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Wednesday, August 31, 2016 – Dancing With the Stars or Shoot Me Now!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 – Dancing With the Stars or Shoot Me Now!

Grab your hot glue and glitter handguns. It is almost time to watch the Has Beens try to dance. Here is this season’s line up for Dancing With the Stars (DWTS).

Maureen McCormack – There’s a story; bout a man named Brady… Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Ryan Lochte – you said you were going to hang up your Speedo. Didn’t Speedo hang up on you along with your other sponsors? May I suggest you dance to The Eagles’ Lying Eyes?

Laurie Hernandez – Go Laurie! The Mirror Ball will look nice next to your gold medals.

Amber Rose – Have no idea who you are, but I do like your name.

Tara Joley – Have no idea who you are either.

Marilu Henner – She has one of those perfect memories where she forgets nothing.

Rick Perry – The longest reigning governor of Texas will be doing the Texas two-step since he can only remember two things. Oops. Can you possibly embarrass the state and Texas A&M anymore? I would like to forget everything about you. Seeing you in glitter doing the desperation samba makes my stomach hurt.

Jake T. Austin – ?

Calvin Johnson – Football player. A wide receiver for Detroit Lions known as Megatron – ? Who in Texas watches Detroit? Only when they play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Note to the producers of DWTS: Tony Romo should be available next season.

Kenny Baby Face Edmonds – ?

Vanilla Ice – Really? Was MC Hammer not available?

James Hinchcliff – Race car driver

Jana Kramer – a country western singer I never heard of.

What else can I watch on TV that promises to be as exciting and entertaining as DWTS? How about CSPAN?

Texas Flag @ Sunset (800x600)

From DKR Memorial Stadium – Austin, Texas. Photo by me.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 – Thank you Gene Wilder

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 – Thank you Gene Wilder

For what we are about to see next we must enter quietly into the realm of genius.

That’s Fronkensteen!

Pardon me, boy? Is this the Transylvania Station? Ya. Track 29. Can I give you a shine?

What knockers! Thank you Doctor.

Would the Doctor care for a brandy before retiring? No. Thank you. Some varm milk? No. Thank you very much. Some Ovaltine?

Destiny! Destiny! No escaping destiny!

The you and Victor were… Yes! Yes! Say it! He was my BOYFRIEND!

It could be worse; it could be raining.

Igor. Would you mind telling me whose brain I put it? Abbie Someone. Abbie Normal.


Thank you Gene Wilder for taking us laughing into your realm of genius. RIP.

11.10.15 Veterans Park 2015-09-27 013

Monday, August 29, 2016 – At Last. My Love Has Come Along. First Monday Awards.

Monday, August 29, 2016 – At Last. My Love Has Come Along. First Monday Awards.

At Last… My love has come along. I can just hear Etta James singing. That Beyoncé girl’s version is pretty good too.


The first week of college football is here. I know there were a few games last week. The only one I watched was North Dakota Bison and Southern Charleston Buccaneers. Therefore, the first Monday After Saturday College Football Awards go to that game. Why I am interested in North Dakota? Ask Sam Houston State alums.

The Best Game award goes to North Dakota and Charleston Southern. An OT victory is always exciting.

The Bless his Heart Award goes to the kicker for Charleston Southern for missing the go ahead extra point to end the game in regulation. North Dakota would score on the first play of OT.

The Chatty Cathy Award goes to the announcer of the North Dakota and  Southern Charleston game – Mack Brown. Do you get paid by the word or by the number of seconds per response? I do not need nor want to hear a 41 second history of each player dating back to his Pop Warner years. Nor do I care about how you did it at THE University of Texas. Can’t speak of my UT friends, but I doubt they give a Bevo drop either and haven’t since 2005.

Corrections and update from Friday’s AP top 25.

  • UCLA Bruins not Bears. The Golden Bear is Jack Nicklaus.
  • Notre Dame and THE University play on Sunday night. Beware of church schools that play on Sunday.
  • To Tennessee – thank you for remembering Pat Summit by wearing a decal on your helmet. Typical Coach Summit – first female to be remembered on a football helmet.

At last my love has arrived and the first of college football week begins.

BTHO ucla.


Friday, August 26, 2016 –The Official Return of Snarky Friday! College Football Rankings 2016: CFB Playoff Predictions After Preseason Way Too Early AP Poll.

Friday, August 26, 2016 –The Official Return of Snarky Friday! College Football Rankings 2016: CFB Playoff Predictions After Preseason Way Too Early AP Poll.

We are eight days from Saturday college football kickoff. Oh be still my heart. Here is the AP way too early preseason college football ranking Numbers one (1) through twenty-five (25) and my snarky comments regarding each.

Alabama – This is not news. This is Bama’s annual expectation. Roll Tide!

Sabin sign (600x800)

College Station 2015 on the way to tailgate Aggies v. Tide – photo by me.

Clemson –The coach’s name is the same as a bathroom cleaner. Wait. The bathroom cleaner is Babo, not Dabo.

Ooooooooklahoma – where the winds come whistling down the plains. Stooping up with a Baker may just Field The Big 12 Champion. But the Sooner Schooner must leave Dallas with a victory in October.

Florida State – Learned at an early age – Never root for a football team from Florida.

78410017 (800x531)

From my sister’s Magnolia High School senior trip 1954. Photo by Honeyboy.

LSU – Let us pray! First (and seriously) – Oh Lord, please watch over the state of Louisiana and its people. Second – Lord, please keep Leonard Fournette’s legs strong and keep him safe and healthy as he wins LSU’s second Heisman Trophy to sit next to Billy Cannon’s. Billy Cannon 8.10.2014 2014-08-10 003 - Copy (800x585)

Please let LSU’s second Heisman winner turn out better than Texas A&M’s second Heisman winner.

Me and Johnny Manziel - Copy (800x600)

Please let Leonard’s ankle sprain be just minor enough to not allow him to return to the game after Myles Garrett slams his ass to the turf in Kyle Field on the opening series on Thanksgiving evening. Amen. Gig ‘Em Aggies and Geaux Tigers!

Ohio State – Do not care until you play a team I care about.

Michigan – Ooh. The Big Chill. You can’t always get what you wanted, but you get what you need. Jeramiah was a bullfrog … singing Joy to the World… all the boys and girls.

Stanford –The name of the team is the Cardinal. Not the bird; the color. The mascot of the band is a tree dressed in rags. The name of the band is the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band (LSJUMB). They make the Rice Marching Owl Band (MOB) appear tame and organized. I am always impressed by the kitchen sink drum line. The school has never been able to come up with a mascot. This – from the university that has given us some of the greatest academic minds in history. Go figure.

Tennessee – I Volunteer no information at this time. Please check back after October 8. Oh yes, I still think your uniforms were washed with too much bleach to achieve that faded orange.

Notre Dame – Opens against THE University of Texas in Austin on September 3. I am torn between two songs I made up: For ND as a reminder of South Bend – Drop kick me Jesus through the goal posts of life;

End over end neither left nor the right;

Straight through the heart of them righteous uprights;

Drop kick me Jesus in DK R stadium on Saturday night.

2. I am leaning more toward this song. Roomie, perhaps you can think of a catchy tune to sing it to.

Bevo Fight! Bevo Fight! And please eat the leprechaun! Bevo Fight! Bevo Fight and please eat the shamrock too! Bevo Fight! Bevo Fight! For this game is your premier! Hook ‘Em! Hook ‘Em! The gang’s all here and ND can kiss my rear.

What do you think, RL?

Ole Miss – Hotty Toddy! Probation Aw Mighty! Let it Go from the movie Freeze. Zippy KangarooOh, silly me. I meant Frozen. See you in Oxford at The Grove in November.

Michigan State – I so hope you meet USC in the Latex Bowl. The Spartans and The Trojans would be so fun.

TCU – Highway 6 runs both ways and through Waco.

Washington – Do not care until you play a team I care about, she said Huskily. Besides, your games are passed my bedtime.

Houston – Highway 6 runs both ways. So does Highway 290. Let’s see if the QB and the offensive coordinator will help you play with the big boys.

UCLA – You are aware, Golden Bears, we hired your offensive coordinator? Please check back after September 3.

Iowa – Do not care. FYI – Birds do not have teeth so neither should the mascot.

Georgia – DAWGS! Uga! Always on my mind and dangerous in the SEC.

Louisville – The school mascot is not the Sluggers. The mascot is The Cardinals – the birds, as in plural, and not the color and in singular. See # 8.

USC – See # 12. I hope you meet Michigan State in the Latex Bowl. Perhaps it will be the rubber match between the two of you.

Oklahoma State – Go Pokes! Pistol Pete Rules!

OSU Grad Wkend 031

KKN’s OSU graduation weekend. Photo by me.

North Carolina – UNC NO NEW NCAA NOA? Not a code or football play. It means the NCAA added no other NOA or Notice of Allegations to UNC’s original violations. Aren’t you on probation? Or is it just men’s basketball and other athletic departments? The new document with NOA does not mention those football and basketball specifically as the original did. And the athletics department is blaming the academics departments for the grading and fraud scandals for the fake, on paperly classes, with fake attendance rolls, which results in fake grades. Good luck and Fedoras off to you.

Baylor – Baylor @ # 23? INYMI or just came out of the cave and have not seen the news, the Bear poo-pooed in the woods of the NCAA and Title IX. The big people got fired – The Art work is gone and even the Starr.

Floyd Casey Stadium 12.03.13 2013-12-03 012 (800x530)

Floyd Casey Stadium. 12.03.2013. Photo by me.

Oregon – Let’s talk about ducks! (Greater Tuna). The Nike uniform gods of glow in the dark yellows and 50 Shades of Green are alive and well.

Florida – Learned at an early age – Never pull for a football team from Florida and especially this one! Besides, the alligator can eat Reveille. What is the alligator’s name? Chomp?

Texas A&M – BTHO ucla!Sully's Boots

Thursday, August 25, 2016 – Pick up Your Class Schedule in Mr. Lyon’s Office. Or Girls Don’t Take Physics!

Thursday, August 25, 2016 – Pick up Your Class Schedule in Mr. Lyon’s Office. Or Girls Don’t Take Physics!

The way back school bus takes us back to August 1966 to Magnolia High School, Magnolia, Texas.

Neon Sign (800x450)

To register for your classes at MHS one stopped by Mr. Lyon’s office and picked up the class schedule he had prepared for you. When you walked in he handed you a form that listed (in cursive handwriting) what classes you would take. Mine looked something like:

Homemaking IV – Brown

Civics – Forgot the coach’s name

Typing II – Traugh

Bookkeeping – Coach Jackson

Shorthand – Graves

English IV – Traugh


Band – Ayers.

As Paul Harvey used to say “And now the rest of the story.”

I stared at the classes listed. Mr. Lyon asked “Is something wrong?” To this day I get a lump in my throat same as the day 50 years ago when I timidly replied “I want to take Mr. Michael’s physics class.”

Mr. L. – Why? Girls don’t take or need physics. You will be better served taking girl type classes like bookkeeping, typing and shorthand. Why on earth would you want to take physics?

Me: (Stammering and about to throw up) – I like science. I am going to college and want to be a doctor and I think physics might be more helpful.

Mr. L – (Smiling) – No, girls do not need math or physics.

I held back the tears until I walked out of his office and down the hallway passed Mr. Michael’s classroom. By the time I was over the little steps, to my house and almost to my room I was in full fledge teenage girl hysterical mode. My mother was right behind me.

Mama: What’s wrong?

Me: Mr. Lyon will not let me take physics!

Mama: Why not?

Me: Because I am a girl!

I doubt Mama even knew what physics was. All she knew was that the Princess was not getting to do something she wanted to do. Within minutes she had changed from her duster, changed from her house shoes into real shoes and she and I were headed over the little steps and back to Mr. L’s office.

I have no recollection of the discussion – only the result.

Mr. L – OK, Delia, you can take physics if you get another girl to take it with you and you have to go across the hall and tell Celeste why you are not taking her shorthand class. Sidebar: I can still see and hear Celeste say “What do you mean, Rosie, you are not taking my shorthand class?” That was scarier than Mr. Lyon and my mother made me go alone to tell her. FYI – Only Celeste is allowed to call me Rosie.

The other girl? Molly Harper who BTW did take Celeste’s shorthand class.

Today I look back and remember Molly and the two of us taking physics together. I realize just how gifted and talented Molly was. We would have made a great Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper – the experimental physicist and the theoretical physicist. This is in spite of the fact the other five or six people in the physics class usually sabotaged our experiments. They shall remain nameless, but had last names that rhymed with: Lyon, Dean, Glass, Glass, and Clark.

Mr. Lyon  – up there in Principal Heaven – I would go on to take three college level physics courses – 3 hours shy from a minor. One of my professors was female. I did become a doctor, but not the kind that gives shots – the kind I originally want to be. I am the kind that reads and writes.

When I relate this story to great nieces and other young girls, they stare at me in disbelief. This is not to be confused with great nephew # 3 – Conroe High Graduating Class of 2017. He picked up a CD in my car one day and asked “What is Motown?” I cannot begin to describe the look of disbelief on his face when I said “At one time black and white people did not listen to the same type of music. Motown changed all of that.”

The years 1966 and 1967. “ For the times they were a changin.” Even in Magnolia, Texas. We are now at your bus stop. Step off carefully.

Wednesday, August 22, 2016 – From the Institution of Higher Education.

Wednesday, August 22, 2016 – From the Institution of Higher Education. Wearing my doctor hat today – The flat one with the strings on the side. This is for my dear friends who teach from the ivory towers. Welcome College Freshmen!

Good Morning, Freshman. This is Here’s What I’m Thinking 101. Please look at the paper copy of the syllabus and the not one on your device. That reminds me, if any of your devices ring, ding, dong, bong or any other displeasing sounds that interrupt me, please leave the room and consider yourself absent. This includes your handgun. If it goes off, please remember, I have one too.

In addition please do not ask your parents to send the syllabus to you now because you forgot to download the paper one I told you to bring it the first day of class. You should have known this when you were to start the readings for this class two week ago. If you have not accessed my website/blog the address one enters into the browser is This is a college level course that you signed up for. Not your parents. Do not waste their money or my time.

For those of you who can read at the college level and on a piece of paper, you see the name of the course is Here’s What I Am Thinking (HWIT). It is not called Here’s What I Believe. If I wanted you to know what I believe I would have called the course such. I wanted to call it My Brain and Welcome to It, but those who make more money and have more power than I do said no. This includes the Dean of the COE. Sidebar: How many know what COE stands for?

Purpose: The purpose of HWIT is to make at least one person per day smile/laugh and or think about something.

Here are the rules. If I know you now or have known you in the past I WILL write about you. Therefore, it is necessary that you check in daily to ensure that what I have written is not about you that day. Also know that grades are shaped on the bell curve. If you fall under the big bell, it is likely I will use a pseudonym for your name and will have flattering things to say about you. However, if you do not read I will most likely publish your full name and all of your aliases, the coordinates of your home with a link to Google Maps and reveal unflattering stories I know about you.

Snarky Fridays. Fridays from September 2 until the Tide Rolls into the national championship spotlight again are called Snarky Fridays. I will be making comments about the Saturday college football games. It will feature college football teams I like and the teams that play the football teams I like. Your assignment due this Friday is to be prepared to comment on HWIT as we discuss the AP Top 25 NCAA Division I football way too early pre-season poll.

Monday Awards. Mondays from September 5 until Larry Culpepper hands the coach of an SEC school the national championship trophy are called My Monday after Saturday Football Awards.

The rest of the days. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday topics could be about anything, but most likely will revolve around:

  • The grand state of my birth – Texas. Please do not confuse it with THE University of Texas.
  • The educational institution. This will include all aspects of education as a social institution with emphasis on what is left of the Texas public school system. You can vouch for that.
  • The political circus with emphasis on the big circus tent in Austin known as the capitol. That is the correct spelling because I am referring to the building with the DOME and not the PLACE which is the capital of Texas.
  • Anything else I feel like thinking about. Please be aware that I have letters after my name and I post stuff on the Internet and I am on Facebook so everybody believes what I say is true.

Your assignment for tomorrow is to come up with a photograph or representation of what you imagine your brain looks like. Here is an example. This is a cross section of mine. As you can tell there are several dust pockets, but the gears work just fine.

My brain (800x725)

Are there any questions? Good. I know those of you attending THE University of Texas want to get to the campus carry protest early. Please do not attach the sex toy to your backpack until you leave my class.

Class dismissed. I am late to the golf course. That is where my office is.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 –Band Talk – Eight to Five. Six to Five and Step Off with Your Left Foot or Dear Mr. Ayers.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 –Band Talk – Eight to Five. Six to Five and Step Off with Your Left Foot or Dear Mr. Ayers.

Dear Mr. Ayers,

After 50 years, please accept my apology for cutting band practice that night and going to the football scrimmage in Montgomery that Friday. Drum Major made me do it! For the other five girls I cannot offer an excuse as why they were crammed into her car that evening.

I also do not know whose bright idea it was for all of us to march in single file and sit on the 50 yard line in the bleachers at the scrimmage – directly in front of Mr. Lyon. Please know, Mr. A. that I have probably repressed which one of us tried to answer Mr. L. when he leaned forward and tapped Drum Major on the shoulder and asked “Aren’t you girls supposed to be at band practice?” I seem to recall the response was “Uhhhh….?” Therefore, it is likely I was the one trying to speak.

Of course, you know that by nine o’clock that evening everybody but me was grounded and expelled from school for two weeks. I wasn’t grounded because Princess’ mother was out of town and would not be back until Sunday. Thank goodness there was no texting at the time. Before Bonanza came on TV on Sunday night she knew the whole story though. We were already in trouble and had not even been to class. School started the next day.

News travelled faster than the time Drum Major made me skip Sunday School and go to Yancy’s Café and drink a co-cola from the fountain with our church money. “We would only be gone about 30 minutes,” she said. Half an hour later at the front door on the steps of the Magnolia Methodist Church watching us return from Yancy’s stood our mothers. This was why we sang in choir. Our mothers could see us.

This is not to be confused with the fact that my father was the treasurer for the church and pretty much knew before the collection plates went up and down the pews exactly how much money would be in the total for each Sunday. He would miss my Methodist 10% tithe and offering.

I don’t know who had the bright idea to reduce the expulsion from school for two weeks to “expelled” from band for two weeks. I am pretty confident it was not you, Mr. A. I was really looking forward to starting school toward the end of September. Wonder who it might have been? Traugh? Burnside? Wax? Michael? Kitty Brown? Mr. Lyon? Check my John Wax math. If there were 120 students in grades 9 through 12 and seven were not present for the first two weeks of school, what is the closest percentage of the high school that would be missing? Hint: 10 school days. I hope you are not waiting for me to figure this out. Remember? Back then, girls did not need to know math or physics. I will choose answer C – almost 16% of the high school would be absent.

Obviously it was Drum Major’s fault that I skipped events when I should have been in attendance. To paraphrase from Young Frankenstein – “It could have been worse. It could have been raining.” Oh wait. It was. It rained the night of the first football game. Magnolia v. Tomball at Magnolia. As if we weren’t being punished enough by parental units and school units, God stopped the light rain just before half-time so the band could march. Drum Major and I sat on the bench side by side in uniform surrounded by the rest on the 50 Yard line so all of Magnolia and Tomball Texas could ask “How come they aren’t marching?”

As I said, you can always tell a Senior, but you cannot tell one much. Thank you teachers. Sometimes you can fix stupid if you are not too ignorant to learn.

Go Bulldogs,

Miss Magnolia, 1967

PS – Here is a photo of my clarinet.

Clarinet lamp (511x772)It plays much better as a lamp. Please know that within the first six weeks of college at SFA, I discovered I could play something on any instrument with strings in just a matter of weeks. Oh no. How I learned to play guitar is a result of being somewhere I was not supposed to be too. Maybe another time for that story.


Monday, August 22, 2016 – What Were You Doing 50 Years Ago Today? School Starts Today! Climb Aboard The Way Back School Bus.

Monday, August 22, 2016 – What Were You Doing 50 Years Ago Today? School Starts Today! Climb Aboard The Way Back School Bus.

If you lived in Magnolia, Texas you were about to start your senior year in high school at Magnolia High School. Seniors of what would become the Magnolia High School Graduating Class of 1967 were participating in one of the following activities two weeks before classes began. Sidebar: This was back in the day when people had good sense and schools started after Labor Day.

Rolling down the sacred halls of memories, the MHS Seniors were doing one of the following.

  1. Practicing marching band on the gravel in the hot sun behind the band hall.
  2. Practicing new twirling routines in front of the auditorium in the shade.
  3. Practicing new cheers in front of the band hall in the shade.
  4. Practicing football on the practice field in the sun. It was actually called the baseball field, but MHS did not have a baseball team. It was mostly a dusty pasture like area.
  5. Practicing what every high school student knows. You can always tell a Senior, but you cannot tell one much.

I suppose The MHS Class of 67 was like all 17 and 18 year olds. We knew everything worth knowing and our parents were as stupid as a box of rocks. We knew everything from three TV channels that went off the air at midnight and returned at some unholy hour of the morning like 6:00 AM. We also knew everything because there were these things that were called books and magazines and other items that did not plug in a wall socket or need to charge at night.

We walked to school five miles one way in sleet and snow … OK I walked to school when the sun was shining. If you lived in Magnolia between 1956 and 1967, you know where I lived. Sidebar: We lived at The Sawmill in 1955 in case you were trying to do the John Wax math.

Many have since reminded me – “Your bedroom was almost in Room 10.”

If it was cold or raining, my mother took the princess to school. By the time we got to the detached garage and in the car, I could have been on the front row in Room 10. By the time she drove me the equivalent of one half football field in length to the front of the high school building, I could have already been on the front row of Mrs. Traugh’s classroom or Mr. Wax’s classroom down by the auditorium – the length of the high school hallway. Actually, there was only one hallway. It was the length of the entire building except for the auditorium.

Fifty years ago. As the great 20th Century philosopher Jimmy Buffet says: We are the people our parents warned us about.

Car Plate

Note the handicap license plate. Jimmy Buffet concert, Austin, Tx 2013. Photo by me.

Wow. If I knew then what I know now. I knew everything in August of 1966. To the Magnolia High School Graduating Class of 1967 and the Magnolia High School Graduating Class of 2017 here are some back to school words of wisdom. They come from another great 20th century philosopher who said in 1964…

“…you better start swimmin’

Or you’ll sink like a stone

For the times they are a-changin’”

Had I only listened. You can always tell a Senior, but you cannot tell one much.

OK – Everybody off the bus. Go Bulldogs!

The Beatles (600x800)

A corner in my office.

Friday, August 19, 2016 – Snarky Friday –Only Fifteen More Days

Friday, August 19, 2016 – Snarky Friday –Only Fifteen More Days

For you new readers, during the fall Snarky Friday is my preview of Saturday’s college football games. Since we are still 15 days away from kick off, I do not want to jump off sides and begin football snark until later this month.

Me and Tailgating

Tailgating at Bama Game 2015

Therefore today the snarks are random.

  1. From the Olympics – Looks like the US swimmers peed in the pool by getting robbed, not getting robbed; telling lies, being detained by the government and causing a general embarrassment to us all. Was Johnny Manziel with you?
  2. From the news – Where is your chaos? This is not a philosophical or existentialist question. In listening to the TV news, the reporter said, “During the shootings, one woman was shot in the chaos.” I have yet to find an image of my chaos on Google Images.
  3. From politics – Donald Trump is going to do away with shredded cheese in order to make America grate again. Also overheard is that if elected he plans to forbid pole vaulting along the Mexican border. On the other side of the political spectrum, just fill in the blank with your own adjectives. God help us all.
  4. From entertainment – Five Major Things you can expect to see in Fifty Shades Freed. There is another Fifty-Shades of Gray movie! Please say no. It took me 50 shots of Grey Goose to read all three books of this crap. I kept thinking I would find something redeemable. Five major things you can expect to see – 1. Me 2. Me 3. Me 4. Me and 5. Me NOT at the movies.
  5. From College Football – Fifteen Days until Kick-Off – BTHO UCLA.

    Kyle Field Tour 11.19.15 2015-11-18 011 (800x600)

    I can say I have run through the tunnel onto Kyle Field. Tour of Kyle Field 2015. Photo by me.

PS – Note to Longhorns! Please do not let Texas Tech win the last of the Big 12 Conference. It is bad enough when OU wins. Hook ‘Em Hippies!

Longhorn Band (800x600)

Photo by Martha!


Thursday, August 18, 2016 – Doing the Civic Duty Thing

Thursday, August 18, 2016 – Doing the Civic Duty Thing

Today is my day to serve on the Brazos Valley District Grand Jury. Play among yourselves.

Lone Ranger