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Friday, October 6, 2017 – Stage Left: The Snark Appears

Friday, October 6, 2017 – Stage Left: The Snark Appears

Before we get to our college football Snarky Friday, let us offer congratulations to the Houston Astros for their 8-2 victory yesterday over the Boston Red Sox in Game one of the American League Division Playoffs. I would have so enjoyed seeing second baseman, Jose Altuve, become the 9th player with a 3 HR game in postseason history. But the game was not televised on TV on a reasonable channel – even for someone with has many sports channels as I have.

Therefore today, when I turn on my TV at 1:00, I better see some players in Astro uniforms getting ready to play some players in Boston Red Sox uniforms. Do not make me go 8th Grade School Teacher on you. GO ASTROS!

What is on the screens tomorrow for college football? Starting the morning at 11:00 AM we have potential Blow Outs featuring:

  • Ole Miss and Auburn on SECN
  • Georgia and Vanderbilt on ESPN
  • Iowa State and Oklahoma on FOX
  • Texas Tech and Kansas on FS1
  • Wake Forest and Clemson on ESPN2.

I do not like any of those schools at this time.

At 2:30 it is time to catch the shuttle to campus to tailgate. I should arrive mid to end of first quarter for these interesting games.

  • West Virginia and TCU on FS 1 – ESPN Game Day comes to you from Fort Worth, Texas. Lee Curser will look good in the Big Horned Frog head.
  • LSU and Florida on CBS – Remember Troy! For Tigers’ sake, it was homecoming last weekend! Swamp. Swamp. Chomp. Chomp.

Scheduling right along;

  • 4:10 Spirit Walk @ War Hymn Statue
  • 4:20 Kyle Field Gates Open
  • 5:00 Corps Step off @ Quad
  • 5:30 – Take shuttle back home to watch:

From the Big 12 Conference which is really only 10 teams, at 6:00 on FS1 from Royal Texas Memorial Stadium. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium??? Huh? That ain’t right! That is how the ESPN app shows it, Horns.

Allow me to continue correctly. Coming to you on FS1 from Daryl K. Royal Memorial Stadium, THE University of Texas hosts the Kansas State Wildcats. To save us all time and data charges tomorrow for texting the following question: “How old is Bill Snyder?” Tomorrow is his birthday. He will be 77 years old.

May I offer this small suggestion to the Longhorn team? Do not see past the purple haze tomorrow in anticipation of seeing red next weekend.

And now a football trifecta. All three of my alma maters play tomorrow. I got papers from all three hanging on the wall.

In the Battle of the Big Thicket, also at 6:00 the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks play the Sam Houston State Bearkats. Ax ‘Em, Jacks! This will be on the small tablet screen streaming ESPN3.

Scheduling along:

  • 5:56 Spirit of Aggieland
  • 6:08 National Anthem: Texas Our Texas
  • 6:15 –on ESPN – Kick-Off – BTHO ALABAMA!
  • 6:16 – Ensure Smelling Salts are close by. Get Dammit Doll Ready.

First, to the Announcers:

Corp march in 2016. Photo by me.

Dear ESPN, if one of your booth mouth jockeys or whichever of you is on the ground – If you say “Battle Hymn” instead of War Hymn as you did last week, please run. Run Away Now. Run to Austin. Remember those people pictured above carry swords.

Second: Welcome to College Station, Texas, Coach Sabin (sic). I hope you like the hospitality and have a memorial experience in Kyle Field.

Looking out my backyard. Photo by me.

Third: Pardon me for  yelling, but it is going to take a lot more yelling than this. OH LORD! LET THERE BE A MIRACLE ON THE BRAZOS ON SATURDAY NIGHT IN KYLE FIELD BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON.


Photo by KB

Photo by KB




Tuesday, October 3, 2017 – Wardrobes for the Weekend – Lace Bralette

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 – Wardrobes for the Weekend – Lace Bralette

It is ever too early to start preparing for this weekend’s football game. I am so excited. Ms. Navasota and I have an opportunity to tailgate in the afternoon prior to the Texas Aggie Alabama game Saturday night. Maybe Ms. Navasota’s cousin KT will join us.

I dusted off the Beat Alabama Shrine last evening and begin lighting the candle when I say vespers. I realize the helmet, even with the JM autograph is of little value, but he is the only one to have Rolled back the Tide.

Ms. Navasota, Cousin KT and I want to blend in with the college coed crowd so we need an appropriate game day wardrobe. Just because it has been almost 50 years since we graduated from under grad school, we want to fit it toe to head.

I believe we three are able to produce the necessary cowboy boots. I mean we are all Native Texas so we have several pair.

We have had difficulty to finding Daisy Dukes cut offs in our sizes that show off our butt cheeks. It seems the stores do not carry our sizes of cut offs with elastic waists or in super stretch. I believe we have been able to make do with some jeans we had left over from George W.’s first term and a pair of pinkin shears. Those alligator teeth scissors.

I am going to skip bodice attire and focus on face and head-gear and save the bodice until last. Like boots, all Native Texas have a cowboy hat of some sort. Real cowboys and cowgirls have several hats – the high dollar beaver hat you wear to rodeo; the nice summer straw hat you wear in the summer; the hats you work it and the $2.00 hat you wear to costume parties.

This cheap cowboy hat is appropriate else it distract from the $250 Rayban Aviator sun glasses that adorn your face. Side bar: Being the more literary type, my $250 Rayban sun glasses are called “Gatsby” for the sign over the Optical Shop in The Great Gatsby and Cats That Support Aggies.

But back to bodice. I have purchased each of us a maroon lace bralette.

While it sounds like a cheap wine or a French dessert, it seems you wear this over your bra and it is supposed to function as a shirt or blouse. I honest to God do not know if this is the back or the front. We will have to experiment.

We will supply our own bras to wear under our lace bralettes. I suppose the bras I have with NIKE on them will not work. Oooh, I wonder if there is a bra that says BTHO Bama! I would so wear that.

I doubt you will be able to see us on television because we will be so blended in with the co-eds. I plan to wear my maroon bralette over my T-shirt.

Friday, September 29, 2017 –Snarky Friday College Football

Friday, September 29, 2017 –Snarky Friday College Football

Thirty days hath September and there were some games to remember and many to forget… But first.

The NFL debacle – IMHO – This should never have been an issue. The intrusion of the government into the corporate arena sets a dangerous precedent. Here’s what I’m thinking – the American citizens in Puerto Rico would die to have a cold drink of fresh water and electricity to even watch TV. Wait, the citizens just might die while waiting. So why?

Speaking of why? Why is THE University of Texas playing on a Thursday? Better yet, why is THE University even playing Iowa State? Even better, why is Iowa State even in the Big 12 Conference?

BEVO – Photo by Jill.

But BEVO’s Boys withstood the Cyclones 17-7. Please know that Iowa State is in the running for Ugly Uniform Award. The mascot is a weather pattern.

Tonight we have Miami and Duke on ESPN at 6:00 and USC and Washington State following. It is always fun to watch a Mike Leach team.

The Saturday Wake-up Call Games at 11:00 are:

New Mexico State and Arkansas on SECN – more Aggies for the Baconators. Did you know the New Mexico State mascot is named Pistol Pete?

  • Vanderbilt and Florida on ESPN – Did you know the ONLY altruistic endeavor by Commodore Vanderbilt was the establishment of Vanderbilt University?
  • Northwestern and Wisconsin on ABC. Yawn.

In the 2:30 time slot we find:

  • Baylor at Kansas State @ 2:30 on ESPN 2. This depends on which Bears show up in Manhattan. Could be interesting if the ones from last week take the field.
  • Georgia and Tennessee on CBS – Dogs again. UGA and Smokey. I don’t know if “Rocky Top will always be…”

Why? Why are the best games in the evening?

If any two teams should have a weather pattern as their mascot it should be Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. in Lubbock at 7:00 on Fox. Tortillas blowing in the wind.

Love my TT pic. Love you Little Sister. AXOs.

If Oklahoma State and New Mexico State should meet in a game, would it be Dueling Pistol Petes?

In the battle between Mississippi and Alabama ESPN will showcase:

  • Mississippi State and Auburn at 5:00. To the Bulldogs – you need a Big Solid Defense. To Auburn: Roll Tide.
  • Ole Miss and Alabama at 8:00 ESPN at Tuscaloosa – Hotty Toddy, but Roll Tide. Dear Coach Saban, Do not underestimate your opponent. The Rebels have nothing to play for except pride.

Sandwiched between the Battle of Mississippi and Alabama we find Troy University at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge to meet LSU at 6:00 in the last non-conference primer for LSU. Here is a primer on Troy: The Troy Trojans mascot is named T-Roy. He is one of those dressed up mascots. Troy University’s athletics nickname was the Red Wave until the early 1970s when the student body voted to change the name to Trojans. I am not going to ask why they changed to that. One can only hope the students and the state of Alabama were aware that Trojan refers to a warrior and not a birth control device.

The game of the weekend is the Texas A&M Aggies versus the South Carolina Gamecocks on the SECN at 6:30.That means crappy announcers live from Kyle Field. Things to watch for overall: Crappy announcers misprouncing small Texas towns, talking way too much and saying nothing. For the Gamecocks watch for Uncle Will Muschamp exploding at referees and players. For the Aggies watch for the explosive Captain Christian Kirk.

Other burning questions you must have are:

What is the mascot of South Carolina?

Cocky (mascot) Cocky is the costumed mascot of the University of South Carolina athletics teams. He represents a cartoon version of a gamecock (a fighting rooster).

Why is South Carolina’s mascot a Gamecock?

The University of South Carolina’s varsity sports teams are known as the “Gamecocks”. This unique moniker is held in honor of Thomas Sumter, a Revolutionary War hero from South Carolina who was nicknamed the “Carolina Gamecock” after British General Banastre Tarleton said Sumter “fought like a gamecock.”


What is the mascot of Texas A&M?

The mascot of Texas A&M University is Reveille. She is a beautiful and very real Collie and the First Lady of Aggieland. She is prettiest mascot in her category in the NCAA mascot contest.

Source: NCAA and every Texas Aggie on the planet.

Native Texan Wall: Texas Monthly Cover signed “To Delia; Ann Richards.” FYI – I also have George W’s signature signed “To Delia Best Wishes George W. Bush.

Since we started the day with politics, let us end it with politics. When former Governor of Texas, Ann Richards, was campaigning for her first term, she and her staff were flying to The Valley on a campaign trip. One of her staff members asked: “Miss Richards, the people will want to know where you stand on cock fighting.” Miss Richards replied “To be honest, I never met one that I wanted to fight with.”

BTHO South Carolina.

Friday, September22, 2017 – Snarky Friday – My College Football Preview

Friday, September22, 2017 – Snarky Friday – My College Football Preview

It is the First Day of Fall. The temperature is an unpleasant and humid 90 degrees in Texas.

Hope The Fighting Texas Aggie Band looks as good in Jerry World in Dallas as in Kyle Field last week. Photo by KB.

Starting our football day on ESPN at 11:00 AM. in the morning, we have The Hopefully Fighting Texas Aggies versus the Arkansas Razorbacks in the SEC opener for both teams. Sing it Willie Nelson, It’s gonna be a Bloody Mary Morning. Hopefully it will be served with an extra-large side of bacon, sausage and a pork chop. I imagine the frying pan will very hot for both coaches.

Speaking of a coach’s butt sitting in the frying pan, on ABC at 11:00 you will find the Red Raiders from Texas Tech playing the University of Houston Cougars in a match-up of former Big 12 quarterbacks now head coaches. We find in the frying pan Tech Coach, Former Tech QB, Kliff Kingsbury. Opposite will be former QB at THE University of Texas, Major Applewhite. Hook ‘Em! And Go Cougar High! Remember Tech does not play defense.

I am not so certain I would be screaming “Guns Up” in TDECU Stadium in Houston. Sidebar: The official name of the stadium is derived from Texas Dow Employees Credit Union (TDECU), the largest credit union in Houston, which purchased its naming rights in the largest-ever naming rights deal for a college football stadium.

On CBS at a most reasonable hour of 2:30 Alabama travels to Nashville to meet Vanderbilt in their SEC opener. Vandy, you gonna need a lot more than Lionel Richie and The Commodores trying to sing country in Nashville. ROLL TIDE!

Photo by Kristen

Following the Aggies and Hogs we have TCU and Oklahoma State on ESPN @ 2:30. This game has potential. Go Pokes!

The David and Goliath Game is between Baylor and Oklahoma. Nothing sounds worse rising over The Brazos River above McLane Stadium than Boomer Soomer all evening long. Oh, the game is on FS 1 at 5:30 in the event you are interested.


Veterans Park, College Station Texas. Photo by me.

That game could be over by 6:00 when it time to switch to any other game on TV. I will be watching ESPN and the dog fight between Bully and UGA or Mississippi State versus the University of Georgia. Let the Cowbells ring in Athens on Saturday night. Going to need some Big Solid Defense.

Of course I will be accessing all of my screens (I know JH, you have screen envy) as I check on other contests looking for close scores; ugly uniforms/helmets, and exploding coaches.

BTHO Arkansas!

Thursday, September 14, 2017 – I Kid You Not. Goat Yoga

Thursday, September 14, 2017 – I Kid You Not. Goat Yoga

The other day my friend, RL, sent me a link and said “this may go over better down there” Better meaning in College Station. – Home of Texas A&M University. The A&M formerly stood for Agricultural and Mechanical. It is a myth that those of us who hold degrees from The Harvard on the Brazos are competent in agriculture and mechanical things. I have a tendency to kill even fake plants and I can’t operate a mechanical pencil. Where was I goating with this?

I clicked the link and realized it was doing yoga with a goat and my first thought was “Nope, sounds like more of a Keep Austin Weird” thing to me. I am not fond of goats or yoga. Both are smelly.

It seems that you pay a fee and get to do yoga with a Kazmir Kountry Nigerian Dwarf Goat. I do not know if you get a discount if you bring your own goat.

If one is interested this website offers goat yoga classes as a Hurricane Irma Benefit later this month. You missed the goat yoga benefit for Hurricane Harvey, but there will be another opportunities.

Subscribers to Goat Monthly received postcards featuring twin goats. Goat Monthly? Should Texas Monthly be worried?

Here’s what I’m thinking. I just got back from the gym with my wonder trainer. To KB and former trainers, Killer Queen and Snookie, don’t even goat there. I am not goating to do this. No way am I planking with a damn goat sitting on my back. I am not lifting the goat as a free weight. I am not doing squats or lunges with the goat around my shoulders. I am not chasing the goat for a cardio workout. Just say NO to goats.

I saw that there was a Facebook page about the goats, but when I clicked on it, it said the page was not available. I suppose the goat ate it.

I am thinking that my friend, HW, should give some thought to Chicken Yoga. Not just a farm animal spin off yoga, but design yoga mats with numbers and have Chicken Crap Bingo Yoga mats. I would not advise actually doing chicken yoga and chicken crap bingo simultaneously. As the bumper sticker says “Shit happens!”

Never too early to set up the Beat Alabama Shrine.

However, if goat or any other form of yoga is the answer to finding an offensive line, an entire defense and a quarterback, then let’s goat to doing it Aggies. What you think, Coach?

Dixie Chicken Yoga?

Monday, September 11, 2017 – My Monday After College Football Awards

Monday, September 11, 2017 – My Monday After College Football Awards

With no further typing – My Monday after college football awards.

The Cupcake Game Ball goes to almost every team that played a smaller school. You won by large double digit margins and the smaller school is able to fund their entire athletic program for this year.

In the Uniform Category –The Best Uniform Award goes to the Ducks of Oregon. The Ducks usually win the Ugliest Uniform, but not Saturday. Their uniforms were a chrome helmet, with white jerseys and pants. Green numbers. Bright yellow socks and gloves that read: Win the Day. Win the Fight. Overcome. The uniforms were designed by kids with cancer from the Doernbecher Hospital and Nike.

Best Uniform for the rest of College Football – The Class Act Award goes to every team expressing their support for Texas with Texas Strong shirts and stickers. Florida you are not forgotten.

The Nothing Pisses Off your Opponent More Award goes “OOOOOOOOklahoma where the flag was planted in the O …” as Boomer Sooner echoes throughout the stadium. Let the Baker stick a fork in that Buckeye pie. It is done! See ya in Atlanta with Alabama.

The Unanswered Question Award goes to The Ohio State University Band. Since no one will be able to read cursive in the future, do you plan change Script Ohio to Print Ohio?

THE University of Texas receives The Sparse Kickoff Crowd Trophy. Looks a bit Spartan. Then again, there is Austin traffic to consider.

Photo by Jill

Glad to see Bevo’s horns growing. A good victory. Enjoy the victory because the USC Trojans await you next Saturday. Don’t forget who won the Trojan War. Hook ‘Em Hippies. (Read USC home page story of Jake Olsen- blind long snapper.

The Exploding Coach’s Head Award goes to the Offensive Coordinator for UTSA along with The Hot Mike Award. He could be heard screaming not one, but two, multi-syllable, compound word, adjective profanities that would make Uncle Will Muschamp blush.  Heck, it made me and RL blush and that is real hard to do. I am pretty sure you can’t even say damn in Waco or question one’s mother’s fornications.

And now our final category – WORST FOOTBALL GAME EVER! Equally sharing the awards below are Baylor University and Texas A&M University.

Not just a Poopy Undies Award, but Throw Away Your Underwear Award to both teams. Playing down to your opponent is very dangerous. Your opponent has nothing to lose and gets a large portion of the gate receipts. This makes your fan bases want to say things like the USTA coach did and throw the remotes toward the TV. There are no photos because we threw the phones toward the TV or we had to reboot them after drowning them with tears.

Here to receive The My Grandmother Can Run Through that Opening Award goes to the Defensive Units of Baylor and A&M. Hey, Chavis.! This is not what the Aggies are paying you for.

Wearing a grandmother style hair, but can he play quarterback?

First to Baylor – You next opponent is Duke. Well, there is always basketball to look forward to.

To the Aggies – You’re next opponent is UL Lafayette. They do not call them Ragin Cajuns for nothing. Their mascot is a one of those dress up mascots that is a pickled pepper named Cayenne. I do not want to see you pepper sprayed all over Kyle Field.

And last for today, The Weather Report Award goes to Roy Philpot in the broadcast booth at Kyle Field for saying “it is a sweltering night here in College Station.” Native Texans consider an 80 degree temperature at night in September as a “cool spell,” Maybe it was just your reaction to the booth swaying during War Hymn, but I can only conclude that you were referring to something else sweltering in College Station besides the temperature.

12th Man Statue at Kyle Field. Photo by me.

This post brought to you by Moving Your Things Down Highway 6 in Either Direction. Ready ! Aim! FIRE!  R-E-L-O-A-D! A&M! Give us room, is not just a yell.


Friday, September 8, 2017 – Snarky Friday Before College Football Saturday

Friday, September 8, 2017 – Snarky Friday Before College Football Saturday

The Snark of Friday is here and is very angry. To the person who send a letter of racial hatred and bigotry to the Sumlin Family: THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Your behavior is disgusting and reprehensible.

Football is a game. College football is an opportunity for many young men to succeed on the field and off. To criticize a coach due to perceived coaching abilities and even to express the desire for a replacement are well within the boundaries of the game. Alumni do not pay for mediocrity. To attack a coach’s family with such vitriolic spewed hatred and then to end it with a threat, is wrong for any family.

From the statement issued by Texas A&M AD Scott Woodward, “We unequivocally condemn this disgusting and threating letter. There is no excuse for hatred and as a community; we will not allow the ignorance of some to intimidate any member of our community.”

To the sender of the letter: May a plague of poxes fall upon your house that brings swarming locusts and grasshoppers, mounds of fire ants, moles in your flower beds, bed bugs in your mattresses, roaches in every room and leaks in the roof throughout your house.

Now moving down field.

From last evening congratulations to Sammy Bearkat and the Boys from Sam Houston in the win over Prairie View A&M 44-31. Not quite enough scare for a Poopie Undies Award Sam, but I will give you Skids Award. Well done, PVA&M.

Our football evening begins tonight with Pistol Pete and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. We shall find the Pokes playing South Alabama at 7:00 on ESPN2. If I were any team from Alabama, I would be watching Oklahoma State – even you in Saban land.

Tomorrow begins at 9:00 with ESPN Game. One of my football goals is to get a selfie with Kirk Herbstreit. I think he is cute and when Fowler scared him last Halloween with a spider and he screamed like a girl, I knew I wanted to meet him.

Thank goodness, apparently no one I care about is playing at the ungodly hour of 11:00 AM.

Screen # 3 – So the day begins with TCU and Arkansas entertaining us in old Southwest Conference rematch at 2:30 on CBS. Go FROGS!

Screen # 2 – Opposite the Frogs and Pigs we find THE University of Texas Longhorns trying to see if they can answer the question “Do you know the way to San Jose?” Kick-off is at 2:30 in DKR Memorial Stadium with Texas versus San Jose State on the Long Horn Network.

Screen # 1 -On my main screen aka Living Room (as in there’s an elephant in the room) –

My friend Celeste and a pack of pachyderms.

will be#1  Alabama versus Fresno State at 2:30 on ESPN2 in Tuscaloosa. Hounds Tooth hats for everyone! ROLL TIDE!

On Fox Sports Southwest – At the truly beautiful McLane Stadium in Waco on the Brazos the Road Runners from University of Texas San Antonio meet Baylor @7:00. New Rhule: Do not take the Road Runners lightly and try not to look like Wiley Coyote like you did last week. Sic ‘Em Bears.

Pardon me Mike? Is that the Chattanooga Choo – choos?” Why yes, Mike, The Tiger, LSU plays Chattanooga at 6:30 on the SECN. The Chattanooga mascot is named after legendary football coach A.C. “Scrappy” Moore, Scrappy, the Chattanooga mascot, is a fixture for the Mocs. A re-design in 2008 puts Scrappy in the image of the State Bird of Tennessee, a Mockingbird. Thank goodness, I thought it might be a water moccasin. YUM. Cats like birds.

Not Relief Out shirts, but proceeds from these also go to Harvey relief efforts.

At 6:00 from Kyle Field we have a Relief Out game between Texas A&M v Nicholls State on ESPNU. All Harvey evacuees in the Brazos Valley were given free tickets. Fans will Relief Out the stadium by filling it with fans wearing Hurricane Harvey Relief shirts. All proceeds go to Harvey Relief efforts. Should provide an intimidating stadium for The Colonels. There will be more people in Kyle Field than live in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

Wearing Big Boy Uniforms playing big boy games we have the #13 Auburn Hair Color versus the # 3 Clemson Tigers @ 6:00 ESPN. Oh, both teams are the Tigers? Roll Tide.

On ABC at 6:30 we have the Sooners from “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOklahoma where the winds come sweeping down the plains” playing Ohio State Buckeyes. I am sorry. I do not know any Ohio State songs. If I get to meet Mr. Herbstreit, may he can me teach one.

Hope your team wins and

BTHO Nicholls State

Monday, September 04, 2017 – My Monday After College Football Awards.

Monday, September 04, 2017 – My Monday After College Football Awards.

Let’s begin. Every NCAA Division I team receives a Poopy Undies Award. It was definitely a Jalapeno by Morning for many.

As predicted the Ugliest Uniform goes to Maryland. Argyle patterns only look good on socks, sweaters and court jesters.

The Charlie Brown Award for Worse Kick goes to the punter of Wyoming for missing the entire ball.

The Hangover Award goes to the Texas Longhorns, the Baylor Bears and the Texas Aggies. Like the movie, we all woke up and wondered “what the hell happened last night?”

All three schools are also recipients of The Hoover Award because you sucked! Throw in the Big Disappointment Award.

It is a tie for The Most Inauspicious Coaching Debut – Texas’ Tom Herman and Baylor’s Matt Rhule. I somehow doubt the alumni from each school were comforted by the announcers of both games saying “this is a good teaching moment for …” for Herman and Rhule. I am pretty sure they were expecting winning moments rather than teaching moments. I think teaching moments are called practice.

I am awarding the UCLA quarterback, Josh Rosen, The Timex Award. He took a licking, but kept on ticking.

The Clock is Ticking Award goes to Texas A&M Head Coach, Kevin Sumlin.

The Aloe Award goes to the entire Texas A&M Coaching Staff and especially the Defense. You got burned!

And the Still Number One Award goes to Alabama. Roll Tide! To Nick Saban: Do you have any assistants who want to move up to a head coaching position? I imagine there will be an opening after the Tide visits College Station if not sooner. I hear Coach Sumlin’s house has a pool.

I am giving up football. I am going to follow curling and synchronized swimming instead.

Friday, September 1, 2017 – Snarky Friday College Football

Friday, September 1, 2017 – Snarky Friday College Football

It’s Howdy Doodie Time; It’s Snarky Friday Time; The football season’s here; so let’s all stand and cheer.

For any freshmen (and women) to HWIT, Fridays and Mondays are dedicated to college football. I write about teams I like and teams that play teams I like.

Football fans got a little taste last night. First to the Oklahoma State Cowboys Granted you did not play a power house hosting Tulsa, but Pistol Pete and the team looked pretty sharp. I have been to Daddy Boone Stadium in Stillwater.

They play this video clip with Kurt Russell and then scream “and we’re coming with it when the Oklahoma State logo appears.” They might just be doing it this year.

Since the Oklahoma State game was over at the end of the first quarter, I turned to the Ohio State/Indiana game. Monday is the official day of awards, but I must give Ohio State University the first 2017 Poopie Undies Award. The Buckeyes really looked like #2 in the first half and I am not referring to their ranking. Wonder what Urban said at halftime?

We kick off tomorrow with the longhorns and terrapins (aka turtles)

when THE University of Texas plays Maryland on FS1 @ 11: 00. The Maryland school mascot is an anthropomorphic (means it ain’t a real animal) turtle named “Testudo.” The official team colors are red, white, black, and gold, derived from the Maryland state flag. This usually results in a disastrous uniform combination, but we shall see.

This game is opposite the Oklahoma University Sooners and the University of Texas @ El Paso Miners on Fox. I hate 11:00 games. Note to self: stock up on bloody Mary supplies.

There are games throughout the day on Saturday but we are waiting for night fall. At 6:00 on FSports 2 we find the Baylor Bears opening against Liberty Flames. The Baylor team is the Bears and the Liberty teams is the Flames. The mascot of Baylor is a bear. The mascot of Liberty is anthropomorphic (means it ain’t a real animal.) eagle named Sparky.

I will certainly have The Baptist Bowl on another screen of house, but all eyes will be on ABC at 7:00 when #1 Alabama meets #3 Florida State University. Having been heavily influenced by Louisiana football as a child, I learned “never pull for a team from Florida.”

This is a reminder to my Tide Rolling Friends to be sure to have an adequate supply of alcohol, antacids and smelling salts. Text me if you need assistance controlling your breathing. ROLL TIDE.

On the third screen of my house, coming to you from New Orleans, Louisiana, thanks to Harvey, we have a game of two cats when LSU meets BYU. This is your annual reminder that BYU’s mascot is a Cougar. They are not the BYU Mormons.

Sunday brings two games of special interest since I have papers on the wall from both schools.

At 6:30 on Fox Sports the Fighting Texas Aggies meet the UCLA Bruins in the Rose Bowl. Note to self: double liquor store order. Texas doesn’t sell liquor on Sunday. This game will determine which head coach has the hottest seat next week.

At 7:00 on ESPNU Sam Houston State plays Richmond University. Thank you Baylor nation for allowing the game to be held in McLane Stadium. Did you know that Richmond is the only NCAA school whose mascot is a spider. The spider’s name is WebstUR. I hope the mascot is also anthropomorphic.

I never give alma mater # 2 Sam Houston enough play so I have prepared a special cheer:

Arachnid! Arachnid! Arachnid a spinning

Look on the scoreboard and see who’s a winning!

Gooooooo! BearKats!


BTHO UCLA – Gig’ Em Aggies!

Thursday, August 31, 207 – It’s Just a Game But

Thursday, August 31, 207 – It’s Just a Game But

COLLEGE FOOTBALL! It’s just a game, but it is such a welcome diversion to the continuing events resultant from Hurricane Harvey. Please continue thoughts and prayers as many coaches’ and players’ families throughout Texas have been impacted.

Thank you to the football teams all over the country paying tribute to Texas with the decals on their helmets and jerseys. Thank you to the colleges and universities and their organizations aiding in the relief efforts in so many ways. Let us now find some joy in football.

If you have been following HWIT, you are aware that during football season I write about teams I like and teams that play teams that I like. This year I am adding two teams that I did not write about last year. One is the East Tennessee Buccaneers. My cousin, Daryl Daye, is defensive coach there. Please wish him well. For you, LSU fans this is Donnie’ son.

My LSU commemorative shirt signed by Heisman Trophy winner, Billy Cannon and his blocking back, my cousin Donnie Daye. RIP Donnie.

My new other team is the Eagles of the University of North Texas. Adopted great nephew, Andre, made the team as a walk on. So proud of you Andre. Keep up the hard work.

But tonight the big boys are under the lights. Tonight we kick off with Oklahoma State v Tulsa at 6:30 on FS1. GO POKES!

You can alternate between that game and Ohio State vs Indiana on ESPN 7:00. These two are currently on my DNC (Do Not Care) List, but if one plays a team I like, expect more comments.

Tomorrow is the first Official Snarky Friday of the season. See you then.