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Friday, December 23, 2016 – Christmas Eve Eve!

Friday, December 23, 2016 – Christmas Eve Eve!

I wrote this Christmas verse for all of my dear friends and family. It is sung to The Yellow Rose of Texas.

We’re wearing shorts and T-shirts on Christmas Eve this year,

That’s why we live in Texas; there ain’t no snow down here,

We froze our ass off last week, but Santa he don’t care,

Cause we’re wearing shorts and T-shirts on Christmas Eve this year.

We’re wearing shorts and flip flops on Christmas Eve this year,

The temp is almost eighty, on Christmas Day I hear,

My friends in Colorado are high up in the snow,

But down here ya’ll in Texas, we’re wearing shorts you know.”

Photo by Santa

Photo by Santa

Merry Christmas Ya’ll.

Friday, December 2, 2016 – Conference Championship Weekend and the Way Way Back Machine!

Friday, December 2, 2016 – Conference Championship Weekend and the Way Way Back Machine!

Before we begin, let us review (Saint Madeline, Patron Saint of Education). It is Snarky Friday. I only write about college football teams I like and/or play teams that I like. However, it is the “Be nice, not naughty” season so I am trying reel in the Snark. Please stop laughing.

The Conference Championship for the conference formerly known as The Big 12 will play their faux conference championship in Oklahoma when Bedlam breaks out between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Cowboys are coached by the man voted “Best Mullet in College Football,” Mike Gundy. Let’s go Cowboys! “Hell is coming and we’re coming with ‘Em.” Go Pokes!

OSU 1 - Copy (800x550)

The Southeast Conference Championship is between # 1 Alabama and Florida. DROWN THE GATORS! DRAIN THE SWAMP! TASTE LIKE CHICKEN! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! ROOOOOLLLLLL TIDE! Go Jalen. At least you can make Texas football proud.

I am sure I would look cute in an Alabama championship shirt of some kind. It’s not like Bama Fans don’t have a zillion of them. A nice hound’s tooth hat would look cute on me too. Just saying. I would have posted a pic.

But before college there is high school. The Way Back Machine was in action yesterday. In fact it was in way, way back mode. Check out what Magnolia history I uncovered in the family storage. Magnolia High School yearbooks. These are from 1946-1952.


I quickly glanced through them and saw names such as: Groves, Cronin, Flemings (both sets), Carraways, Smith (as in Toby and Cedric) Buckalew, Grogan, Wade, Sanders, Evans, Covingtons, Harpers, Hanks, Graves, Deans (all sets of them too,) Damuths, Ricketts, Davenports, Purvis, Lott and so many more. There are some great photos of the old school, including the old cafeteria. I cannot wait to start sharing. Nothing like a picture of ya’ll in elementary school.

The weather is supposed to turn chilly this weekend. Perhaps these letter jackets will keep you warm with Magnolia memories.


Monday, August 8, 2016 – Still Magnolias from Magnolia High School. Magnolia and Texas Proud!

Monday, August 8, 2016 – Still Magnolias – From Magnolia High School. Magnolia and Texas Proud!


Corrected Brianna and Kyle

Dear Still Magnolias,

If you graduated from Magnolia High School in Magnolia, Texas then you are a Still Magnolia.

Last August (2015) several Magnolia High School graduates representing several graduating classes met for lunch to “remember when.” The discussion turned to “tomorrow” and we decided to come up with a pay forward project. We called ourselves the Still Magnolias and decided to ask former MHS students to donate and trust the process.

We prayed. We met. We planned. We made decisions. We sought wisdom. We met again and again with the greatest Still Magnolia of us all – Celeste Graves. And we repeated this process again and again. The results were beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. Still Magnolias and Celeste Rock!

Fast forward to May 19, 2016 – Awards Night for Magnolia High School. The Still Magnolias awarded two $500 scholarships to two outstanding graduating seniors. Then the Still Magnolias awarded Magnolia High School $1000 to create funding to provide assistance to this year’s current students attending Magnolia High School to help achieve their educational dreams.

To those of you who opened your hearts and pocket books, we cannot thank you enough. To the individuals from the Class of 1967, the Class of 1966 and the Class of 1952 who send funds with notes and checks – “Here is at least one scholarship,” we thank you again and again.

The Still Magnolias have worked with administrators at MISD and at MHS to formalize the project and the funding process. It has evolved into The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund.

The purpose of The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund is to remember and honor individuals who make or made a difference in our lives by paying it forward to make a difference in the life of a Magnolia High School student.

We decided to name each scholarship and change the names each year. This year we want to remember and honor two individuals who made a difference in the lives of countless Magnolia High School graduates – Celeste Graves and Howard (Uncle Dave) Davenport.

Now another school year begins. For the MHS Class of 1967 it marks the 50th year since we graduated.   We walked out of the auditorium ready to change the world. We did change the world just as the world changed us. Here is our chance to change the world again for Magnolia High School students.

In the coming posts you will hear more about The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund and how you can help. Please feel free to message me for details. But for now here’s to all of the Still Magnolias and welcome and good luck to the newest members – Brianna and Kyle.

Go Bulldogs!

Miss Magnolia, 1967

Friday, July 29, 2016 – Snarky Friday. We, the People… and Dance a Little Side Step.

Friday, July 29, 2016 – Snarky Friday. We, the People… and Dance a Little Side Step.

We, the People of the United States of America… have spoken leaving the nation with a couple of ringtail tooters seeking the highest office – The President of the United States. We have the first woman to run on the ticket of a major party and the first man to run on the ticket of a major party that did not come up through the traditional political rank and file.

Did you know that the framers of the constitution actually disagreed and argued over those first three words of what became The Preamble to The United States Constitution – We, the People? The Southern delegation and others argued it should read “We, the States.” The Federalists (J. Madison, A. Hamilton, et. al.) countered with “the people are the states.”

I suppose We the People will watch this unfold in real time social media from now until November. Watching the news makes me want to wear a hazmat suit and realize being a hermit or recluse is not that bad.

The following song is from one of my favorite musicals, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. It is fitting and appropriate for both candidates. Here is the fabulous Charles Durning’s version of Sidestep from the movie,

“Cut a little swath and lead the people on!….

Enjoy and Happy Friday. God Bless Texas.

Saturday, May 7, 2016 – The Still Magnolias

Saturday, May 7, 2016 – The Still Magnolias

Facebook Post to Magnolia High School Friends Group

May 6, 2016

Did you graduate from Magnolia High School (MHS) in Magnolia, Texas? Did someone from Magnolia make a difference in your life growing up there? Would you like to remember and/or honor that person and make a difference in the lives of MHS students today?

If so, please join The Still Magnolias on our journey. By virtue of your graduation from MHS you are now a Still Magnolia.

Groves and Son

Magnolia, Texas – 1960 (ish) Photo by Howard (Uncle Dave) Davenport. From the collection of Howard Davenport, Jr.

Several months ago a group of Magnolia High School graduates from various years had lunch. After many conversations of “Remember when… and “What happened to so and so?” the conversations and lunch ended with “Wouldn’t it be nice if we did something for Magnolia High School?” And so began the dream and the journey. We called our group – The Still Magnolias.

We then sought the wisdom of The Greatest Still Magnolia of us all – Celeste Graves who always was and is a treasure. With her guidance and with the leadership of Dr. Todd Stephens, Magnolia ISD Superintendent, the Magnolia Education Foundation (MEF) leaders and Guidance and Career Counselors at Magnolia High School we did it! We started something nice for Magnolia High School. We call our project – The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund.

Molly was selected as the name in memory of Molly Harper Fowler from the MHS Class of 1967. There was a Molly in everyone’s class and heart. She represents the classmate we forgot about until it was too late. Rather than focus on what we could or should have done, we chose to focus on what we can do now.

The purpose of The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund is to remember and honor those who influenced us while growing up in Magnolia. These were and are our loved ones, our teachers, our mentors and our friends. In their memory and honor we can pay it forward and assist students of Magnolia High School today and tomorrow.

We ask all Still Magnolias to help us grow this project and double our goals for next year. No amount is too small. Amounts donated will be not made public, but a listing of Memorials and Honors is under development.

The Still Magnolias would like to send special love and thank you to three Still Magnolias from the classes of 1954, 1966, and 1967. Their generous donations funded the two $500 Still Magnolia Scholarships to be awarded to two MHS graduating Seniors on May 19, 2016.

Special love and thank you to the Still Magnolias from other classes whose donations provided over $1000 to Magnolia High School for the beginning of next school year.

When submitting a donation, people may state how they want their donation to be listed. We thought you might like to see a few of the memory and honor submissions so far.

In Memory and Honor Of

Anonymous – in memory and in honor of all my high school coaches – Dean Shaver, Roland Jones, Roy “Bo” Jackson, and Gayle McGinty

Anonymous – in memory and honor of all the military heroes from MHS with special memories of and honors to the Vietnam Vets

Barbara Bingle Hawkins – in honor of my teacher, mentor and friend – Celeste Graves

Becky Lott Rao – in memory of my parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Lott

Celeste Graves – in memory of my friends Don and Joyce Jeter, Lucille Horace and Esther Semora Seber

Deann B. Alger – in honor of my parents, Don A. Buckalew (MHS Class of 1952) and Dale Duffey Crane (MHS Class of 1954)

Delia Duffey – in memory of my classmates and friends – Molly Harper Fowler and Ira (Sonny) Calvert; in honor of my two great English and literature teachers – Wanda G. Traugh and Marge Burnside

Jenette Wade Alford – in memory of my parents, Leslie (L.P.) and Virgie Wade and in loving memory of my dear sister, Ella Wade Robertson (MHS 1954)

Joyce Fleming Powers – in memory of my husband, Ken Powers and my cousin, Bobby Carraway

Karen Rickett – in memory of my classmate and friend, John Paul Warren

Naomi Dennis Peacock Ross – in honor of my mentor, friend and BFF, Celeste Graves

Odessa Horace Ross – in memory of my Mother, Lucille Horace and in honor my family

Sonja Hinton Baker – in memory of W.M. Hinton, Reber M. Hinton, Dayton Wayne Baker, Sr., Dayton Wayne Baker, Jr. and O.B “Jake” Baker

Tommy Glass – in memory of my sister, Marie Ann Glass

Please share on your FB timelines and we hope you can join us on this journey.

Go Bulldogs!

The Still Magnolias


If you would like to donate the submission and tax exempt forms are attached. Actually they are not, but if you message me I will get them to you.


Friday, March 18, 2016 – As the Brackets Bust

Friday, March 18, 2016 – As the Brackets Bust

The sound heard yesterday was brackets bursting and cursing for those of us who picked Baylor to win.

The Poison Ivy League Award goes to the Baylor men for losing in the opening round. De jevu all over again. Really? Yale? Well, you did play like “Poor little lambs that have lost their way. Bah, bah, bah.” It will be up the women to bring home any hardware and bling to Waco.

Let’s go ladies! The First Rounds of the Women’s Division 1Tournament begins today. Here are some viewing tips. Note: These criteria may be applied to the men’s teams also.

Assumption: you are in control of the TV Remote. If you are not familiar with this item, it is the thing in your spouse or spousal equivalent’s hand that causes channels on the TV to change and programs to stop, rewind and pause. If you do not have control of your remote, you can stop reading now. Control of the Remote Control is a great criterion for living alone. It should have a button for “I am stuck in my recliner and can’t get out.”

If you have one of those smart ass TVs, you can zoom in and focus on hair, shoes and diamonds and other shots you may or may not want to see up close and in high definition.

To make the games more enjoyable, here are some of the things to watch for and will be the basis of my NCAA Division I Basketball Awards.

  1. It is all about the hair. This includes players and coaches. I cannot speak for other schools, but I have toured Kyle Field and Reed Arena at Texas A&M. I know that each of these venues have fully equipped hair salons in the dressing room areas and players fix each other’s hair. It appears the girls are much better at hair dressing that the men. But all of the players refer to it “fun hair.”

hair (800x450)

1A.There will be a category entitled Coach Good Hair – candidates will include Karen Aston (Texas), Sherri Cole (OU), Kim Mulkey (Baylor) and others.

1B. Player Headbands – just say no to headbands. Nike, Adidas and Under Armor make enough money with you sporting a logo.

  1. Uniforms – I am especially fond of the glow in the dark type that come from Nike and the West Coast teams. Look for changes in the women’s uniforms. The shorts are becoming shorter and more fitting. To shorten the shorts players roll down the waist band exposing the tag. Remote Control required to view.
  2. Coaching Wardrobes and Footwear – It usually difficult to see footwear unless you control the remote. How Mulkey, McGraw, Cole and the other squatters can squat in stiletto heels without falling on their butts is beyond me and defies physics.
    1. Muffet McGraw (800x450)

      And McGraw in a skirt can do it! Note: Are those Ruby Slippers?

      Do not rule out men’s footwear. Gary Blair has a lovely pair of maroon suede shoes. And Texas’ assistant coaches Travis Mays and Tina Thompson will be styling as always.

  3. Jewelry – At half time coaches will be interviewed. This is a good opportunity to see the bling. Those championship rings are the size of the knobs on your chest of drawers.
  4. Tattoos – You are on your own here – as Jimmy Buffet sings about tattoos – “a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.” Make up your own categories. I tend to favor those with long verses down one’s entire forearm and continue to wonder – why has no one designed an ink that will show on people of color?”
  5. Commentators – Learn these names. Kara Lawson and Rebecca Lobo – the best of ESPN; the best of the rest: Holly Rowe, Doris Burke, Nell Fortner, Carolyn Peck, Pam Ward, Gail Goestenkors, Andy Landers and Brenda I always forget your last name.

The best part is Brent Mushberger does not announce any women’s games.

Happy Watching.

Texas Aggie Men – BTHO Green Bay TONIGHT @ 6:30 and Hook ‘Em Hippies against Northern Iowa.

Texas Aggie Women – BTHO Missouri State on Saturday.

Monday, February, 29, 2016 – LEAP YEAR! The Eve of Super Tuesday! Will Trump Take Texas Tomorrow? FRUITCAKES!

Monday, February, 29, 2016 – LEAP YEAR! The Eve of Super Tuesday! Will Trump Take Texas Tomorrow? FRUITCAKES!

I was reading a FB question from one of my former McC students who started a strand “Will Trump Take Texas Tomorrow?” The emoticons did not come across. Only four small rectangles – or maybe that was the emoticons representing a wall of some sort.

My first response – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! If he does I will be coming to live near you – in Geneva, Switzerland! Second response – No – going to the island of St. Rolene to live near Rhonda.

And now to answer your question Stacy – NOTE: This is only a prediction and not an endorsement for any candidate.

Senator Ted Cruz will take Texas, but not by a significant percentage. Texas Governor Greg Abbott endorsed Cruz even though he cannot name any legislation written, sponsored, endorsed, blocked, filibustered, etc. by the Senator.

At the national level …

Donald Trump will splinter the GOP. Certain demographics will not vote or will vote for the least crazy (I use the term loosely) candidate. Hillary Clinton will win. No one will be happy.

Whoever your candidate is or whatever your causes and beliefs are – VOTE!

From the great 20th Century philosopher, Jimmy Buffet – “I don’t want other people thinking for me! I WANT MY JUNIOR MINTS!!!”


Have a very fruitful day!

Good Night Austin (600x800)


[Chorus:] Fruitcakes in the kitchen Fruitcakes on the street

Struttin’ naked through the cross walk In the middle of the week

Half baked cookies in the oven Half baked people on the bus

There’s a little bit of fruitcake left in everyone of us

Paradise – Lost and found Paradise – take a look around I was out in California Where I hear they have it all They got riots, fires and mud slides They got sushi in the mall Water bars and Brontosaurs Chinese modern lust Shake and bake life with the quake The secret’s in the crust [Chorus]

The government – We lost our Martian rocket ship The high paid spokesman said Looks like that silly rocket ship Has lost it’s cone-shaped head We spent ninety jillion dollars Tryin’ to get a look at Mars I hear universal laughter Ringing out among the stars

Fruitcakes in the galaxy Fruitcakes on the Earth Strut naked towards eternity We’ve been that way since birth Half baked cookies in the oven Half baked people on the bus There’s a little bit of fruitcake left in everyone of us

Religion, religion. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa Where’s the church, who took the steeple Religion’s in the hands of some crazy ass people Television preachers with bad hair and dimples The God’s honest truth is it’s not that simple

It’s the Buddhist in you, it’s the pagan in me It’s the Muslim in him, she’s Catholic ain’t she? It’s that born again look, it’s the wasp and the Jew Tell me what’s goin on, I ain’t got a clue

Here come the big ones – Relationships – We all got ’em, we all want ’em. What do we do with’em? Here we go I’ll tell ya She said you’ve got to do your fair share Now cough up half the rent I treat my body like a temple You treat yours like a tent But the right word at the right time

May get me a little hug That’s the difference between lightning And a harmless lightning bug

Fruitcakes in the kitchen Fruitcakes on the street Struttin’ naked through the cross walk In the middle of the week Half baked cookies in the oven Half baked people on the bus There’s a little bit of fruitcake left in everyone of us

The future, Captain’s log, Star date 2000 and somethin’ We’re seven years from the millennium That’s a science fiction fact Stanley Kubrick and his buddy Hal Now don’t look that abstract

So I’ll put on my Bob Marley tape And practice what I preach Get Ja lost in the reggae mon As I walk along the beach Stay in touch with my insanity Really is the only way It’s a jungle out there kiddies Have a very fruitful day

Friday, February 5, 2016 – Go Broncos! Stand for the Gold and White!

Friday, February 5, 2016 – Go Broncos! Stand for the Gold and White!

Peyton! Peyton! We love You! But who you gonna throw it too?

The wide receivers for the Denver Broncos, Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders as starters with Jordan Norwood, Andre Caldwell and Cody Latimer as backups are coached by

Tyke Tolbert – hometown Conroe, Texas,

Graduate – Conroe High School.

 BWGA 2 2015-09-17 012 (800x530)

Two bits; four bits; six bits a dollar

All for the Broncos stand up and holler!

BTHO Carolina!

Friday, January 22, 2016 – True Snarky Friday

Friday, January 22, 2016 – True Snarky Friday

The Snark will just not go away. I have a few questions.

Why is the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, in Israel meeting with the Prime Minister regarding Texas/Israel relations with Iran?


Did Texas secede and I am not aware of it? I do not watch Fox News.

A couple of more questions, if you do not mind. Who is paying for this visit? This doesn’t have anything to do with the Governor ordering the Texas Guard to guard the Bastropian Citizens from the Federal government last August, does it? Texas isn’t going to sign a treaty with Israel for military support, is it? Is Texas getting a bomb to go with our handguns?

Tom Lehrer – To paraphrase the last line of the great Tom Lehrer song – still as pertinent today as it was in 1965 – Who’s Next? about nuclear proliferation – “We’ll try to stay serene and calm when the Lone Star State gets the bomb!”

Governor Abbott? Did Costello go to Israel too?

Back home in Texas

And along with “death and taxes” it seems that two other absolutes can be added.

Abortion will remain divisive and Texas will sue the administration of President Barack Obama.

For Texas, whose $1.6 trillion a year economy is bigger than many countries including U.S. ally South Korea, spending on suits against the federal government is comparatively miniscule, at around $5.1 million as of December 2014, the Texas Tribune reported, based on disclosures it received from the office.

Current Governor Greg Abbott sued the Obama administration 31 times when he was attorney general. Current Attorney General Ken Paxton, who succeeded Abbott last year, has sued eight times.

Sidebar: Please approach the bench – the current AG, Ken Paxton is under indictment.

For Texas politicians, suing Obama is a badge of honor. Its attorney general’s office has an annual budget of more than $600 million, more than five times higher than other major Republican strongholds such as Arizona.

Texas loses more often than it wins and it has a great deal of litigation still pending before judges that may outlast Obama’s presidency, which ends in January 2017.

Anyone have any ideas where some of those funds could go instead of toward so many lawsuits ? I wonder if the educational institutions need any funds? Maybe mental health issues? Infrastructure upgrades?

Texas Flag @ Sunset (800x600)


Keep your voter registration card current. Where are my maps of the islands?

Monday, November 2, 2015 – The Monday After Saturday College Football Awards.

Monday, November 2, 2015 – The Monday After Saturday College Football Awards.

What a wicked weekend of college football it was. There is so much ado, we must further it immediately. Our awards are brought to you today by The Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Helen Keller School for college football referees located on the campus of Miami.

The Halloween Costume Category

In the Halloween Costume Category the BEST Halloween Costume in college football goes to Texas A&M quarterback Kyler Murray who dressed as a smarter, quicker and faster Johnny Manziel.

The WORST Halloween Costume in college football goes to the Texas Aggie Defense who dressed as a Home School Coed Field Hockey Team. They obviously set their clocks back on the wrong day and showed up an hour late, but in time for the second half.

Now, let’s all take a deep breath and realize that the SCARIEST Halloween Costume was the Auburn Defense that dressed as pretty good football players. Mad Max Muschamp and the Ole Miss Pissed Us Off team is soon to arrive in College Station, Texas. Note: The Auburn team will be staying at the Motel 6 in South College Station. They’ll leave the light on for you.

Coach Muschamp – Due to the high demand for tickets to the Texas Aggie/Auburn football game and to give you a Hearty Welcome Back to College Station for Visit # 2, there were no more hotel rooms at the Motel 6. Therefore, you are staying at the Bates Motel, off of the Old Highway. That would be the old highway to Hearne. Ask for Mama. Your reservation is under the name: Asshole.

This weekend’s top winners and sharing The Zero Award as in Zero Losses are: Ohio State, Baylor, LSU and Clemson. I know only Clemson played and the rest had the weekend off. Who cares? The Selection Committee speaks tomorrow.

And now to the other awards.

I have no words. As if Austin and THE University needed more bad weather when the Cyclones hit. Perhaps you should have pretended you were playing USC from that National Championship year.

Ship wreck 2 (800x537)

In The Ethyl Merman There’s No Business Like Show Business as in There’s No Defense Like No Defense Like No Defense to Show Award,

Third Place goes to Oklahoma (OU) for scoring 62 points against Kansas with 7.

Second Place goes to Arkansas for scoring 63 points against Tennessee Martin with 21.

And First Place – scoring an NCAA college football record with an all-time high score in regulation – with a six-man football score – is shared by Oklahoma State University with 70 and Texas Tech with 53. Total all-purpose yardages for both teams was about a bazillion.

From the Files of the Fabulous Finishes:

The Award for The Blew It and Screwed It Award goes to The Refereeing Crew for the Duke and Miami Game. This is awarded for the 9 minute Official Review and “Upon further review” still got it wrong. The Miami player’s knee was down at the first lateral and the play and game was over.

The Peg Leg Award goes to the Washington State field goal kicker who, after making five field goals in the game, missed a sixth attempt of 43 yards and Stanford survives 30 to 28. Told you Mike Leach would be a pirate.

From the Mascot Files:

Notre Dame 24 Temple University 20.

Temple University has really cool live mascot named great-horned Owl named Stella. http://www.temple.edu/athletics/stella-owl

The Owl was chosen as the mascot because it is a nocturnal creature. Temple University was founded in 1884 by Russel Conwell, a Yale-educated Boston lawyer and ordained Baptist minister as a night school for young people of limited means.

Notre Dame on the other hand was founded by Reverend Edward Sorin, C.S.C. and whole bunch of other Catholics from the Congregation of Holy Cross. Notre Dame has a creepy leprechaun named Walter as a mascot.

But as always the best and most beautiful mascot is the First Lady of Aggieland taking it upon herself to parade through the spirit line. Next week, let’s wait for your handler, The Yell Leaders and the team before you leave the tunnel.

Running Reveille (800x533)

Photo by Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports