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Monday, April 30, 2018 – Goat Yoga Needs Love Too

Monday, April 30, 2018 – Goat Yoga Needs Love Too

Music for goat yoga – … Goat yoga needs love too and it’s up against the wall redneck yoga; yoga we have learned to love so well…

I know I have written about goat yoga before. It is a yoga done where a small goat stands on your back or other body part. Now it has arrived in the Brazos Valley.  At least for one day, goat yoga was at Blackwater Draw Brewing Company. Yoga at a bar is good. Yoga with a goat in a bar is not so good.

Here are some quotes from Rachel Henson Goat Yoga owner from Houston.

  1. The classes are about an hour and include 15 minutes for getting to know your goat.
  2. Who doesn’t like to just hold a five pound baby goat that’s just super cute?
  3. Any time your backside or your stomach is open toward the goats they’re going to jump on you.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

  1. What is the protocol for getting to know your goat?
    1. Me: “Hello, Goat.”
    2. Goat: “Hi, I’m Billy and I will be your goat in yoga today? What muscles do you want me to put my goat feet on?
  2. At least when you hold kettle balls and weights they will not tinkle on you or leave goat fibers on your spandex yoga suit. You do not have to feed or clean up after the kettle balls or weights either.
  3. I have a cat that jumps on my backside and/or my stomach so I do not need a goat. Of course the cat usually jumps on my backside at 3:00 AM to wake me up and let me know she is going to sleep in the bed with me. She wakes me up again at 3:30 to let me know she is not going to sleep in the bed.

I am not sure when the Goat Yoga Lady will be back in the BV I am certain I will be out of town that day. However, if find you Zen with a goat in goat yoga, then buy your own goat and be happy. As for me, I’ll stay with the cat.

And KB, if you are reading this, Just say NO to Goats!

Original goat yoga article on KAGS news.


Thursday, September 14, 2017 – I Kid You Not. Goat Yoga

Thursday, September 14, 2017 – I Kid You Not. Goat Yoga

The other day my friend, RL, sent me a link and said “this may go over better down there” Better meaning in College Station. – Home of Texas A&M University. The A&M formerly stood for Agricultural and Mechanical. It is a myth that those of us who hold degrees from The Harvard on the Brazos are competent in agriculture and mechanical things. I have a tendency to kill even fake plants and I can’t operate a mechanical pencil. Where was I goating with this?

I clicked the link and realized it was doing yoga with a goat and my first thought was “Nope, sounds like more of a Keep Austin Weird” thing to me. I am not fond of goats or yoga. Both are smelly.

It seems that you pay a fee and get to do yoga with a Kazmir Kountry Nigerian Dwarf Goat. I do not know if you get a discount if you bring your own goat.

If one is interested this website offers goat yoga classes as a Hurricane Irma Benefit later this month. You missed the goat yoga benefit for Hurricane Harvey, but there will be another opportunities. https://www.eventbrite.com/o/goga-goat-yoga-austin-15045758190

Subscribers to Goat Monthly received postcards featuring twin goats. Goat Monthly? Should Texas Monthly be worried?


Here’s what I’m thinking. I just got back from the gym with my wonder trainer. To KB and former trainers, Killer Queen and Snookie, don’t even goat there. I am not goating to do this. No way am I planking with a damn goat sitting on my back. I am not lifting the goat as a free weight. I am not doing squats or lunges with the goat around my shoulders. I am not chasing the goat for a cardio workout. Just say NO to goats.

I saw that there was a Facebook page about the goats, but when I clicked on it, it said the page was not available. I suppose the goat ate it.


I am thinking that my friend, HW, should give some thought to Chicken Yoga. Not just a farm animal spin off yoga, but design yoga mats with numbers and have Chicken Crap Bingo Yoga mats. I would not advise actually doing chicken yoga and chicken crap bingo simultaneously. As the bumper sticker says “Shit happens!”

Never too early to set up the Beat Alabama Shrine.

However, if goat or any other form of yoga is the answer to finding an offensive line, an entire defense and a quarterback, then let’s goat to doing it Aggies. What you think, Coach?

Dixie Chicken Yoga?