Monday, August 29, 2016 – At Last. My Love Has Come Along. First Monday Awards.

Monday, August 29, 2016 – At Last. My Love Has Come Along. First Monday Awards.

At Last… My love has come along. I can just hear Etta James singing. That Beyoncé girl’s version is pretty good too.


The first week of college football is here. I know there were a few games last week. The only one I watched was North Dakota Bison and Southern Charleston Buccaneers. Therefore, the first Monday After Saturday College Football Awards go to that game. Why I am interested in North Dakota? Ask Sam Houston State alums.

The Best Game award goes to North Dakota and Charleston Southern. An OT victory is always exciting.

The Bless his Heart Award goes to the kicker for Charleston Southern for missing the go ahead extra point to end the game in regulation. North Dakota would score on the first play of OT.

The Chatty Cathy Award goes to the announcer of the North Dakota and  Southern Charleston game – Mack Brown. Do you get paid by the word or by the number of seconds per response? I do not need nor want to hear a 41 second history of each player dating back to his Pop Warner years. Nor do I care about how you did it at THE University of Texas. Can’t speak of my UT friends, but I doubt they give a Bevo drop either and haven’t since 2005.

Corrections and update from Friday’s AP top 25.

  • UCLA Bruins not Bears. The Golden Bear is Jack Nicklaus.
  • Notre Dame and THE University play on Sunday night. Beware of church schools that play on Sunday.
  • To Tennessee – thank you for remembering Pat Summit by wearing a decal on your helmet. Typical Coach Summit – first female to be remembered on a football helmet.

At last my love has arrived and the first of college football week begins.

BTHO ucla.


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