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September 29, 2016 – CARLA! September 3 – September 17, 1961

September 29, 2016 – CARLA! September 3 – September 17, 1961

Say “Hurricane Carla” to anyone who was living along the Texas or Gulf Coast in 1961 and the memories come forth. I was twelve years old. There were three television channels that showed fuzzy black and white pictures of a huge storm approaching.

Mammatus Clouds 1.26.16 Bryan (800x450)

Weather forecasters said “move to sturdy buildings, such as those made of brick.” This was about as helpful as “get under your desks and put your hands over your head in the event of an atomic bomb.”

Most the town of Magnolia, Texas moved into the high school. Besides Celeste’s house, the school buildings were the only brick buildings in town.

One special memory stands out for me. Not the horizontal rains, or the high winds blowing down trees in all directions, but Hurricane Mama.


Photo by HB – 1961. Had to be a Sunday. Why else would I be in a dress?

Communications were limited to transistor radios (Google it) and there were very few of those. Nevertheless, those in the shelter learned the eye of the storm was approaching. When the eye approached, I knew there would be an extraordinary calm. It was as though the storm took a deep breath before continuing.

During the calm I ran outside the doors by the science and home ec classrooms, turned left in front of the school and ran all the way to the front of the auditorium and reentered the building. About the time I got down the hall to Mr. Lyon’s, Mr. Tergerson’s and Celeste’s offices, my Mama met me and dragged me by one arm back to the family while giving me a tongue lashing worthy of the rest of the storm about to pass.

But I smiled the entire time. Fifty-five (55) years later I can say I ran through the Eye of Hurricane Carla.

What’s your Hurricane Carla Story?


Thursday, August 25, 2016 – Pick up Your Class Schedule in Mr. Lyon’s Office. Or Girls Don’t Take Physics!

Thursday, August 25, 2016 – Pick up Your Class Schedule in Mr. Lyon’s Office. Or Girls Don’t Take Physics!

The way back school bus takes us back to August 1966 to Magnolia High School, Magnolia, Texas.

Neon Sign (800x450)

To register for your classes at MHS one stopped by Mr. Lyon’s office and picked up the class schedule he had prepared for you. When you walked in he handed you a form that listed (in cursive handwriting) what classes you would take. Mine looked something like:

Homemaking IV – Brown

Civics – Forgot the coach’s name

Typing II – Traugh

Bookkeeping – Coach Jackson

Shorthand – Graves

English IV – Traugh


Band – Ayers.

As Paul Harvey used to say “And now the rest of the story.”

I stared at the classes listed. Mr. Lyon asked “Is something wrong?” To this day I get a lump in my throat same as the day 50 years ago when I timidly replied “I want to take Mr. Michael’s physics class.”

Mr. L. – Why? Girls don’t take or need physics. You will be better served taking girl type classes like bookkeeping, typing and shorthand. Why on earth would you want to take physics?

Me: (Stammering and about to throw up) – I like science. I am going to college and want to be a doctor and I think physics might be more helpful.

Mr. L – (Smiling) – No, girls do not need math or physics.

I held back the tears until I walked out of his office and down the hallway passed Mr. Michael’s classroom. By the time I was over the little steps, to my house and almost to my room I was in full fledge teenage girl hysterical mode. My mother was right behind me.

Mama: What’s wrong?

Me: Mr. Lyon will not let me take physics!

Mama: Why not?

Me: Because I am a girl!

I doubt Mama even knew what physics was. All she knew was that the Princess was not getting to do something she wanted to do. Within minutes she had changed from her duster, changed from her house shoes into real shoes and she and I were headed over the little steps and back to Mr. L’s office.

I have no recollection of the discussion – only the result.

Mr. L – OK, Delia, you can take physics if you get another girl to take it with you and you have to go across the hall and tell Celeste why you are not taking her shorthand class. Sidebar: I can still see and hear Celeste say “What do you mean, Rosie, you are not taking my shorthand class?” That was scarier than Mr. Lyon and my mother made me go alone to tell her. FYI – Only Celeste is allowed to call me Rosie.

The other girl? Molly Harper who BTW did take Celeste’s shorthand class.

Today I look back and remember Molly and the two of us taking physics together. I realize just how gifted and talented Molly was. We would have made a great Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper – the experimental physicist and the theoretical physicist. This is in spite of the fact the other five or six people in the physics class usually sabotaged our experiments. They shall remain nameless, but had last names that rhymed with: Lyon, Dean, Glass, Glass, and Clark.

Mr. Lyon  – up there in Principal Heaven – I would go on to take three college level physics courses – 3 hours shy from a minor. One of my professors was female. I did become a doctor, but not the kind that gives shots – the kind I originally want to be. I am the kind that reads and writes.

When I relate this story to great nieces and other young girls, they stare at me in disbelief. This is not to be confused with great nephew # 3 – Conroe High Graduating Class of 2017. He picked up a CD in my car one day and asked “What is Motown?” I cannot begin to describe the look of disbelief on his face when I said “At one time black and white people did not listen to the same type of music. Motown changed all of that.”

The years 1966 and 1967. “ For the times they were a changin.” Even in Magnolia, Texas. We are now at your bus stop. Step off carefully.

Monday, August 22, 2016 – What Were You Doing 50 Years Ago Today? School Starts Today! Climb Aboard The Way Back School Bus.

Monday, August 22, 2016 – What Were You Doing 50 Years Ago Today? School Starts Today! Climb Aboard The Way Back School Bus.

If you lived in Magnolia, Texas you were about to start your senior year in high school at Magnolia High School. Seniors of what would become the Magnolia High School Graduating Class of 1967 were participating in one of the following activities two weeks before classes began. Sidebar: This was back in the day when people had good sense and schools started after Labor Day.

Rolling down the sacred halls of memories, the MHS Seniors were doing one of the following.

  1. Practicing marching band on the gravel in the hot sun behind the band hall.
  2. Practicing new twirling routines in front of the auditorium in the shade.
  3. Practicing new cheers in front of the band hall in the shade.
  4. Practicing football on the practice field in the sun. It was actually called the baseball field, but MHS did not have a baseball team. It was mostly a dusty pasture like area.
  5. Practicing what every high school student knows. You can always tell a Senior, but you cannot tell one much.

I suppose The MHS Class of 67 was like all 17 and 18 year olds. We knew everything worth knowing and our parents were as stupid as a box of rocks. We knew everything from three TV channels that went off the air at midnight and returned at some unholy hour of the morning like 6:00 AM. We also knew everything because there were these things that were called books and magazines and other items that did not plug in a wall socket or need to charge at night.

We walked to school five miles one way in sleet and snow … OK I walked to school when the sun was shining. If you lived in Magnolia between 1956 and 1967, you know where I lived. Sidebar: We lived at The Sawmill in 1955 in case you were trying to do the John Wax math.

Many have since reminded me – “Your bedroom was almost in Room 10.”

If it was cold or raining, my mother took the princess to school. By the time we got to the detached garage and in the car, I could have been on the front row in Room 10. By the time she drove me the equivalent of one half football field in length to the front of the high school building, I could have already been on the front row of Mrs. Traugh’s classroom or Mr. Wax’s classroom down by the auditorium – the length of the high school hallway. Actually, there was only one hallway. It was the length of the entire building except for the auditorium.

Fifty years ago. As the great 20th Century philosopher Jimmy Buffet says: We are the people our parents warned us about.

Car Plate

Note the handicap license plate. Jimmy Buffet concert, Austin, Tx 2013. Photo by me.

Wow. If I knew then what I know now. I knew everything in August of 1966. To the Magnolia High School Graduating Class of 1967 and the Magnolia High School Graduating Class of 2017 here are some back to school words of wisdom. They come from another great 20th century philosopher who said in 1964…

“…you better start swimmin’

Or you’ll sink like a stone

For the times they are a-changin’”

Had I only listened. You can always tell a Senior, but you cannot tell one much.

OK – Everybody off the bus. Go Bulldogs!

The Beatles (600x800)

A corner in my office.

Thursday, July 28, 2016 – Henry’s Hideout – Texas

Thursday, July 28, 2016 – Henry’s Hideout – Texas

“I know a place where we can go…” Just off of FM 1774 where Montgomery, Grimes and Waller Counties come together is Henry’s Hideout. I have devised a quiz for you regarding this place. Henry’s definitely deserves a historical marker – even if it a personal, coming of age type marker. Growing up in Magnolia, I was forbidden to even drive by the place.

Henrys (800x450)


Give yourself one point for each answer you answer with “YES.”

  1. Have you ever been there?
  2. Have you ever had a cold beer there?
  3. Have you ever had a cold beer AND a barbeque sandwich there?
  4. Do you know what Henry’s last name was?
  5. Have you ever danced a two-step and Cotton Eyed Joe in the dancehall there?
  6. Have you ever participated, witnessed or broken up a fight there?
  7. Have you ever played in a band there?
  8. Have you ever sung on stage with the band there – whether you were supposed to or not?
  9. Have you ever celebrated Genevieve’s birthday there?
  10. Would you like to be there now?

If you said NO to the first question, you should plan a trip. If you answered YES to the first question I would love to hear your stories.

Many of you should not lie and say NO because I was with you when we did numbers two through nine. I wish we could do number 10 together today. Thank goodness there were no digital cameras or phones. Oh, I scored a perfect 10.


Thursday, January 7, 2016 – Throw Back Thursday – WE’RE FROM M-H-S …


Great memories of yellow buses full of teenagers screaming this as the band buses rolled into an opponent’s stadium under the Friday night lights. So today is a throwback to all of the Magnolia ISD football teams and especially to this one – 1952 – I think.  District 34 B District Champs!

065_65_090 (800x540)

The photographs come from two of the Rickett girls – Tracy and Suzanne (and their brothers – Ricky and Jon too). See the quarterback – your Uncle Mann? That is Big Don in the back field.

The Awards Program is from my collection. It appears most of the team received some type of recognition. Their faces are pretty easy to see since there were no face masks – even during play. Check out the opponents on the schedule.


30           Sugarland                            0

19           Klein                                      12

25           * Cypress Fairbanks        13

13           Tomball                                39

31           *Sealy                                   0

27           * Hempstead                     7

12           Angleton                             13

20           * Katy                                   7

33           * Waller                               7

15           * Spring Branch                 14

*District Game

If my math is correct, MHS had been playing 11 man football for only about 5 years.

Awards Program (800x450)

020_20_020 (800x540) 015_15_015 (800x540) 011_11_011 (800x540)

Still Proud. Still Loud. And Still Magnolia.

Thursday, November 5, 2015 – Throw Back Thursday and Where Are They Now?

Thursday, November 5, 2015 – Throw Back Thursday and Where Are They Now?

You still have time to vote for Gayla Groves McClendon as Team Mom of the Year. We have until November 8. Remember – it is for the chillren as the Sweet Potato Queens say.


First a throwback Thursday to a promise I made and then forgot. So shout out to the Demons of Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana and to Cousin Darryl, Defensive Coordinator for defeating Nicholl’s State in Thibeaux, Louisiana last Saturday. I think an appropriate statement might be “Revenge is best served cold and unexpected.” Great job Cuz!

And now – From the Where Are They Now Files

From Left to Right – Some Seniors of Magnolia High School – Class of 1967.

Class of 67

Howard Pool – Where in the world are you? I thought you were one of the coolest dudes in school.

Alan Clark – Where in the world are you? So good in math. Didn’t you join the Air Force? I hope you are a general or something by now.

John Paul Warren – Rest in peace, Dear Brother. So glad we had those last years as good friends. It was way better than going to the prom together. What is that you are holding in the photograph?

We know who the next person is. Interesting. He is the one holding the evidence of the paint brush.

Tommy Jacobs – Are you still up around Dallas? When I asked UP, I also mean directionally North or as my step mother used to say – “Where the prominent people live.”

Ted Dean – Where are you? Aren’t you the President of Pinehurst? Seriously, where are you?

Great memories from great guys. I do hope all of you are happy and well.