Friday, October 30, 2015 – Halloween Eve

Friday, October 30, 2015 – Halloween Eve

It was a dark and stormy night … and that was just in the Texas A&M locker room last week.

Nevertheless come Saturday morning the Game Cock crows at 11:00 AM. Until Miss Navasota and I found out the game between the Aggies and South Carolina was at such an ungodly hour for football, we were going to tailgate in our Halloween costumes. Initially we were going to dress as college coeds and wear cowboy boots with white short, short cut-offs showing our butt cheeks and a see through maroon silky top that shows our bras and more. This ensemble was topped off with expensive Ray Ban sunglasses that cost more than the rest of the outfit. I know this because I wear Ray Bans.

But we changed our minds due to the hour and the predicted rain. Now we are just going to sit in front of our TVs and drink and text each other like we usually do. But for our Halloween costumes, we are now going to dress as a Texas A&M quarterback – since there does not seem to be one emerging from the huddle any time soon. So let’s do the Chicken dance and BTHO South Carolina.

Fighting Texas Aggie Band

Not much happening in the Big 12 – TCU put a can of Frog Whoop Ass on West Virginia last night by winning 40-10.

It took three overtimes for the Oregon Ducks to overcome Arizona State by a six-man football score of 61-55.

Baylor has the week off and everybody is playing teams from the north like Kansas and Iowa State that nobody cares about. Nevertheless, Hook ‘Em Hippies, Go Cowboys, and safe travels to Lawrence for OU to meet Kansas. Hope you get there on time this week.

Longhorn Band (800x600)

Photo by Martha – brought her Horns luck last week. Try it again.

In the SEC also at the unholy hour of 11:00 am is Ole Miss and Auburn on ESPN. Can Ole Miss run the conference?  Can’t wait for Uncle Will to visit College Station.

But at 2:30 the Georgia Dawgs head to The Swamp to meet Florida on CBS with the broadcast team of Frick and Frack.

My apologies last Monday to the LSU nation for not mentioned Leonard Fournette. I actually lost a page of my notes and was going to mention the Mud Bowl in which the Tigers played. Trust me there will be plenty of LSU in the coming weeks. But LSU and Alabama get to rest this week.

The 6:00 PM game on ESPN2 has the University of Houston hosting Vanderbilt. But since this blog is only about teams I like and teams that play teams that I like, neither of them get any more words. I have never liked the downtown school in the Bayou City.

The Utah Utes try to regain control of the Pac 12 playing Oregon State Beavers at 6:00 on the Pac 12 Network.

And if you are still awake you can watch the Stanford Cardinal (remember, it is a color and not a bird) and Washington State on ESPN at 9:30. Mike Leach will be dressed as a pirate.

Of course, Michigan, Clemson and Notre Dame play. But I don’t care about them until it is time to do so.

BTHO – South Carolina and please let somebody show up as quarterback for the Aggies.

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