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Friday, December 24, 2017 – The Assist. BA, Curtyce Knox and Still Magnolias.

Friday, February 24, 2017 – The Assist. BA, Curtyce Knox and Still Magnolias.

1.1 seconds left in the game; Tigers behind by one. BA inbounds the ball to Petey; HE SHOOTS; HE SCORES! TIGERS WIN! TIGERS WIN! Their first bi-district championship in ten years. Petey is mobbed by his teammates in victory.

Few people remember “the assist.” It is like life. People only remember the virtuoso piano player and not the piano tuner. Petey scored the winning basket, but it was the perfect inbounds pass that allowed Petey to win the game for the team. It is about the assists in life that matter.

This is Curtyce Knox, point guard of the Texas Aggie Women’s Basketball team.


Last night she set a record for all time assists in women’s basketball at Texas A&M. She currently leads the SEC in assists per game with 9.5. She also leads the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball teams in assists per game. And currently there are only three NBA players who have more assists per game. She is a finalist for the Lieberman Award for best point guard in women’s basketball.

Like many of us, Curtyce could be living a very different life had it not been for assists along the way to help her stay on course, achieve her goals and dreams and become the graduate of Texas A&M she is today. Curtyce is currently in graduate school. You can read more about Curtyce at: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/aggies/article/Curtyce-Knox-and-daughter-a-welcome-sight-at-10952286.php

And this brings us to Still Magnolias. There are many students in today’s high schools like Petey and Curtyce. The BAs in school have opportunities and the assistance to take advantage of them. The Petey’s and Curtyce’s are fragile. Opportunities are sometimes limited at best. A social upheaval of any kind can take those away in an instance.

Unless someone can step in to assist. That is what Still Magnolias is all about. Funds to the Magnolia Education Foundation to Still Magnolias provide assistance that can provide opportunities for students at Magnolia High School to stay on target to achieve their goals.

If you graduated from Magnolia High School, you are a Still Magnolia. Please consider helping with ideas, suggestions, and of course dollars. It all goes to assist a future Still Magnolia.

The BA is Baylor bound gnephew # 3. WTG BA.

Curtyce is bound for the WNBA or overseas basketball ball and then a career of whatever she wants to do.

Petey – we’ll see.

Still Magnolias – you can help in many ways. Let us hear from you.

Thursday, January 19, 2017 – Get a Cause Because. Happy Birthday, Dolly Parton!

Thursday, January 19, 2017 – Get a Cause Because. Happy Birthday, Dolly Parton!

Here’s what I’m thinking today. You should get a cause and support it in the best ways you can. Two of my causes are We Back Pat and Still Magnolias.

Thank you Algers, for being in Tennessee the day it after Coach Summitt's announcement and buying me this shirt.

Thank you Algers, for being in Tennessee the day it after Coach Summitt’s announcement and buying me this shirt.

We Back Pat honors the legendary Tennessee basketball coach Pat Summitt. This week SEC women’s basketball teams honor Coach Summitt with all teams wearing We Back Pat shirts. This week also announces the opening of the Pat Summitt Foundation. Please join me in this cause to find treatment and more importantly a cure for Alzheimers. http://patsummitt.org/

If you can’t find a cause you like, then start one you do like. Let’s hear for the Still Magnolias!!! It all starts with an idea. The Still Magnolias started with “wouldn’t it be nice if we could do something for our high school and 50th year of graduation?”

Because of your faith in us and your generosity and with the help of the Magnolia Independent School District and the Magnolia Education Foundation, The Still Magnolias were able to award two academic scholarships to Magnolia High School graduating seniors AND to start a program at MHS to provide assistance to current students. We named the program The Molly Memorial although the name could have been any classmate. This year we want to do more to help make the world a better place for those MHS students who now walk the hallways with the same Bulldog tenacity and spirit we once did. It is a chance to honor and/or remember someone who made a difference in your life in Magnolia, Texas by influencing others.

There are many ways you can get involved. When scholarship applications arrive this spring, we will need reviewers. Last year Still Magnolias were the only group who also awarded T-shirts to the kids’ chosen college. They loved it! We are always looking for ideas, directions, thoughts and most of all prayers.

Of course the bottom line always comes down to money. If you have a few spare dollars or that change in the jar, please consider donating to The Molly Memorial. Message me for submission and tax deductible forms.

29200018 (800x788)

Ann Richards Inauguration – Frank Erwin Center – Austin, Texas – date: long ago when Texas was Blue. Photo by me.

Happy Birthday Dolly Parton! Them girls from Tennessee are tough ain’t they?


Thursday, January 12, 2017 – Good Golly, Miss Molly! Still Magnolias. Help Make the World a Better Place.

Thursday, January 12, 2017 – Good Golly, Miss Molly! Still Magnolias. Help Make the World a Better Place.

Happy Birthday to Molly Elane Harper Fowler! Remember how excited you and I used to be when it was our birthdays?

image10 (800x542)

Look at those cute hair do’s on me and Molly. Thank you Barber Clark at the sawmill.

We should have had a huge January birthday party to celebrate all of the January birthdays. There are/were so many of us in high school with birthdays just on these two days in January. Expand to the first two weeks of January and it adds to more birthdays than attendees. There must have been something in the water nine months earlier.me molly - Copy (698x699)

The last memory of my birthday school party celebrations was with the Magnolia High School Class of 1967. It was Friday, January 13, 1967. Family had already moved to Conroe. All I recall is opening the front door at 6:30 in the evening to find almost my entire class on the front steps with Sonny Calvert grinning and saying “Surprise!” My next thought was “I have on my pajamas in front of my entire class.”

Such good times. Such good memories. We graduated from Magnolia High School (MHS) in Magnolia, Texas in a time that will never come again. To quote one of the many MHS military Veterans and Heroes, TH, “We were the last of the small classes at Magnolia High School.”

The graduating classes of Magnolia High School in the decades of the 1950’s and 1960’s are unique, not only in their class sizes, but the closeness. There are reasons we remember each other’s birthdays, middle names, each other’s siblings names, spouses’ names (all of them in some cases) – it was like a family reunion every day of school.

The world changed around us quite drastically during those years. But we also changed the world. We are The Still Magnolias and we are setting out again on Molly’s birthday to once again change the world and help make it a better place! So step off on your left foot and join the band. Thank you Mr. Jeter and Mr. Ayers and the band directors before you.

Every MHS class had a “Molly.” He or she was the classmate we forgot about. This is the one you kept saying, “I need to call …” but you do not until, well, you know.

If you graduated from Magnolia High School (in any year) you are officially a Still Magnolia. This is an opportunity to remember and honor those who made a difference as we grew up. These are the people who influenced us and ensured we stayed on course to achieve our dreams. These are the people we need to remember and honor now. We can do this by paying it forward to influence a young person’s life today and keep them on course and their dreams alive.

The Still Magnolias created a project named The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund. The long-term goal is to create a foundation within the Magnolia Education Foundation to meet the needs of current high school students and award scholarships to graduating seniors. However, it was your generosity that allowed short-term goals to be achieved immediately.

Last spring the Still Magnolias awarded two academic scholarships to graduating seniors of Magnolia High School – both first generation to attend college. This year we would like to do more – increase the amount and/or number of academic scholarships and award funds for the graduate with plans to attend a technical/vocational school.

So who are the Still Magnolias and how many are there? Of course The Queen of the Still Magnolias is Ms. Celeste Graves and then everybody that Celeste knows. You do the math.

There are so many ways you can help grow this project for Magnolia High School (Notice: Not Magnolia ISD). Of course financial contributions allow more plans to go into place sooner, but there are other ways you can help and make the world a better place. We need your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, comments and of course prayers.

The two academic scholarships for 2017 are to honor Celeste Graves and in Memory of Howard Davenport. How many MHS graduates did these two influence during those changing decades? Who else influenced you?

If you read this far, you might think of those teachers who taught you to do so. Or how about joining some Still Magnolias on Thursday, January 26, 2017 at The Farmhouse Café in Huntsville, Texas? Her Royal Highness, Queen Celeste of the Still Magnolias will there. There will be cake.

molly - Copy (678x702)

Happy Birthday, Molly. RIP.

Friday, December 2, 2016 – Conference Championship Weekend and the Way Way Back Machine!

Friday, December 2, 2016 – Conference Championship Weekend and the Way Way Back Machine!

Before we begin, let us review (Saint Madeline, Patron Saint of Education). It is Snarky Friday. I only write about college football teams I like and/or play teams that I like. However, it is the “Be nice, not naughty” season so I am trying reel in the Snark. Please stop laughing.

The Conference Championship for the conference formerly known as The Big 12 will play their faux conference championship in Oklahoma when Bedlam breaks out between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Cowboys are coached by the man voted “Best Mullet in College Football,” Mike Gundy. Let’s go Cowboys! “Hell is coming and we’re coming with ‘Em.” Go Pokes!

OSU 1 - Copy (800x550)

The Southeast Conference Championship is between # 1 Alabama and Florida. DROWN THE GATORS! DRAIN THE SWAMP! TASTE LIKE CHICKEN! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! ROOOOOLLLLLL TIDE! Go Jalen. At least you can make Texas football proud.

I am sure I would look cute in an Alabama championship shirt of some kind. It’s not like Bama Fans don’t have a zillion of them. A nice hound’s tooth hat would look cute on me too. Just saying. I would have posted a pic.

But before college there is high school. The Way Back Machine was in action yesterday. In fact it was in way, way back mode. Check out what Magnolia history I uncovered in the family storage. Magnolia High School yearbooks. These are from 1946-1952.


I quickly glanced through them and saw names such as: Groves, Cronin, Flemings (both sets), Carraways, Smith (as in Toby and Cedric) Buckalew, Grogan, Wade, Sanders, Evans, Covingtons, Harpers, Hanks, Graves, Deans (all sets of them too,) Damuths, Ricketts, Davenports, Purvis, Lott and so many more. There are some great photos of the old school, including the old cafeteria. I cannot wait to start sharing. Nothing like a picture of ya’ll in elementary school.

The weather is supposed to turn chilly this weekend. Perhaps these letter jackets will keep you warm with Magnolia memories.


Monday, August 8, 2016 – Still Magnolias from Magnolia High School. Magnolia and Texas Proud!

Monday, August 8, 2016 – Still Magnolias – From Magnolia High School. Magnolia and Texas Proud!


Corrected Brianna and Kyle

Dear Still Magnolias,

If you graduated from Magnolia High School in Magnolia, Texas then you are a Still Magnolia.

Last August (2015) several Magnolia High School graduates representing several graduating classes met for lunch to “remember when.” The discussion turned to “tomorrow” and we decided to come up with a pay forward project. We called ourselves the Still Magnolias and decided to ask former MHS students to donate and trust the process.

We prayed. We met. We planned. We made decisions. We sought wisdom. We met again and again with the greatest Still Magnolia of us all – Celeste Graves. And we repeated this process again and again. The results were beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. Still Magnolias and Celeste Rock!

Fast forward to May 19, 2016 – Awards Night for Magnolia High School. The Still Magnolias awarded two $500 scholarships to two outstanding graduating seniors. Then the Still Magnolias awarded Magnolia High School $1000 to create funding to provide assistance to this year’s current students attending Magnolia High School to help achieve their educational dreams.

To those of you who opened your hearts and pocket books, we cannot thank you enough. To the individuals from the Class of 1967, the Class of 1966 and the Class of 1952 who send funds with notes and checks – “Here is at least one scholarship,” we thank you again and again.

The Still Magnolias have worked with administrators at MISD and at MHS to formalize the project and the funding process. It has evolved into The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund.

The purpose of The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund is to remember and honor individuals who make or made a difference in our lives by paying it forward to make a difference in the life of a Magnolia High School student.

We decided to name each scholarship and change the names each year. This year we want to remember and honor two individuals who made a difference in the lives of countless Magnolia High School graduates – Celeste Graves and Howard (Uncle Dave) Davenport.

Now another school year begins. For the MHS Class of 1967 it marks the 50th year since we graduated.   We walked out of the auditorium ready to change the world. We did change the world just as the world changed us. Here is our chance to change the world again for Magnolia High School students.

In the coming posts you will hear more about The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund and how you can help. Please feel free to message me for details. But for now here’s to all of the Still Magnolias and welcome and good luck to the newest members – Brianna and Kyle.

Go Bulldogs!

Miss Magnolia, 1967

Saturday, May 7, 2016 – The Still Magnolias

Saturday, May 7, 2016 – The Still Magnolias

Facebook Post to Magnolia High School Friends Group

May 6, 2016

Did you graduate from Magnolia High School (MHS) in Magnolia, Texas? Did someone from Magnolia make a difference in your life growing up there? Would you like to remember and/or honor that person and make a difference in the lives of MHS students today?

If so, please join The Still Magnolias on our journey. By virtue of your graduation from MHS you are now a Still Magnolia.

Groves and Son

Magnolia, Texas – 1960 (ish) Photo by Howard (Uncle Dave) Davenport. From the collection of Howard Davenport, Jr.

Several months ago a group of Magnolia High School graduates from various years had lunch. After many conversations of “Remember when… and “What happened to so and so?” the conversations and lunch ended with “Wouldn’t it be nice if we did something for Magnolia High School?” And so began the dream and the journey. We called our group – The Still Magnolias.

We then sought the wisdom of The Greatest Still Magnolia of us all – Celeste Graves who always was and is a treasure. With her guidance and with the leadership of Dr. Todd Stephens, Magnolia ISD Superintendent, the Magnolia Education Foundation (MEF) leaders and Guidance and Career Counselors at Magnolia High School we did it! We started something nice for Magnolia High School. We call our project – The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund.

Molly was selected as the name in memory of Molly Harper Fowler from the MHS Class of 1967. There was a Molly in everyone’s class and heart. She represents the classmate we forgot about until it was too late. Rather than focus on what we could or should have done, we chose to focus on what we can do now.

The purpose of The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund is to remember and honor those who influenced us while growing up in Magnolia. These were and are our loved ones, our teachers, our mentors and our friends. In their memory and honor we can pay it forward and assist students of Magnolia High School today and tomorrow.

We ask all Still Magnolias to help us grow this project and double our goals for next year. No amount is too small. Amounts donated will be not made public, but a listing of Memorials and Honors is under development.

The Still Magnolias would like to send special love and thank you to three Still Magnolias from the classes of 1954, 1966, and 1967. Their generous donations funded the two $500 Still Magnolia Scholarships to be awarded to two MHS graduating Seniors on May 19, 2016.

Special love and thank you to the Still Magnolias from other classes whose donations provided over $1000 to Magnolia High School for the beginning of next school year.

When submitting a donation, people may state how they want their donation to be listed. We thought you might like to see a few of the memory and honor submissions so far.

In Memory and Honor Of

Anonymous – in memory and in honor of all my high school coaches – Dean Shaver, Roland Jones, Roy “Bo” Jackson, and Gayle McGinty

Anonymous – in memory and honor of all the military heroes from MHS with special memories of and honors to the Vietnam Vets

Barbara Bingle Hawkins – in honor of my teacher, mentor and friend – Celeste Graves

Becky Lott Rao – in memory of my parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Lott

Celeste Graves – in memory of my friends Don and Joyce Jeter, Lucille Horace and Esther Semora Seber

Deann B. Alger – in honor of my parents, Don A. Buckalew (MHS Class of 1952) and Dale Duffey Crane (MHS Class of 1954)

Delia Duffey – in memory of my classmates and friends – Molly Harper Fowler and Ira (Sonny) Calvert; in honor of my two great English and literature teachers – Wanda G. Traugh and Marge Burnside

Jenette Wade Alford – in memory of my parents, Leslie (L.P.) and Virgie Wade and in loving memory of my dear sister, Ella Wade Robertson (MHS 1954)

Joyce Fleming Powers – in memory of my husband, Ken Powers and my cousin, Bobby Carraway

Karen Rickett – in memory of my classmate and friend, John Paul Warren

Naomi Dennis Peacock Ross – in honor of my mentor, friend and BFF, Celeste Graves

Odessa Horace Ross – in memory of my Mother, Lucille Horace and in honor my family

Sonja Hinton Baker – in memory of W.M. Hinton, Reber M. Hinton, Dayton Wayne Baker, Sr., Dayton Wayne Baker, Jr. and O.B “Jake” Baker

Tommy Glass – in memory of my sister, Marie Ann Glass

Please share on your FB timelines and we hope you can join us on this journey.

Go Bulldogs!

The Still Magnolias


If you would like to donate the submission and tax exempt forms are attached. Actually they are not, but if you message me I will get them to you.


Thursday, June 4, 2014 – Throw Back Thursday From Magnolia High School – Class of 1967

Thursday, June 4, 2014 – Throw Back Thursday From the Magnolia High School – Class of 1967

Here is our very own Throw Back Thursday – from the Magnolia High School graduating class of 1967.  Did your graduating class have one of these programs?

Front  (558x800)

Front Cover

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them and then use the back button.

Inside (559x800)

Inside cover

Choir? Who made up the choir?

When did public schools stop having such programs?

Better yet, what was the lawsuit that stopped them from being held?  Maybe that can be repealed, overturned, revoked, etc.

Monday, May 25, 2015 – Set Those Recording Devices and Remember the Alamo!

Monday, May 25, 2015 – Set Those Recording Devices and Remember the Alamo!

Set those recording devices! Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!

“Texas Our Texas” – All hail the mighty state…Texas Rising is on TV tonight!

Texas Rising is a five-night series event which details the Texas Revolution and the rise of the Texas Rangers on the History Channel at 8:00 PM Central Time.


Remember when we all rushed home to watch the mini-series Roots? Note: to techno generations – There was no technology. VCRs were still fighting over VHS and Beta formats and had not reached yet critical mass. We were literally still watching television when the program was aired. But I digress.

Here is a little something, I bet you did not know. My sister and I have no idea the reason our father, HB, received this. BTW – Oh Sister, Where Art Thou?

HB Texas Ranger Badge (800x600)

Special Texas Ranger Badge, two ID cards and card from Texas Ranger Museum

When I took it to the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco, they were unfamiliar with it, but verified its authenticity as a product of the Texas Rangers.


The two cards are signed by Homer Garrison, Jr. Colonel Garrison became director of the Department of Public Safety and chief of the Texas Rangers in 1938.

A Google of Colonel Garrison takes you the Texas State Historical Commission’s site.


In looking at the site the bibliography caught my attention.

Ben Procter, “The Texas Rangers: An Overview,” in The Texas Heritage, ed. Ben Procter and Archie P. McDonald (St. Louis: Forum, 1980). Vertical Files, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin

How many Lumberjacks took history from Archie P. McDonald?