire state of Mississippi? I do not think Big Solid would like you to call his alma-mater, Mississippi State, a cult. So I am taking your cult school listing with big droppings of poop from Reveille and Bevo.

 No school, but Texas A&M University has a muster. Cult, tradition or just remembering your loved ones. It is because “We are the Aggies; the Aggies are we…”

Monday, April 17, 2023 – Can I Get You a Beer?

Monday, April 17, 2023 – Can I Get You a Beer?

Today, we talk about beer.

Some people are furious at Budweiser following the news that they named TikTok star and trans activist Dylan Mulvaney their spokesperson. Consider the source.

Dylan Mulvaney appeared in a digital ad during March Madness holding a can of Bud Light with her likeness on it. Subsequent commercials showed Kid Rock shooting cans of Bud Light and Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw showing a refrigerator with no cans of the Bud Light. (But it did show cans of Budweiser beers.)Consider the source.

So pick a source and read on.

Let us begin with a few famous beer quotes –

“I like beer!” Unqualified, sketchy Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh

“About beer. As far as I’m concerned, you can put it back in the horse.” My Mama

“I like beer, too, and I am smarter than Brett Kavanaugh.” Me

Here’s what I’m thinking. To all you beer drinking conservatives and country music singing people regarding the boycott of Bud Light beer:

First of all, you had no idea who Dylan Mulvaney was until somebody told you. Moving on.

While I understand your desire to pursue with whole hearted conviction and/or single-minded focus, with little or no regard to the cost, is a can of Bud Light with a picture of something/someone you don’t like, the hill you want to die on?

Granted, the boycott cost Anheuser-Busch billions of dollars. Don’t take that victory chug-a-lug yet. That translates to worker salaries, lack of sales, loss of jobs and more. Sounds like a pyrrhric victory to me. Or maybe too much foam and not enough beer. Or too much water and not enough beer

Drinking water-downed beer would be more important to me than whose picture was on the can. It seems to me you would be more upset that Anheuser-Busch is no longer an American owned company. It is owned by InBev of Belgium. Under InBev, the flagship brands that you will mostly come across in the U.S. are Stella Artois, Brahma, Beck’s, Leffe, Boddingtons, Hoegaarden, Labatt, Löwenbräu, St. Pauli Girl and Tennent’s. Under the new “Belgweiser” ownership, they add over 40 different beers and malt liquors. The most popular are the Budweiser family of beers (Bud, Bud Light, Bud Select, etc.), the Michelob Family of beers (Michelob, Michelob Light, Michelob Ultra), the Busch Family of beers (Busch, Busch Light, Busch Ice), and who can forget the Natural “Natty” Family (Natural Light & Natural Ice).

So the beer boycott hill you choose to die on is because a watered-down beer has an image on the can that you don’t do not agree with. Good luck with that and with that I think it is beer time somewhere. Oh? To the Bud Light boycotters? What beer did you drink during the boycott? I hope it was not Dos Equis or Tecate or Corona because they come from Mexico.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 – Wednesday Again? We Love You, Carol Burnett

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 – Wednesday Again? We Love You, Carol Burnett

I said I was going to post on Mondays and Fridays. But once again Wednesday slipped up so here we are again.

It is hard at times to write something positive. When there are daily shootings, crazy politicians, crazy people, hatred, and bigotry throughout the world, one just wants to become a hermit. A hermit with grocery and liquor store deliveries.

When I started this Here’s What I’m Thinking blog years ago, the intent was to make at least one person smile or laugh. As I said, with the world happenings, it is hard. Nevertheless, we must strive on and try to find humor.

So I turned to the funniest lady I have ever seen – the wonderful Carol Burnett. Next Wednesday there will be a 90th birthday celebration for this wonderful comedian.

If you have never seen the outtakes of The Elephant Story with the late Tim Conway, Carol Burnett, Vickie Lawrence and Dick Van Dyke, you must watch. Whether it is the first time you have seen it or the trazillionth like me, it is guaranteed to make you laugh. Great comedy. Great comedians. It is my go to video when I need a laugh until you cry.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 – The Container Tale You’re In

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 – The Container Tale You’re In

NARRATOR: Whan that Aprill with his shoures sote
The droghte of Marche hath perced to the rote . . .

My apologies for the delay. I try to post something on Monday and Friday. I actually had something for Monday and then Tuesday but did not post. I was a little under the weather.

Sadly, I had an issue with my nether eh-ya region. What? Not familiar with the nether-eh-ya region? It is from The Miller’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer. As Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler says, “It is the dirtiest story, I know.” Just think if MAGAs could read Old English. Or any English for that matter.

But I did have to use the wonderful state benefits that I am so blessed to have and see a doctor.  Given the issue in the nether eh ya region, it was necessary to void into a container – a very small container – seemingly the size of a thimble. Days prior void could not be avoided. However, when it was necessary to void, there was no void. Nothing. Nada. Somehow, I had avoided the void.

Actually, there was a  void, but all the liquid flowed down my left hand trying to maneuver the container in my right hand of which no liquid went in. After that, there was nothing. I had to sit for 30 minutes and drink a bottle of water. After a successful flow followed by an intense hand washing, I left to pick up my antibiotic.  Thank you for science!

I am happy to say all is well in the nether eh-ya area as in The Miller’s Tale and as in The Container Tale You’re In.