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Friday, August 19, 2016 – Snarky Friday –Only Fifteen More Days

Friday, August 19, 2016 – Snarky Friday –Only Fifteen More Days

For you new readers, during the fall Snarky Friday is my preview of Saturday’s college football games. Since we are still 15 days away from kick off, I do not want to jump off sides and begin football snark until later this month.

Me and Tailgating

Tailgating at Bama Game 2015

Therefore today the snarks are random.

  1. From the Olympics – Looks like the US swimmers peed in the pool by getting robbed, not getting robbed; telling lies, being detained by the government and causing a general embarrassment to us all. Was Johnny Manziel with you?
  2. From the news – Where is your chaos? This is not a philosophical or existentialist question. In listening to the TV news, the reporter said, “During the shootings, one woman was shot in the chaos.” I have yet to find an image of my chaos on Google Images.
  3. From politics – Donald Trump is going to do away with shredded cheese in order to make America grate again. Also overheard is that if elected he plans to forbid pole vaulting along the Mexican border. On the other side of the political spectrum, just fill in the blank with your own adjectives. God help us all.
  4. From entertainment – Five Major Things you can expect to see in Fifty Shades Freed. There is another Fifty-Shades of Gray movie! Please say no. It took me 50 shots of Grey Goose to read all three books of this crap. I kept thinking I would find something redeemable. Five major things you can expect to see – 1. Me 2. Me 3. Me 4. Me and 5. Me NOT at the movies.
  5. From College Football – Fifteen Days until Kick-Off – BTHO UCLA.

    Kyle Field Tour 11.19.15 2015-11-18 011 (800x600)

    I can say I have run through the tunnel onto Kyle Field. Tour of Kyle Field 2015. Photo by me.

PS – Note to Longhorns! Please do not let Texas Tech win the last of the Big 12 Conference. It is bad enough when OU wins. Hook ‘Em Hippies!

Longhorn Band (800x600)

Photo by Martha!


Late Sunday Night or early Monday Morning

Late Sunday Night or early Monday Morning

Thankfully, I have safely returned from Jackson, Mississippi and the Sweet Potato Queen (SPQ) 2015 Zippy Do Dah Parade. It is late, but the adrenalin continues to rush through my body after such a fabulous weekend.

There are currently 360 photos downloading from my camera card.  This does not count the number on the other camera card that was on the trip (X) or any of the pics on the phones (3Y). Therefore – 360 + X + 3Y + $100 of photos we purchased from the professional photographer of just the three of us, and then the CD of pictures of everybody else for the whole weekend  equals one big ass bunch of pictures.  How you like that math, Mr. Wax?

So while we are waiting for the first load of 360 Big Ass Bunch of Pictures (BABOP) on my card to down load I will give brief summary of the first few hours of SPQ Day One.   Yeah – like when have you ever known me to brief?

Niece1 (N1) and I traveled safely to Shreveport on Thursday and stopped for the night. Friday we drove onward to Jackson.  As soon as we crossed the Mississippi state line, I fetl dumr aredie.  I think my IQ dropped almost 14 points in the first mile.

But we arrived at The Hilton in Jackson in plenty of time to prepare for the Big Ass Hat Luncheon and Contest. We had just pulled under the porta chasee (fancy, French sounding name  for a  porch) of The Hilton when a giant suburban carrying four women, with the back filled to the top, a packed luggage on rack on top and hauling a small trailer, with a their SPQ chapter logo painted on the side, pulled in behinds us. N1 and I both said “Oooh, we’re gonna need a lot more clothes and we are waaaayyy under dressed.” But as the third member of our group waiting for us in the hotel says “Sometimes life should be led like a cavalry charge” and off we went. After a quick champagne toast to celebrate our arrival our group of three was complete.

Shortly after arriving and getting settled, a woman burst into our room and exclaimed, “Damn I got so drunk last night, I forgot to take my zanax.”  The third member of our group introduced us to her friend, Martha Jean.  Martha Jean then put her big ass hat on her head to show us.  It was a lamp shade called Fifty Shades of Gray Goose so aptly named she said because  “This book is so bad,  it made me want to drink so much I would put a lamp shade on my head.”  I had no idea who she was, but I liked her immediately.

Then after further extensive oohing and aahing over the fabulous head gear so graciously made for by member three of our group JP, we quickly donned our headgear and were off to Sal and Mooky’s. Please note:  Our Big Ass Hats will receive posts dedicated exclusively to their design and creation.

Well, it appears the first Big Ass Bunch of Pictures have downloaded.

So, deny it until there are pictures. Take a look.


Her Royal Highness – Jill Conner Browne

50 Shades of Gray (800x600)

Martha Jean being interviewed by TV media

Peacokc Queens (800x600)

The Peacock Queens

A Rose (600x800)

A rose by another name would smell so sweet.

Big Ass Hat (800x600)

Me and N1

Well, more tomorrow and the rest of the week and maybe to tax day.  I must go cream my face. Night or morning or whatever.