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Tuesday, February 23, 1836 – Texas History Told My Way

Tuesday, February 23, 1836 – Texas History Told My Way

On February 23, 1836 Mexican troops under General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna entered San Antonio de Bexar, Texas and surrounded the Alamo Mission.

Davy Crockett looked at Commander William B. Travis and said “We’re gonna a need a lot more men.”

General Santa Anna gave the people behind the mission’s walls one more chance to surrender. Travis opened fired. Santa Anna screamed “NO QUARTERS! This meant kill them all. He then ordered the bugler to play DeGuello – The Death Song. The fate of the Texans was sealed.

On February 24, Travis sent a plea requesting more troops. It was signed Victory or Death. The reinforcements never arrived.

Thirteen days later on March 6, the Alamo Mission would fall into the hands of the Mexican Army and “no quarters’ and DeGuello would enter into the history books. The soldiers defending The Alamo achieved victory through death.

General Santa Anna then proceeded to employ military tactics and strategies so bad that even I can see the flaws. For some inexplicable reason he moved north, rather than southeast and then slowed his army, taking his own sweet time while chasing General Sam Houston. His map app must have really been bad.

Meanwhile, Sam Houston and all of the citizens of the town of Gonzalez were hauling ass south toward Harrisburg (Houston) toward the Gulf Coast.

As every Native Born Texas has imprinted on their brains at birth, we all know this story and how this story ends.

On April 21, 1836, the Texas Army, led by General Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna’s Mexican Army. The Battle of San Jacinto is considered one of the most important battles that changed the history of the world. Make sure you read that sentence. It changed the history of the WORLD.

Texas achieved its independence from Mexico and formed the free and independent Republic of Texas.

And now, the thought question you have not been waiting for.

Why did the Mexican territory of Texas want its independence from the Republic of Mexico in the first place?

  • White United States settlers were immigrating to the territory in record numbers.
  • The large numbers of immigrating white settlers were bringing their slaves with them.

The Republic of Mexico abolished slavery in 1829. Therefore, the white people were coming to Mexico illegally and committing the crime of owning slaves.

Don’t you just love historical irony?

Thursday, February 22, 2018 – Back to the Future with a Gun in my Classroom

Thursday, February 22, 2018 – Back to the Future with a Gun in my Classroom

A reminder: The purpose of Here’s What I’m Thinking is to make you smile and/or think.

You know the rules: If I know you or have known you in the past I will write about you.

Today’s post is for all of us from J. L. McCullough High School from 1976-1980 and for every person that has ever been involved with the administration of a school building.

Think back to the hallowed plaid halls of J.L. McCullough High School. Go get your Claymores and open to the faculty/staff section. Now picture any of those teachers/staff being armed with a gun.

HWIT – Rickie Tickie Tavy Baker would have shot herself in the foot putting her gun in the closet.

Dr.Sellers, you probably would have done the same thing. Good thing you became a real doctor.

Little Betty Sunshine would probably have fired her weapon just because. I’m sure it was German made.

Andrew could have shot Jamie (RIP) instead of stapling him to his desk. Andrew didn’t know the stapler was loaded.

I wonder how this incident would go down today

L. Salmons (RIP) shows up at my door across the hall. “Mr. Hayter is in the boys’ bathroom getting M. Brown’s grade book out of the toilet. I need you or Ms. P. to go to the girls’ bathroom and get his toupee out of the toilet.” Me: Where is Mr. Brown? Larry: I don’t know. One of his students came and got me.”

I am trying to picture what kind of weapon Ms. Rothrock would carry. Something cool like she is, I’m sure. I am having difficulty imaging what Mrs. Pressler (RIP) would carry. Hopefully only a small derringer.

I can picture Jesse Harwell (RIP) packing and being cool like the Roy Rogers look alike that he was. Karl Satorie – so sorry, cannot get passed the lime green leisure suit and white patent leather shoes, but the outfit was popular at the time.

I am certain there were days when Trina R. (RIP) and I could shot more than evil eyes at each other. Sidebar: As opposite as Trina and I were, I think I was a better educator because of her.

And an all-time favorite. How did you and Ms. P meet? Me: Mark S. was put into my class because he threatened to kill her so I went to see who she was. (Sidebar: recent update – Mark is a fine, responsible, upstanding citizen. It was Ms. P who actually saw him.)

What if an individual was accidently shot? The lawsuits could bankrupt not only the teacher’s family; they could bankrupt a small to medium size school district.

Education. Guns. This is a complex social problem that will require complex social solutions on the part of all of the social institutions. Arming faculty and staff in the K-12 environment is not one of them.

As educators we are prepared to teach your children to learn and to be responsible, upstanding citizens. We are not prepared to induce additional stress on them or on ourselves.

Here’s what I’m thinking. I WILL NEVER CARRY A GUN INTO CLASSROOM! And I don’t think any educator should either.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018 – The Great 20th Century Philosopher – James Buffet

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 – The Great 20th Century Philosopher – James Buffet

It is a cold and dreary day here in the Brazos Valley. Hey, that is better than “It was a dark and stormy night.”

So today I am sending you some sunshine in the form of the great Jimmy Buffet. I could not decide which song best describe me. I am definitely one of the people my parents warned you about.

Source: Jimmy Buffett From Live By The Bay in 1985 – We are the people are parents warned us about

Hey, hey Garner McKay … I am so old I remember Adventures in Paradise with Gardner McKay. What a young JB. Short shorts, T-shirt and hair. 1985.

Speaking of growing older, check out JB in 2014. Like the rest of us – Longer shorts, comfy shirt and less hair. Definitely growing older, but definitely not growing up.

I so wish I was in Florida right now!

Monday, February 19, 2018 – Presidents Day

Monday, February 19, 2018 – Presidents Day


Good Morning, Class,

Today is Presidents Day. Today’s assignment is “Write a short essay about a president of the United States.” When you finish you may leave to celebrate.


At five feet, four inches, James Madison was a short president.

Monday, February 05, 2018 – The Eagles Have Landed and The X-Files Return

Monday, February 05, 2018 – The Eagles Have Landed and The X-Files Return

The Super Bowl was won by the Philadelphia Eagles. Congratulations to them. I had to go with the Eagles. Foles is from Texas – his high school is the training camp for college and NFL quarterbacks – Westlake High School, Austin, Texas. I still think the Westlake mascot should be a spoiled brat!

Besides, The New England Patriots have enough Super Bowl Rings; they can make cabinets with the rings as pulls.

I did not watch the game in its entirety. So I missed the commercial using Dr. King’s voice and quotations to sell a truck. During Black History Month! I am awarding five footballs of bad even without seeing it.

I did Google the Eli Manning/Odell Beckam Dirty Dancing commercial. I do not even know what they were selling, but I so liked the commercial. I’d go to the prom with Eli or Odell. The boys can dance. Five footballs. Every woman loves a man who can dance –even like they do. I wonder who decided who would lead and who would follow? Maybe on a “straight tequila night” I will tell you why I hate that song and the movie, but not now.

Hey KB, maybe we could add this dance into our (MY) workout. Perhaps something at the end? You can decide the lift part.

I would check back to the SB, but I watched recorded episodes of the X-Files – the new version. My favorite episode so far is the combo The Twilight Zone and X-Files – Episode two or three. My favorite line from the episode is the ending when the aliens return from outer space to tell us Earthlings “We found out who your leader is and we are no longer interested in your planet. We will be exploring other parts of the galaxy for intelligent life.” I am not making that up.

In the same episode was a campaign poster for Richard Nixon – It read “No one can lick our Dick.” Draw your own conclusions. Never mind, don’t draw anything.

The Cigarette Smoking Man, obviously alive and well, and still smoking, tells me that there is a cure for cancer and the government has it. That means Rod Serling must be alive and well somewhere. What if he is Cigarette Smoking Man?

As from the previous versions of the X-Files, I have questions. Why do Muldar and Scully always whisper to one another? I have to turn up the volume so much my next door neighbor can follow the dialog without turning on her TV set.

Am I the only one who laughs at the incredibly dark humor portrayed?

Why do parts of the X-Files actually seem logical?

Friday, February 02, 2018 – Ground Hog Day

Friday, February 02, 2018 – Ground Hog Day

Friday, February 02, 2018 – Ground Hog Day

Friday, February 02, 2018 – Ground Hog Day

Ok – you either get it or you don’t.

You know that February is the shortest month of the year. It has 40,320 minutes. How do you plan to use them so that each one counts?

I understand the weather rodent did see his shadow. Poor animal. I think PETA should get involved. People in weird clothes drag a furry critter from its warm habitat in the early morning hours into the cold daylight. It was probably having a good ground hog dream. It has not had any coffee. They do not even give it sun shades. Then they expect a prediction of weather?

This weekend is Super Bowl Weekend. I understand the Eagles are playing. Personally, I would have gone with The Rolling Stones. Jagger and Keith Richards are older than the Super Bowl itself, but can still rock. Of course Keith Richards may have been dead for a couple of decades and he is just hologram.

This Tom Brady guy? Which one of the Brady Bunch was he? I do not remember a Tom. Maybe he was a cousin or something in an episode I missed. Was it the one when Marsha gets hit in the face with the football?

I think The Eagles and Jimmy Buffet would make a great Super Bowl theme for this this Super Bowl. The temperature daytime temperature in Minneapolis for Sunday is a high of seven (7) degrees falling to one (1) degree Sunday night. Yes, the game is indoors, but as JB sings “I gotta go where there ain’t any snow! I GOTTA GO WHERE IT’S WARM!”

You realize you wasted almost a minute and a half reading this. Welcome to The Hotel California.

Texas A&M Women Basketball – BTHO Auburn

Tuesday, January 29, 2018 – Job Search Revisited

Tuesday, January 29, 2018 – Job Search Revisited

I am thinking that instead of me working I could pimp out my cat, Peach. Here are some ideas:

Driving Miss Daisy type people. Peach seems to want to drive on the English side.

Personal Trainer – this is usually how I feel.

Dental Hygienist – Here she is with my brand new, just back from the dentist toothbrush

Stationary Art Form – available for parties.

Let me know if you have other ideas.

January 25 – 2018 – The Battle of The Big 12 in Women’s Basketball is Tonight

January 25 – 2018 – The Battle of The Big 12 in Women’s Basketball is Tonight

A very short entry today. I am off to the exciting town of Waco. It is the first of what could be three meetings in Big 12 Womens’ Basketball.

Tonight the #3 ranked Baylor Bears host (and I use the host loosely) THE University of Texas Lady Longhorns ranked # 6.

I hope these officials do not show up.

Assistant UT Coach, Tina Thompson “discussing” a play with the official.

His response. “You talking to me?”

Given that the shirt I am to wear is green, I suppose I will be cheering for Baylor. If I do not, I may not have a ride home.



Tuesday, January 23, 2018 – More Texas Stuff. Well, It Is a Big State!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 – More Texas Stuff. Well, It Is a Big State!

Howdy ya’ll. I don’t know why I am still in this here rodeo cowgirl mood. I reckon it is because it will soon be time for the Houston Rodeo. Note to self: Do not put away rain gear and warm coats. Trail rides will start soon.

Who is old enough to remember?

  1. When The Houston Rodeo was called The Houston Fat Stock Show and Rodeo?
  2. If your band marched in the Houston parade? (And froze our tubas off one year).
  3. When the rodeo was held in the Sam Houston Coliseum?
  4. When rodeo moved to The Astrodome?

Original photo by Conroe Courier.

If you can remember any of those you are old as dirt.

Speaking of old as dirt, let’s sit around the cyber camp fire and think on these tunes about Texas that were listed on HWIT last Friday and talked about one Monday.

After conducting extensive research by asking people at the gym, at the restaurant and at the basketball game the last night, here is a summary of that research.

1. If there is not a song by Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys you cannot have a list of songs about Texas.

I agree. I am now taking nominations for your favorite Bob Wills song to be added. Please leave your response in the box below. I am going with San Antonio Rose.

2. When I Die by Tanya Tucker is winning the number three spot hands down.

3. Regarding Galveston by Glen Campbell.

Old as Dirt Demographic – Move Galveston down the list to number six.

Millennial Demographic – Remove from list.

That was better than who is Glen Campbell.

4. The number two spot remains with Gene Autry and Smiley Burnett with Deep in the Heart of Texas.

Still number one on the list and in our hearts is

Amarillo by Morning by George Strait.


In response to an out of state question – “What Happened to The Yellow Rose of Texas?” Technically, the song does not meet the criteria since it is about a person and not the state.

In addition, here is some revisionist history regarding the origin of the song. I wonder if the DRT knows about this? I feel confident the state textbook decision makers don’t.

I’ll be waiting to hear what your songs by Bob Wills or any other great artist who sings about Texas.

Monday, January 22, 2017 – Handy Guide to Friday’s HWIT regarding a Top 10 List of Songs about Texas

Monday, January 22, 2017 – Handy Guide to Friday’s HWIT regarding a Top 10 List of Songs about Texas

Friday’s post was from a website listing the top 10 songs about Texas. May I suggest you get your device, get a Shiner beer, sit on the porch and listen to all of the songs and watch all of the videos? There is great footage of our great state.

But if you do not have time, let me help. Here is a list of Top 10 songs about Texas from last Friday’s HWIT and of course what I am thinking about each one and three videos that are a must see.

  • Coming in at number 10, from 1975, with Asleep at the Wheel, is The Charlie Daniel’s Band singing Texas. Good song
  • At nine – Girls from Texas with Pat Green and Lyle Lovett. Good song, but there are better songs about how good looking we Texas women are. I suggest replace with Bob Wills San Antonio Rose.
  • Eight – Waltz Across Texas – Earnest Tubb. You ain’t lived until a cowboy waltzes you across a dance floor in a Texas honkytonk – even if the song is playing on the juke box. (Millennials, Google “juke box.”)

    I have no idea where this place is, nor how good the barbeque sandwiches are or how cold the beer. However, I shall ask some of my friends if they are familiar. LOL.

  • Seven My Texas by Josh Abbott Band. I’m old and was not familiar with this song. But it became an instant favorite with opening lines about climbing Enchanted Rock, drinking a Shiner in Luckenbach and being in love along The River Walk. If you have not done the things listed in the song, then like Josh Abbott sings, then you ain’t met my Texas yet.

Just to name a few mentions from the song I have done – Cooper’s in Llano; kolaches in West, seen a Hill Country, Abeline and El Paso sunset; had my hair blown by the wind in Lubbock and been to the Houston Rodeo.

I have not hiked Big Bend, but it might be this year! Maybe stop in Marfa and see the lights, which I have done.

Six When I Die I may Not Go to Texas – Tanya Tucker. No explanation needed. I think this song needs to move higher on the list.

Five – God Bless Texas – Little Texas. Great song. That is how Texas was populated as “God sent Angels from The Promise Land.

Four – Luckenbach, Texas – Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. Again, no explanation needed.

Three – Galveston – Glenn Campbell. Another, no explanation needed. You either get it or you don’.

Two – Deep in the Heart of Texas – Gene Autry and Smiley Burnett. The video is a Saturday morning TV show from childhood or the afternoon matinee at the movies if you are really old. When is the last time you heard ALL of the words to this great song? This will make your hands clap.

And the number one song about Texas is Amarillo by Morning – George Strait.

There is something about those opening fiddle strains that causes all of the feelings described in the song to rush forward and surface as memories, good ones and those you thought you were forgotten.

From those of us who have watched this video, we believe it to be Strait’s first performance at the 1984 Houston Rodeo. I think I was there. Eddie Rabbit was supposed to perform, but became ill. Allegedly some high level rodeo official said “hey this guy named George Strait is playing in Beaumont; see if he can take Rabbit’s spot.” And as they say “the rest is history.”

But wait! There’s more! Strait was doing the college tour. For a “congratulations you defended your dissertation present,” I saw George Strait at Sam Houston State University the week before. Also, Melba, don’t watch. It was the bull ride that jogged my memory before George Strait. FYI – the rider was ok.

Until later, Happy trails to you.