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Friday, October 30, 2015 – Halloween Eve

Friday, October 30, 2015 – Halloween Eve

It was a dark and stormy night … and that was just in the Texas A&M locker room last week.

Nevertheless come Saturday morning the Game Cock crows at 11:00 AM. Until Miss Navasota and I found out the game between the Aggies and South Carolina was at such an ungodly hour for football, we were going to tailgate in our Halloween costumes. Initially we were going to dress as college coeds and wear cowboy boots with white short, short cut-offs showing our butt cheeks and a see through maroon silky top that shows our bras and more. This ensemble was topped off with expensive Ray Ban sunglasses that cost more than the rest of the outfit. I know this because I wear Ray Bans.

But we changed our minds due to the hour and the predicted rain. Now we are just going to sit in front of our TVs and drink and text each other like we usually do. But for our Halloween costumes, we are now going to dress as a Texas A&M quarterback – since there does not seem to be one emerging from the huddle any time soon. So let’s do the Chicken dance and BTHO South Carolina.

Fighting Texas Aggie Band

Not much happening in the Big 12 – TCU put a can of Frog Whoop Ass on West Virginia last night by winning 40-10.

It took three overtimes for the Oregon Ducks to overcome Arizona State by a six-man football score of 61-55.

Baylor has the week off and everybody is playing teams from the north like Kansas and Iowa State that nobody cares about. Nevertheless, Hook ‘Em Hippies, Go Cowboys, and safe travels to Lawrence for OU to meet Kansas. Hope you get there on time this week.

Longhorn Band (800x600)

Photo by Martha – brought her Horns luck last week. Try it again.

In the SEC also at the unholy hour of 11:00 am is Ole Miss and Auburn on ESPN. Can Ole Miss run the conference?  Can’t wait for Uncle Will to visit College Station.

But at 2:30 the Georgia Dawgs head to The Swamp to meet Florida on CBS with the broadcast team of Frick and Frack.

My apologies last Monday to the LSU nation for not mentioned Leonard Fournette. I actually lost a page of my notes and was going to mention the Mud Bowl in which the Tigers played. Trust me there will be plenty of LSU in the coming weeks. But LSU and Alabama get to rest this week.

The 6:00 PM game on ESPN2 has the University of Houston hosting Vanderbilt. But since this blog is only about teams I like and teams that play teams that I like, neither of them get any more words. I have never liked the downtown school in the Bayou City.

The Utah Utes try to regain control of the Pac 12 playing Oregon State Beavers at 6:00 on the Pac 12 Network.

And if you are still awake you can watch the Stanford Cardinal (remember, it is a color and not a bird) and Washington State on ESPN at 9:30. Mike Leach will be dressed as a pirate.

Of course, Michigan, Clemson and Notre Dame play. But I don’t care about them until it is time to do so.

BTHO – South Carolina and please let somebody show up as quarterback for the Aggies.

Thursday, October 29, 2015 – Throw Back Thursday – Lest We Forget

Thursday, October 29, 2015 – Throw Back Thursday – Lest We Forget – The Traveling Vietnam Wall is Coming to College Station – November 12 – 15.

Not all Throw Back Thursdays are pleasant memories. The Vietnam Conflict marks a time in our nation’s history where we as a nation divided on issues. Today we look back and remember the sacrifice and honor those who served and remember them.

The Museum of the American GI – located at 19124 Texas Highway 6 in College Station, will display “Lest We Forget,” a version of the wall scaled down to 80 percent that bears the names of the more than 58,000 Americans who died while serving during the Vietnam War.

November 12 – 15 The Museum of the American GI will host the Traveling Vietnam Wall. The schedule for the days can be found by clicking on the following link.

I have seen the Vietnam Wall at least four times in Washington D.C. and I have seen the traveling wall at least three times. It is different and memorable each time. I always touch the names of Corporal Ralph M. Smith (see Here’s What I’m Thinking – May 22, 2015.) and Captain  John R. Baldridge, Jr. (see Here’s What I’m Thinking – May 21, 2015.)

Ralph 2 (800x600)Capt. John Robert Baldridge

As you can see from photograph for Captain Baldridge, note the symbol of the tiny cross beside his name. He is still MIA. He was also a Fighting Texas Aggie.

When one views The Wall one sees the 58,000 names of Americans who died during the Vietnam War. If you visit The Museum you will see the permanent display of the dog tags of those Texans who gave the greatest sacrifice. Imagine that for all 50 states.

Dog Tags GI MuseumDog Tags Wall

Ralph Smith dog tag  (800x600)

Ralph M. Smith’s dog tags

Dog Tags  (800x600)

Dog Tags for Texans who gave the greatest sacrifice.

Honor all of the brave men and women who served and sacrificed.

October 28, 2015 – We Are the Aggies; The Aggies Are We

October 28, 2015 – We Are the Aggies; The Aggies Are We

Corps (800x600)

Two weeks from today is November 11. This is a day set aside to honor all veterans. As we approach this day in the Here’s What I’m Thinking posts you will see my feeble attempt to honor these heroes with pictures and words.

Let’s begin today with a story of this cadet in the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. This single father is a Marine veteran and has already served eight years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is his story which makes one proud to be an Texas Aggie. Gig’em!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015 – Mum’s The Word or Magnolia Mum Memories

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 – Mum’s The Word or Magnolia Mum Memories

I was reading on Yahoo how homecoming mum’s for high schools have become outrageous. Rather than the old fashioned single chrysanthemum with a few streamers in the schools’ colors, mums today look like someone won the Kentucky Derby or they are wearing an entire funeral spray of flowers.

But during my entire four years of high school I never received a mum. So this is for all of the girls who never had one either. I distinctly remember (as I do most everything) sitting in the band in the stands as a senior at Magnolia High School. I do not remember who the Bulldogs played or the score. All I remember is I was the only girl in the band who did not have a mum.

Several years ago I shared this life scarring story with niece#2. She and one of her BFF’s were in Michael’s one day and they purchased me a mum.   Thank you Deann and Sandy.

Here is my mum.

Mum (450x800)

Please know I plan to wear it to my 50th high school reunion.

And the to the rest of you mummies out there – I hope you get a bee in your chrysanthemums.

Monday, October 26, 2015 – The Monday after Saturday College Football Awards

Monday, October 26, 2015 – The Monday after Saturday College Football Awards

The Here’s What I’m Thinking Monday after Saturday College Football Awards are brought to you today by the word: “kakistocracy.” It is a noun meaning a government by the worst persons, a form of government in which the worst persons are in power. Since ever one seems to think the worst persons are already in the government or are running for office, I wanted to offer enlightenment and new vocabulary words to all sides. Please feel free to use this and any other intelligent sounding words, since none of you seem to have many to start with.

Ghosts. Goblins. Warlocks and Witches. And Halloween is still a week away. This was a most strange weekend in college football.

Let’s begin with the Flood Bowls along Interstate 35 and travel north.

While the rains and floods may have inundated Austin and DKR Memorial Stadium, there were several bright spots of hope and sunshine. THE University wins the Lazerous Award appearing to rise from the dead.

I asked my roomie to take a picture and I would post it when THE University began a winning streak. This was earlier in the season because she has the good sense to come in out of the rain.

Longhorn Band (800x600)

Photo by Martha 2015 – aka Roomie

Moving north where the rains were really falling over McClain Stadium in Waco, The Bears win the “45 points are the new 60 plus in the rain.” I hope The Committee in November has a Flood Criteria. It is Baylor and the Baptists do like a good dunking, but that was an Ark building flood.

Oklahoma had no problem with Texas Tech. Coach Kliff, what’s with the new hairdo? I am not current on the fashion trends coming out of Lubbock but that new hair cut looks like an Aggie Fish Corp of Cadets haircut – a bad one. Was your hair, or lack of it, supposed to look that way?

The Michael Jackson Thriller Award is shared by Auburn and Arkansas and Duke and Virginia Tech. What are the odds there would be two games with four overtimes? What are the odds of that happening? Please have Dr. Sheldon Cooper do the math.

The Yogi Berra – It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over Award goes to The Rambling Wrecks from Georgia Tech who rambled down the field after a Florida State missed field goal that would have won the game. Georgia Tech ran for the winning touchdown as time expired.

The Utah Utes fall from the undefeated ranks as the USC Trojans opened a lethal virus on them. The Utes win the Beware the Trojan Horse Award.

To the Texas Aggies, I award the Hotty Toddy and Kiss my Magnolia Blossom Award because the Ole Miss Rebels certainly did.

To Kyler Murray I am awarding the Coach/Player Etiquette Book of Football Practice Manners. Screaming the F word to and about your offensive coordinator during practice is indeed a bench sitting practice issue.

The Aggies also receive the Free Tire and Wheel Check because the wheels are coming off the bus again.

Perhaps I should post a classified ad in the newspaper or post something on Craig’s List.  WANTED: Quarterback. Please send video and application to The Texas Athletic Department; Attn: K. Sumlin.

And last, but not least – to the Alabama Crimson Tide, I award The Poopy Undies Award, the CPR Award and The Survivor Award for the fourth quarter comeback win over Tennessee. You also win The Doors and Jim Morrison’s The Alabama Song that is also known As The Whiskey Bar. I know this is how you felt while in Knoxville and upon leaving Saturday night. Something tells me you were not drinking Tennessee bourbon at the Whiskey Bar.

The Alabama Song

Well, show me the way To the next whiskey bar

Oh, don’t ask why Oh, don’t ask why

Show me the way To the next whiskey bar

Oh, don’t ask why Oh, don’t ask why

For if we don’t find The next whiskey bar I tell you we must die I tell you we must die I tell you,

I tell you I tell you we must die

Oh, moon of Alabama

We now must say goodbye

We’ve lost our good old mama

And must have whiskey Oh, you know why!

Just think – next Saturday is Halloween. Be ready for anything.

Finally, to Oklahoma State and Delaware University as tragedies marred both of their homecoming parades. All are in our thoughts.

OSU with ribbon

Thank you Kristen for the picture. I am sad for all of you and the Cowboy Nation.

Friday, October 23, 2015 – The Friday Before Saturday College Football

Friday, October 23, 2015 – The Friday Before Saturday College Football – Game On

Garrett2 (800x525)

First – my apology to Myles Garrett for misspelling his name last week.

The Schedule today begins with The Rain Barrel Bowls up and down Texas Interstate 35.

Starting in Austin and playing @ 11:00 on Fox 1 is THE University of Texas and Kansas State. Tell the Wildcats they are no longer in Kansas and give them a good hooking of the Horns. I have your photograph ready to post Roomie signifying a home win and winning streak for the Horns in DKR Memorial Stadium! Stay Strong and get it done!

Traveling north to Waco we find the Iowa State Weather Patterns visiting Waco and playing Baylor @ 11:00 on ESPN. I understand one is to wear green and gold depending on your ticket location. This will make McLane Stadium green and gold striped. I know you can get yellow (gold) rain slickers at Academy, but can you get green rain slickers? Is Nike working on that? Surely with that many uniforms and shades of green Nike has got something in the warehouse they can Fed-Ex to Waco for the fans.

Crossing the state line into Norman along I-35 we find Oklahoma and Texas Tech @ 2:30 on ESPN2. I wonder what Baker and Stoops and Coach Kliff and the Red Raiders have planned against and up their respectively sleeves besides a rough history.

Taking a right turn and headed toward Stillwater we find the Cowboys of Oklahoma State playing Kansas @ 2:30 on Fox 1 and slowing creeping up in the Big 12. Go Pokes. It’s Kansas. Remember they play basketball like Kentucky does.

Remember there are only 10 teams in the Big 12 and eight are playing. So that leaves TCU and WVa having the weekend off.

Now to the games that actually have meaning (the only ones worth watching) so that means the SEC teams because Ohio State plays Rutgers.

Opposite the Rain Barrel Bowls on the SECN @ 11:00 am will be Auburn and Arkansas with last place up for grabs in the SEC West. Do you like bacon on your burger Uncle Will Muschamp?

What once could have been interesting is now Alabama and Tennessee in Tuscaloosa @ 2:30. Oh no – the game is on CBS. I hope you do not get the Can’t Broadcast S##% announcers. Turn on the radio broadcast to avoid.

And going out with The Tide here is a little Thank You shout out to Coach Sabin regarding last week’s visit to Aggieland –

“You know, this is the first place we’ve played for a long, long time, that we never got booed when we came out,” Saban said. “First place. I’m telling you. It’s a really nice facility. They had 105,000 people. And they cheered their tail off for their team. And they made it hard for us to play.” ESPN quotes somewhere on their application.

At 3:00 on the SEC Network will be another game for last place in the SEC East with Missouri and Vanderbilt. Take a nap, but be up and ready for the only games of competition beginning at 6:00.

On ESPNU @ 6:00 we find Western Kentucky visiting Baton Rouge hosted by Leonard Fournette’s team the LSU Tigers. Run Leonard run. With each step you get a bit closer to going to New York to get a big trophy.

At 6:30 in another game of why are play this team? This is Mississippi State and Kentucky on the SECN. This is not Western Kentucky which I suppose is geographically west of the Kentucky that Mississippi State is playing. I understand the men’s basketball team at Kentucky is quite good. Yes – Number 1.

At 6:30 on Fox is the Utah Utes (I just love saying that) and USC Trojans in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. If Utah should become number two in The Committee’s ranking in November, will they be “the two Utes?” (My Cousin Vinny)

But the only game of significance is the Cutbirth Bowl (as in William Cutbirth Faulkner) on ESPN from Oxford Mississippi @ 6:00 when the Ole Miss Rebels host The Fighting Texas Aggies. It is an elimination game for the SEC West title. Should make visits to Baton Rouge interesting for both teams. But one game at a time.

Sully's Boots

So Howdy Damnit and Hotty Toddy and BTHO Ole Miss.

Thursday, October 22, 2015 – Throw Back Thursday – Who Remembers Gas at This Price?

Thursday, October 22, 2015 – Throw Back Thursday – Who Remembers Gas at This Price?

These pictures are from an old service station in Lexington, Texas. Enco? Leaded gasoline?

Lexington Gas Pumps 2013-10-20 007 (800x600)Lexington Gas Pumps 2013-10-20 005 (591x800)Lexington Gas Pumps 2013-10-20 009 (800x600)Lexington Gas Pumps 2013-10-20 004 (800x600)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 – Healthy Elderly Needed for Study

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 – Healthy Elderly Needed for Study

Want to be a guinea pig and make some money? This sounds like something my sister would like to do – except for the last part. The Texas A&M Education and Human Development College is conducting a study where you get paid to stay in bed for 10 days.

The study examines the effects of a pill on the preservation of muscle mass during bed rest and recovery after bed rest.

Time commitment consists of two or three screening visits, five study days prior to 10 days and nights of bed rest. Here’s the catch. It is followed by an eight week exercise program to measure your muscle mass. And I think you stay here during the 10 days and nights of bed rest.

Patricia Motel (800x534)

The Patricia Motel – Ferriday, Louisiana

But if you are selected it pays $125 for screening, up to $400 for study visits prior to bed rest and up to $125 per day for each day of bed rest and then $100 per week during the exercise program.

Yes, one could make a nice income supplement. But do ever wonder how these studies determine the side effects listed on the labels? You could be in the side effects group and not know it.

Side effects may include bloating, gas, hives, toe nail fungus, vomiting, diarrhea, twitching, itching, singing the blues, hallucinations, personality changes causing Republicans to vote for Hillary and select a Speaker of the House of Representatives. Additional side effects include holding a Donald Trump tailgate party in your front yard, driving while naked and yelling “Ted Cruz for President.”

If you are interested in being a part of a research experiment and making a little side money, for more information check out today’s Bryan Eagle, call 979.422.1789  or email

Oh – I forgot to post this photo from Saturday’s tailgate party. It is downloadable, suitable for copying and distribution so you will not have to hang your bed sheets on the front porch or from your car port when Alabama visits the rest of the SEC.

Sabin sign (600x800)



Tuesday, October 20, 2015 – What’s the News Across the Nation?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 – What’s the News Across the Nation?

Trivia Tuesday – Complete the last line of this stanza. Hint: it is from a TV show from 1967- 1973.

What’s the news across the nation? We have got the information, In a way we hope will amuse you! We just love to give you our news, La Da De Da, Ladies and Gents,…

So I was looking at the news the other day. I saw where a woman in Anchorage, Alaska went into a Subway sandwich place, went into the rest room, took off her clothes and returned naked. I am so glad Angela S. that you are eating healthy.

It was this time last week when I was a cyclops due to an eye abrasion. Minion cyclops (450x800)

If by any rare chance you saw an article in the Bryan Eagle, please know it was not me.

“October 8, 2015 – A Bryan man faces charges after police say he allegedly punched a woman in the face was taken to the hospital.

According to Bryan police, officers were dispatched to a home around 7:30 pm Tuesday after a woman said she and her significant other were fighting and she was bleeding. According to police, the man told officers he punched the woman in the face after she kicked him. The man is accused of hitting the woman with the hand on which he wears his Aggie ring.”

Next time I poke my eye with “the hand on which I wear my Aggie ring” maybe I can get better service at the Emergency Room.

Enjoy today and don’t forget to laugh.

Answer: From Rowen and Martin’s Laugh In –

What’s the news across the nation? We have got the information, In a way we hope will amuse you! We just love to give you our news – La Da De Da, Ladies and Gents

“Laugh In” looks at the news!

Monday, October 19, 2015 – Monday After Saturday College Football Awards

Monday, October 19, 2015 – Monday After Saturday College Football Awards – The Monday after Saturday College Football Awards post is sponsored today by the word “interception.” It is a noun that means when the quarterback of your team throws the ball to the other team. Synonyms include, but are not limited to “damn it”, “Oh S#$%”, “holy S#$%.and other words unfit to print.

Me and Tailgating

Before we start the ado and further it, a huge thank you to the Hoke and Ellis families for such a great tailgating experience. Can’t wait for the next one.
The first award is the Rip Tide Award and goes to the Alabama Crimson Tide for rolling over Texas A&M like a hurricane named Henry.

The Governor’s Reprieve Award goes to the Texas A&M offense who could not execute on given Bama opportunities.

The Pepto Bismal Award goes to Ole Miss for being upset by Memphis. Thank you Memphis for suddenly making the SEC West much more interesting.

The Ugliest Uniform Award is a tie between Oregon and Baylor. Oregon, you looked like green peas running around on the field. And Baylor – Gray? It is unattractive for being # 2. Ohio State – as in still #1 – can wear gray because it is their school color. Yours is not gray – it is gold and green, which begs the question – Does Nike have a building that just makes 50 shades of green for Baylor and Oregon?

The High Point Award for scoring the most points goes to Baylor. Yawn! 62-to 38 over West Virginia.

The You Can’t Get There from Norman Award and the We Would Have Come Sooner Award goes to Oklahoma for the team’s 8 hour flight delay to K-State. Sooners win second place for points scored. OU – 55- K-State – 0.

The Halloween Creeping Up on You Award goes to Oklahoma State University. The Cowboys are quietly creeping up in the Big 12 with a 6-0 record.

The Yogi Berra Award for It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over goes to the Michigan State Spartans for defeating Michigan (Big Blue) on a last second fumbled punt scooped up Michigan State to score the winning touchdown as time expired.

And the next to the last award as I step onto my soapbox – goes to – CBS and the broadcast team of Verne Lunquist and Gary DumbAss – whatever your name is. YOU TWO ARE TERRIBLE! You make Brent Musberger and Jesse Palmer look like award winning journalists. When was the last time you called a football game, Mr. Lunquist? – The Four Horsemen of Notre Dame?

No wonder during the Bowl and Playoff Season the CBS share of the sports market looks like this.

ESPN Chart

It is because of dinosaurs like you. Here is only a few reasons why you should be fired, let go with pension, retire, whatever – just be out of town before sundown.

You did not know the rules thus missing many calls.
You did not do your homework and could only discuss the 2012 Alabama/Texas A&M game. Here’s What I’m Thinking had more history between Texas A&M and Alabama than you mentioned during the entire game.
You are supposed to be objective. Therefore when the defense, as in Texas A&M, makes a good play, one does not say “Alabama made a mistake.”
Johnny Manziel no longer attends Texas A&M and Lunquist you said it on air – “on behalf of CBS it should mentioned and “I think so too” and then proceeded to discuss issue recent issue with Johnny Manziel. In addition to – you are not paid to report the news; you had the facts incorrect when you inappropriately mentioned it.

Neither of you is paid to THINK. What are you psychic? You do not know what anybody is thinking. For example – Gary Dumbass saying at least three times on kick offs – “I think he should have run the ball out of the end zone. That was wrong.” No one cares what you think, Gary.

In addition don’t criticize the players, coaches referees by saying things such as “Well that was the quarterback, coaches’, referees, any other players fault!”

In addition, Gary Dumbass, I do not need nor want to hear a 20 second (yes, I timed it) diatribe on quarterback efficiency numbers and how they are calculated. I do not care. Do you get paid by the number of words you utter?

You are paid to tell me what is going on down on the football field. If either of you were paid to think and criticize you would not be sitting the announcer’s booth saying stupid things while reading from a prepared script left over from 2012.

So I award the two of you the CBS Award for making College Broadcasts that Suck.

And last I award myself – Great Tailgate pictures for capturing a pic of Coach Sumlin,

Sumlin (800x620)

Coach Kevin Sumlin – Spirit Walk – Texas A&M v Alabama 10.17.2015

Garrett2 (800x525)

Miles Garrett – Spirit Walk – Texas A&M vs Alabama 10.17.2015

The Commandant leading the Corp March In Corps (800x600)

The Fight Texas Aggie BandTailgate A&M Bama 10.17.15 2015-10-17 107 (800x527)

E2 Company (800x655)

E2 Company – Revellie in lower left corner.

and even Miss Reveille at parade rest. Rev 4 (600x800)

It seems I was able to catch everything except a Kyle Allen pass.