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Friday, November 22, 2019 – Snarky Friday – Week 13 College Football

Friday, November 22, 2019 – Snarky Friday – Week 13 College Football

There has just been too much snark this week. Therefore, The Snark is out to reduce Snark Pollution and will only address a few games. Besides, my online class at The University of Legargy begins soon.

Penn State at Ohio State – 11:00 on Fox. For those you care. For the rest of us, it is a good time to run Saturday errands.

The only reason I include The War of the Catholics of Boston College and Notre Dame is for my weekly text from RL. It cheers me up. Oh, the game is on the Notre Dame Network (NBC) at 1:30. Plenty of time to make Saturday evening mass.

The rest of the times and stations appear to have cupcake games. These include: W. Carolina and Alabama, Samford (not STANFORD) at Auburn and LSU and Arkansas.

Therefore there are only two games of significance. And at the same scheduled time. Ugly face emoticon.

THE University of Texas at Baylor – 2:30 on FS1 in The Battle for I-35. Waco is only two hours north of Austin. I hope the Horns left early this morning. Given I-35 construction and traffic, the buses may arrive by game time tomorrow.

To the Bears! – Remember there are FOUR QUARTERS in the game. You have to play all of them. Sic ‘Em Bears. Pour that Baptist Holy Water in the Brazos.

Texas A&M at The University of Georgia – 2:30 CBS “between the hedges” in Sanford (Again, NOT STANFORD) Stadium. This promises to be heartbreaker for the team whose mascot is a canine. Let’s hope it is the team with the collie whose name begins with R that does the heart breaking.

Oh Snark. Aggies on CBS with Gary Danielson! Remember last week he laughed at and made fun of the female photographer who was knocked unconscious and carted off the field by stretcher. To shut Gary up, find a radio station with the Aggie/Georgia Game, mute the TV and enjoy the game. Or watch the TU and BU game.

BTHO Georgia!

Monday, November 18, 2019 – 2:42 AM

Monday, November 18, 2019 – 2:42 AM

November 18, 1999 – 2:42 AM

We still mourn. We still grieve. We still cry.

Today, twenty years later, and forever we answer “Here” for our twelve Aggies as Judgement Day in Aggie Land came for them that early morning.

We are The Spirit of Aggieland.

We are the Aggies. The Aggies are we.

And today we answer “Here” for

Miranda Denise Adams, Class of 2002

Christopher D. Breen, Class of 1996

Michael Stephen Ebanks, Class of 2003

Jeremy Richard Frampton, Class of 1999

Jamie Lynn Hand, Class of 2003

Christopher Lee Heard, Class of 2003

Timothy Doran Kerlee Jr, Class of 2003

Lucas John Kimmel, Class of 2003

Bryan A. McClain, Class of 2002

Chad A. Powell, Class of 2003

Jerry Don Self, Class of 2001

Nathan Scott West, Class of 2002

We will forever remember.

Friday, November 15, 2019 – The Return of the Snark

Friday, November 15, 2019 – The Return of the Snark

This is for the three of you of missed me. I apologize. I was taking an online course from The University of Legarthy. FYI – I made an A.

We are now at the point in the season of college football where each snap matters. Every touch of the football is critical. Each down is the “big play.” As I always state, this is about teams I like or teams that play teams I like. If you follow, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State and/or Ohio State, find somebody who likes your teams.

So, this weekend, here is who I like and what I am thinking about each.

Alabama at Mississippi State at 11:00 on ESPN. See what happens when you lose a game. You get the awful 11:00 time slot. The cow bells are especially annoying at this hour.

Navy at ND 1:30 on NBC. Anchors Away! And take the weird leprechaun with you. RL, I shall await your weekly ND text.

THE University of Texas at Iowa State 2:30 on FS1. Even though Baylor students and faculty are turning the Brazos River into Holy Water for this weekend, do not look ahead. Else Bevo will be the cow in the Twister movie. The Cyclones are unpredictable.

Georgia and Auburn 2:30 on CBS. This is a keep the remote handy game with conference and bowl implications. The Snark crystal Bball says Georgia will be upset before the end of the season.

LSU and Ole Miss 6:00 on ESPN. Sweet memories of the Halloween Game of days gone by. Miss you Cousin Donnie Daye. And Cousin Penny too. Geaux Tigers!

Oklahoma at Baylor 6:30 on ABC. As mentioned, the Brazos River that runs by McLane Stadium is being filled with holy water in an effort to keep Baylor undefeated.  It is not like there have not been miracles on the Brazos in previous years.

ESPN Game Day will be broadcast from Waco. HWIT. This is a biggie. It is a huge game with Big 12 Conference titles and bowl game selections on line.

Fans are expected to start camping out around the stadium around 4:00 pm TODAY! The Home Depot Campus Cornhole Challenge is from 1:-30-3:30. I can’t wait until Cornhole becomes an NCAA sport.

The Snark’s crystal ball says Chip and Joanna will be guest pickers with food coming from their Magnolia Diner. The Magnolia Diner is where the original Elite on the Circle café was. If you have been to Waco and gone around “the circle” a few times, you know what I am talking about. I even have a button that says “I survived The Elite Circle.” Watch out Bears, you could get stuck in “the circle.”

With the remote firmly in hand to keep up with Baylor, naturally I shall be watching:

South Carolina at Texas A&M 6:30 on SECN. This is the last home game before Jimbo and the Ags go on the road again to Athens and Baton Rouge to close out the season.

The A&M fans will “pass it back” and will join the South Carolina fans by holding up three fingers in the third quarter to honor the life of Tyler Hilinski. Tyler is the late brother of South Carolina quarterback Ryan Hilinski. Tyler was also a Division I quarterback at Washington State. Tyler took his own life in January 2018. The family’s organization of Hilinski’s Hope calls attention to mental illness among athletes.

However, at the end of the Fourth Quarter the Aggies will

BTHO out of South Carolina. Gig ‘Em Aggies!

Monday, October 21, 2019 – My Friday After Saturday College Football Awards

Monday, October 21, 2019 – My Friday After Saturday College Football Awards

We can beat around the bushes; we can get down to the bone
We can leave it in the parkin’ lot, but either way
There’s gonna be a heartache tonight, a heartache tonight I know

And was there ever a heartache for many teams this weekend.

Please form a line to the left because all teams are receiving a Poopy Undies Awards. Ugly games; Ugly wins; Ugly losses; ugly plays; ugly uniforms and ugly weather.

But the Grand Poopy Awards go to The University of Wisconsin for the last minute loss to Illinois. I would like to present the Fighting Illini, whatever an Illini is, The Colonel Henry Blake Award. It just proves that a team wearing ugly uniforms can win. Who caught the Henry Blake Award? Wisconsin 23 Illinois 24

The riders of the Sooner Schooner receive a Glad You Are OK Award. Watch out for those sharp turns. According to my sources, the last Schooner flip was in 1993 and something about the girl wearing no underwear. I was unaware that people from Oklahoma wore underwear at all. Meanwhile Jalen & Company’s OU wagons continue to roll merrily along. OU 52 – West Virginia 14

Receiving the Blowout in Your Drawers Awards are Missouri and THE University of Texas. Mr. Commodore upset Mr. Tiger if someone cares Vandy 20 – Missouri 14.

And Big Jay of the Kansas Jayhawks scared the cow poop out of Bevo. Kansas! Kansas scored 48 points. Kansas didn’t score 48 points in all of their last five games combined last year. I give the Ghosts of Football Past to the Texas defensive unit. Kansas 48 Texas 50.

If the Horns did not have Elinger, they would be number three in the Big 12. Oh wait, they are number three. And any team left can beat you, including the Bears of Baylor and you have to travel to Ames too. When was the last time Baylor was ranked ahead of the Horns in both the conference and the AP Polls? And the Bears put Holy Water in the Brazos on home game days, I am told.

The Bears of Baylor receive the John Deere Green Helmets Award for cool headwear. The Bears did spoil Oklahoma State’s Homecoming 47 to 27.

The Ain’t No Jalen or Sunshine When He’s Gone Award goes to Alabama for the loss of Tua. But the Tide still rolls 35 to 13 over Tennessee. Get well, Tua.

The Texas Aggies receive the Butt Ugly Award for a very ugly win in Oxford against Ole Miss. Where does fog originate in Oxford, Mississippi? TAMU 24 – Ole Miss 17

Speaking of butts, the best play of any football game this weekend goes to QB Joe Burrows of LSU and Mississippi State. Let’s all sing in Heisman award-winning harmony:

We saw your hiney; it was bright and shiney

It made us giggle when you wiggled.

Therefore, Joe and the LSU Tigers receive the Moon Over Mississippi State Award! Did you notice that Mr. Burrows showed his true, Southern gentlemanly character? He first took care of the football and then tried to pull up his pants. One must like a man that has his football priorities in order.

LSU 36 Mississippi State 13

The worse, as in You Suck and SHAME ON YOU Award, goes to CBS for the broadcasting the incident in slow motion! Did Nessler and Danielson call this game? I am with the Baton Rouge Advocate – apologize to LSU and the rest of us for your lack of taste and poor announcing.

Of course the best play of the weekend was:

“Hello, I am Jose Altuve.” BOOM!


Good bye, Hut’s. So sad to see you go.

Friday, October 17, 2019 – A Snarky Friday Drinking Game

Friday, October 17, 2019 – A Snarky Friday Drinking Game

Are you ready?

Hell Yeah. Damn right!

Hotty Toddy, Gosh Almighty

Who the Hell are we?

Bim Bam Flim Flam

Ole Miss by damn.

Since Texas A&M is travelling to Oxford to play the Ole Miss, today we snark with a toddy drinking game. Grab your favorite beverage and play along. For each incorrect answer, you must take a shot.

What is the name of the mascot for each college football team listed below?

Let us begin with a few easy ones. For example:

          Texas A&M – Reveille

          THE University of Texas – Bevo

Remember. Name the mascot; not the team.

  • Alabama – Big Al. It is the name of the anthropomorphic (dressed up college student) elephant. The homecoming queen used to ride in on an elephant. Some traditions need to be brought back. Drink up.
  • Georgia – UGA the bulldog. A very cool, live mascot, but drools.
  • LSU – Mike, the Tiger. How could you not know this? One of the most beautiful live mascots in football.
  • Mississippi State – Bully the bulldog. Very cool live mascot. Does he wear a cowbell around his neck?

LSU at Mississippi State at 2:30 on CBS.

  • Arkansas – Tusk. Big ugly, black hog.
  • Auburn – Aubie the Tiger. Anthropomorphic, fake Tiger. Aubie? What is the war eagle’s name? AubieBird? You didn’t know either one of those. Drink!

Auburn at Arkansas 11:00 SEC

  • Florida – Albert and Alberta Gator. Drink up. I know you did not know this one. I think they should be Mr. and Mrs. Choppers. Albert and Alberta are kinda cute anthropomorphic critters if you are into mascots that can kill you.

Florida at South Carolina at 11:00 on ESPN

Think you are doing well? Let’s move on. Hic!

  • Ole Miss – Tony the Land Shark. Drink up. You know you said Rebels. Tony the Land Shark became the Ole Miss mascot in August of 2018. It has to do with a former Ole Miss player who was an Iraqi veteran. I have no idea why it is a shark, especially since Oxford is almost in Tennessee.

Texas A&M at Ole Miss at 6:30 on SEC.

  • Tennessee – Smokey. A coon hound, but I’m sure he Volunteers for the honor.

Tennessee at Alabama 8:00 ESPN.

  •  Vanderbilt – Mr. Commodore. Really? Just Mr. Commodore? Not even Cornelius or Gloria? Maybe Stingy Railroad Tycoon was already taken.


  • Baylor – Judge Joy and Judge Lady. Did you know that in 1914 the choice of mascots was between “Bears” and “Bookworms? “In 1974, the student body voted to name all the bears “Judge” followed by a surname in honor of the university’s namesake, Judge R.E.B. Baylor. Baylor’s current mascots are “Joy,” named in honor of the wife of President Emeritus (and former Chancellor) Herbert H. Reynolds, and the newest mascot, “Lady” named after Sue Sloan, wife of then-President Dr. Robert B. Sloan Jr.
  • Oklahoma State –Pistol Pete. But did you know that Bullet is the name of the black quarter horse ridden prior to OSU home games?

Oklahoma State and Baylor 3:00 on Fox

  • Kansas – Big Jay. Sounds like a rapper.

Kansas at THE University of Texas at 6:00 on LHN.

  • OU – Boomer and Sooner. I think they are anthropomorphic horses.

OU and WVa at 11:00 on Fox

  • SMU – Peruna. Not a fake horse. The horse was named after a popular patent medicine made up of 18 % alcohol.
  • Texas Tech – The Masked Rider. I really think Tech should rethink the mascot thing. Red Raider, Masked Rider with Guns Up is a no. The Texas Tech Flying Tortillas has potential.
  • Ohio State – Brutus Buckey. But if you said Pot Leaves Helmet, at this point in the game, we’ll take it. Drink.
  • And last and least – Notre Dame – Leprechaun. Leprechaun? Saints preserve us. No name. Not even a Mr. Leprechaun? Not even a Saint Patrick? Or a Muffet? Just Leprechaun? If ND is the Fighting Irish, I think the mascot should be named the IRA or Sinn Fein. Just saying.

RL? Did you know those gold, faux halo helmets of ND are really painted with gold? 23/9 karat gold flake in the paint of every helmet. Sounds flakey to me.

How many drinks did you take? Can you say anthropomorphic?




Monday, October 14, 2019 – My Monday After Saturday College Football Awards

Monday, October 14, 2019 – My Monday After Saturday College Football Awards

May I have the trophies, please?

Our first awards are Bad Sportsmanship Awards. This is given to THE University of Texas and Oklahoma. Both teams received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty BEFORE the game even started.

The Queen QB Under Pressure Award goes to THE University of Texas QB Sam Elinger. Poor Sam also receives The Blue Skies of Texas of Award because he saw so many blue skies looking up from the ground.

Moving to the Alabama Texas A&M game. The Memorial Brent Mushberger Mouth Award goes to Brad Nessler. This award was handed out with Nessler’s opening words when he said “Reveille’s barking and HE’S ready to make HIS way into the stadium.”  Next time you refer to Miss Reveille as a HE, I guarantee the Aggies will take you from a rooster to a hen with one swift, well-placed saber swing. And what was wrong with Gary Danielson? He actually said complimentary things about the Aggies. But alas, time ran out on the Aggies. Time may run out several times more before next season.

To the Crimson Tide who rolled over the Aggies. You received The Hard Work Award because you had to work hard to roll over the Ags. I am awarding the Alabama Head Coach, Nick Saban, The Worried Man Award. It takes a worried man to sing a worried song. Mr. Nick, you looked worried during the entire game!

Best part of the game was the helicopter flyover from the 36 Combat Aviation Brigade of the Texas Army National Guard. I caught a glimpse as they flew over the house.

I was amiss with Snarky Friday’s comments by not mentioning Mississippi State and Tennessee. It was due to the fact that I left out a category – Coach’s Hot Seat. Therefore, I give both the Bulldogs of State and the Vols of Tennessee the Coach’s Hot Seat Award.

From Waco we have a beginning shot.

And an ending shot. With Halloween in a few weeks, I am awarding the Baylor Bears The Thriller Award for Double OT and a win against Tortilla Tech. Did you realize when Baylor plays Texas Tech it becomes BU/TT or BUTT. Let’s see what you got next week Bears.

I regret I did not get a pic of Sailor Bear helmets, my all time favorite bear. But trust me when I award Best Uniforms to Baylor. Trust me when I award worst to Iowa and Penn State. Was it The Ugly Uniform Bowl?

The LSU Tigers receive The Gumbo Award made with alligators. Great game Tigers. This could be your year in January!

At a fitting end to the awards are The Poopy Undies Awards given for scaring their fans. There were many. Of course, Baylor and TT each receive a trophy. But I awarded a Poopy Undies to the fans of South Carolina and Georgia at half time. At the end of regulation, I gave Georgia The Full Blown Blowout in Your Drawers.

To the South Carolina Gamecocks I award The William Tecumseh Sherman Award, because you marched like Sherman through Georgia from Atlanta to the Sea. WOW.

To Georgia, as you watched the spheroid miss the uprights in the second overtime that would have tied the game and send to a triple OT, you win The Giant Thriller Award.

You see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream
But terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze
As horror looks you right between your eyes
You’re paralyzed

‘Cause this is thriller
Thriller night


WAY TO GO ASTROS! BTHO those Damn Yankees!

Friday, October 4, 2019 – Week Six of Snarky Friday

Friday, October 4, 2019 – Week Six of Snarky Friday

Strike up the banjos; it’s the Battle of the Piney Woods! The Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks and the Sam Houston State Bearkats meet at NRG in Houston at 3:00 on Saturday. Even though I hold degrees from both of these schools, I am going with Surfin Stephen and the “Oh futures bright, ‘neath the purple and white…”

But, in an usual Friday Snark, I shall predict the game score using my grade point averages with no periods from both universities. SFA 16 (only my freshman year) and SHSU 40 (all 36 hours).

Moving to TV times, let’s see who drew the dreaded 11:00 time slots.

Oklahoma State and Tortilla Tech at 11:00 on FS1. Breakfast torillas! Oh boy, Cowboys and Cowboys. To not forsake me oh my darling…Go Pistol Pete and watch out for flinging tortillas! I hope it is a safe and happy trip back to Stillwater with Lubbock in your rear view mirror.

Utah State and LSU at 11:00 on SEC. Tigers? These Aggies are not as tough as the ones in Texas. Why are you playing them? They are going to fall out with the Red Stick humidity before half-time

Oklahoma and Kansas at 11:00 on ABC – See Jalen run; see Jalen throw; see Jalen score; see OU in a Boomer Sooner warm up for next weekend. See Kansas look forward to basketball season.

The Bears of Baylor and Wildkats of Kansas State kickoff at 2:30 on ESPN2. The Baptists are really gonna have to pray it up to rise up and Sic ‘Em over Kansas State.

In a game I really don’t care about, we have Bowling Green at Notre Dame on their network, NBC, at 2:30. Now that is a Bowling Green Massacre I would like to see.

At 2:30 on ABC we find THE University of Texas and West Virginia. Get the old couches ready to burn. They probably won’t burn, but this could be a good game. Horns could be looking ahead to The Red River Rivalry.

But the best game of Saturday is Auburn visiting the Swamp of Florida at 2:30 on CBS. Tiger, tiger burning bright, I really don’t care who wins tonight, but Go War Eagles anyway.

The Georgia Bulldogs are in Knoxville to meet Tennessee at 6:00 on ESPN. The erosion of Rocky Top continues and that coaching seat gets hotter.

The Spartans of Michigan State play the pot head stickers from Ohio State at 6:30 ABC – I hope Michigan State wears their Uniform Uglies.

Then of course there are all those games on the west coast.

Looking to Week Seven we find Alabama and Texas A&M. Both The Tide and The Aggies have a bye week this week as they prepare for a clash next Saturday at Kyle Field.

Alabama is using the time by probably having some skull practices, watching films, some light workout practice, maybe will get together to watch a future opponent’s game and perhaps see a movie as a team building exercise. Coach Saban will have time to make some commercials.

Meanwhile, the Aggies are working on a top secret time machine that propels them into the future where they are bigger, stronger and faster, have a true Heisman candidate at QB, a First Team All-American in the backfield, a defense that does not allow scores, and wide-receivers that can actually fly due to new, high tech shoes and cleats.

So far the time machine has been able to travel to the past, to Tuscaloosa, to November 10, 2012, with the scoreboard reading: Texas A&M 29 and Alabama 24 and the quarterback wins The Heisman. Thus far, a projected date in the future when this phenomenon occurs again has not been released.  Who knows?


Monday, September 30, 2019 – My Monday after Saturday College Football Awards – Week Five

Monday, September 30, 2019 – My Monday after Saturday College Football Awards – Week Five

May I have the statuettes, please? As usual our first category today is Poopy Undies. This award goes to Texas A&M and Baylor for scaring their fans with close games. TAMU 31 Ark 27 and Iowa State 21 Baylor 23

But to Clemson, we have a new award. I am giving the award for a Full Blown Blowout in Your Drawers to the Clemson fans. Clemson 21 unranked North Carolina 20

Songs for Monday for UNC

It had to be two; it had to be two; you wandered down field; scored the touchdown, but couldn’t score two…

To Clemson – A streaming download of The Eagles’ song – There’s a New Kid in Town.

Speaking of the new Number 1 in the polls, Alabama, I am awarding the Crimson Tide The Feral Cat Award. Why? Because Alabama is like feral cat that tortures its opponent by batting it around and playing with it before finally putting it out of its misery. Ole Miss 31 Alabama 59

Miss State 23 Auburn 56 – The Get Well Award goes to Billy the Bulldog of Mississippi State. The bad news – the Bulldogs lost. The good news – Billy the State mascot is OK after the Auburn player ran into him. One should be glad this did not occur with the Texas Aggies; the handler sacrifices his body for Reveille and remember many of the Corps carry swords.

The Weather Delay Award goes to Oklahoma State.

Kansas State 13 Oklahoma State 26

The Fun to Watch Award goes OU. See Jalen run; See Jalen throw; see Jalen and OU win The Big 12 Conference. Oklahoma 55 Tortilla Tech 16

To Arkansas and Nick Starkel, I give the Heartbreak Hotel Award. I hope your arm injury is not serious, Starkel.

To Starkel and Arkansas, to Mond and Texas A&M and to Virginia and Mississippi State players, I give the Heisman Award. No, not the big trophy, but this quote from John Heisman regarding football in the South:

“Gentlemen? This is a prolate spheroid. It is better to have died a small boy than to fumble this football.” John Heisman.

The Ugly Uniform Award this week goes to Wisconsin. Those Throw Back uniforms need to be thrown away. Where did you find them? An Army surplus store that uncovered a box of WWI uniforms? Northwestern 15 Wisconsin 24

Our Exploding Head Coach Award this week goes to Iowa State. You know we can read your lips when you question the officials’ parental heritage, don’t you?

The Best Referee Quote of a Game goes to Cooper Castleberry who was calling the Baylor Iowa State game. On Baylor “False start on every body but the center.”

I am starting a list of All-American, Best Names. My first entry is from Arkansas, Bumper Pool.

Moving on downfield and into the stands…

I asked and we do not think this is one of our relatives.

I am ordering this outfit for all of the old ladies in Section 106 in Reed Arena for basketball season. Remember, Joni and I are the youngest ones in our section. Visualize that in high definition on the big screen.

I wonder if her Mother saw her on TV.


Friday, September 27, 2019 – Snark – Week Five

Friday, September 27, 2019 – Snark – Week Five

It is a Bob Wills’ weekend because There’s big balls in Cowtown; So let’s all go downtown.

Actually, the only game in Cowtown, also known as Fort Worth, is Kansas at TCU, but Arlington is close enough for Shark Work so let’s start there.

Not only is there football with big balls, it is the opening of the State Fair of Texas in Dallas! So let’s begin with the Bloody Mary Morning, 11:00 games and a breakfast menu.

We have the Texas A&M Aggies and The University of Arkansas pigs at 11:00 on ESPN. I shall have a side of fried bacon, fried sausage, fried ham, fried pork chops and some pork rinds – all presented tastefully on a wooden stick. This could be a two Bloody Mary game. Starkle may sparkle as the One Who Got Away!

Texas Tech at Oklahoma at 11:00 on Fox – I shall also have a deep fried tortilla for Tortilla Tech with a side of fried butter on a stick. I doubt many tortillas will fly at Norman because Jalen is going to Hurt you bad.

Kansas at TCU on FS1 – Jayhawks and Horn Frogs kick off at 11:00. Worth an occasional check.

Heading in to the 2:30 time slot we find the following:

Iowa State Baylor at 2:30 on ESPN – Always interesting and always scary for the Bears. There is something about the Weather Pattern mascot (Cyclones) besides their ugly color combination uniforms that keeps you guessing until time runs out. Sic ‘Em, Bears!

Ole Miss and Alabama at 2:30 on CBS – Hotty Toddy, God Almighty, but not this weekend Rebels. The Tide is just beginning to Roll. Did you know that Nick Saban was playing football at Kent State when the shootings took place? He and his friends decided to go get something to eat and then walk back across campus. They had just left the eating establishment and arrived back on campus shortly after the shootings and became part of the resulting chaos. Had they not gone to lunch first, they would have been in the middle of the entire tragic incident. Source: Saturdays in the South –The History of the SEC on SEC network. Check it out.

Virginia at Notre Dame on the Notre Dame Network, NBC at 2:30. Yes, Virginia, there is a RL and he will text his ND comment. Go Cavaliers!

Towson at Florida at 3:00 on SEC Network – Towson? Blah! Tongue out emoji.

And in the dinner hour or in this case supper hour cause it is the South, ya’ll know, we find:

Mississippi State and Auburn at 6:00 on ESPN – The Bulldog cowbells are ringing as they Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair. You know like in the hair color – Auburn? We gonna need some Big Solid plays with interceptions and run backs. Sideline bar: Elf, I was very disappointed that the SEC presentation of Saturdays in the South did not show Big Solid’s interception and touchdown return against Joe Namath. Guess Broadway Joe edited that piece out of his bio. Go Bulldogs.

Kansas State at Oklahoma State 6:00 – NO TV! Well, that ain’t right. Must rely on pictures from those attending the game. Make it a good homecoming, ya’ll. Have fun and Go Pokes.

BTHO Arkansas!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 – Mr. Tommy Macik

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 – Mr. Tommy Macik

“To teach is to touch a life forever!” Anonymous

All of my teachers had an impact on me. Remember, I stayed in school for a long time, so I have many teachers to thank for my education. I do not usually like to toot my own horn, but as one of my favorite teachers, Wanda Traugh, used to say, “He who tooteth not his horn; thus shall it not be tooteth.”

Of the many, many teachers I have had over the years, I did not have this teacher as a classroom teacher. In fact, I was not even allowed to take his class.  Nevertheless, he made an impact and I did not know it.

When I was in Grade Nine and throughout high school, I could not stand Mr. Tommy Macik. Mr. Macik taught agriculture classes at Magnolia High School. I thought that he personally was the reason I was not allowed to take agricultural classes.

I was not keenly aware of the content of the classes. Agriculture and dirt were off putting as was anything associated with animals. But I thought those blue corduroy FFA Jackets with the gold piping and Magnolia, Texas written on the back and that big gold decal of Future Farmers of America were the coolest thing I had ever seen and I could not understand why I was not allowed to have one. It had to have Mr. Macik’s fault that girls were not allowed.

Flash forward four years to May, 1967 – Magnolia High School graduation. As I walked out of the auditorium, Mr. Macik walked up to me and said, “You are going to be one of the greatest teachers ever!” I honestly do not remember him ever saying anything to me in the four years of high school. To which I replied, “No way. I will never set foot in classroom again.” Well, never say never.

Flash forward to one of Celeste’s younger birthday parties – maybe her 80th or 90th. I had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Tommy Macik and Lou. First thing I did while shaking his hand was to show him my Texas Aggie Ring. His eyes lit up and I said, “But wait. There’s more. I have a PhD in education from Texas A&M, Class or 1985. My dissertation was funded ($30,000 a year) by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service and The Texas 4-H Foundation. It was not only the content to teach about computers in public education, but HOW to teach it using the new and highly effective instructional methodology designed by Dr. Madeline Hunter. It was the first dissertation from the College of Education at Texas A&M to address the topic and one of the first dissertations in the nation addressing computers in public schools.

Continuing, I said, “My degree is in a new field called Educational Technology with emphasis in the design of learning environments, effective use of technology and teacher education. I teach teachers how to be better teachers.

My first publication was for all of the County Extension Agents in Texas for 4-H’s new program offering called Operating Microcomputers.







Apologies for the poor photo quality, but you get the idea.

My second was in the Texas 4-H Magazine.

I went on tell him of some the things I got to do in the field of education – like experiencing, super-secret non- disclosure research on something called Virtual Reality in the mid 1990’s. I went on a VIP tour of NASA where I got to climb all over the Space Shuttle simulator, inside and out, and operate the Sally Ride external arm. I had my picture made with and a floppy disc signed by Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple computers. I said, “I even have my own signature stamp and electronic signature at the state.” By this time, he is smiling, nodding like he was not surprised and we both had tears in our eyes.

Somebody took our picture that day. It hangs with my degree in the Reveille Room between the Sugar Bowl National Championship Pennant and one of my prints of Reveille on what I call – My Most Valuable Aggie Stuff Wall.

I ended our conversation with “You were absolutely right in 1967. I did become one of the greatest teachers ever. Thank you for recognizing it in me.”

It is too late to get an FFA Jacket? I still wear the same size as I would have in high school.

To teach is to touch a life forever.