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Wednesday, January 11, 2017 – Golf, Gary and the 2011 National Championship

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 – Golf, Gary and the 2011 National Championship

Yu So Yung showed up to play golf today. While my team did not win the scramble, we played well. With 35 mile per hour wind gusts it was definitely hit and hope. FYI – JP, Homecoming Queen 1 – I am loving the new putter I got from you. Next margarita is on me.

In 2011 the Texas Aggie Women’s Basketball team won the NCAA National Championship. So far, it is the biggest win in basketball history at Texas A&M University. I believe the previous game was the “clock controversy” game sending Texas A&M into the championship game and sending Baylor Coach Mulkey into fits of rage and the bus back to Waco. What team did Texas A&M beat for the National Title?

The coach of the 2011 team and the current Aggies women’s basketball team is Gary Blair – GB as the team calls him. In his new book A Coaching Life, he gives us some favorite memories with his beautiful wit, grace and humility.

Yesterday when he was signing my book “To Delia, Gig ‘Em and thanks for the support of the Class of ’85” I told him, “You could have named the book, It’s a Long Way from South Oak Cliff in Dallas or from Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches.” He looked at me and said “What great learning experiences. Loved them both.”


Reed Arena, 1.10.2017 Cool Hair, huh? Photo by Linda

Those of us who play or have played sports realize it parallels life. There are wins. There are losses. But each time one must be open to what both have to teach us.

Thank you Coach Blair for signing my book and signing a book for Niece #1. He was even nice enough to put “Sic ‘Em Bears” on the page. Then of course he wrote “Gig ‘Em Aggies” beneath it. I supposed he has forgotten about the clock incident. Nevertheless I do not think I will place his signed book next to my signed copy of Baylor Coach Kim Mulkey’s book – Never Back Down. I do not think she has forgotten the clock.

Oh who did the Texas Aggies beat to win the 2011 Women’s National Championship? Same team Baylor women beat to win the 2012 Women’s National Championship – Notre Dame and Miss Muffet.

Since then the women’s national championship has been won by some team in New England with an Italian as the coach and dog as the mascot.

A Coaching Life by Gary Blair with Rusty Burson is available from Texas A&M University Press and available in the book store in the Memorial Student Center. It will soon be available on Amazon.


Friday, March 18, 2016 – As the Brackets Bust

Friday, March 18, 2016 – As the Brackets Bust

The sound heard yesterday was brackets bursting and cursing for those of us who picked Baylor to win.

The Poison Ivy League Award goes to the Baylor men for losing in the opening round. De jevu all over again. Really? Yale? Well, you did play like “Poor little lambs that have lost their way. Bah, bah, bah.” It will be up the women to bring home any hardware and bling to Waco.

Let’s go ladies! The First Rounds of the Women’s Division 1Tournament begins today. Here are some viewing tips. Note: These criteria may be applied to the men’s teams also.

Assumption: you are in control of the TV Remote. If you are not familiar with this item, it is the thing in your spouse or spousal equivalent’s hand that causes channels on the TV to change and programs to stop, rewind and pause. If you do not have control of your remote, you can stop reading now. Control of the Remote Control is a great criterion for living alone. It should have a button for “I am stuck in my recliner and can’t get out.”

If you have one of those smart ass TVs, you can zoom in and focus on hair, shoes and diamonds and other shots you may or may not want to see up close and in high definition.

To make the games more enjoyable, here are some of the things to watch for and will be the basis of my NCAA Division I Basketball Awards.

  1. It is all about the hair. This includes players and coaches. I cannot speak for other schools, but I have toured Kyle Field and Reed Arena at Texas A&M. I know that each of these venues have fully equipped hair salons in the dressing room areas and players fix each other’s hair. It appears the girls are much better at hair dressing that the men. But all of the players refer to it “fun hair.”

hair (800x450)

1A.There will be a category entitled Coach Good Hair – candidates will include Karen Aston (Texas), Sherri Cole (OU), Kim Mulkey (Baylor) and others.

1B. Player Headbands – just say no to headbands. Nike, Adidas and Under Armor make enough money with you sporting a logo.

  1. Uniforms – I am especially fond of the glow in the dark type that come from Nike and the West Coast teams. Look for changes in the women’s uniforms. The shorts are becoming shorter and more fitting. To shorten the shorts players roll down the waist band exposing the tag. Remote Control required to view.
  2. Coaching Wardrobes and Footwear – It usually difficult to see footwear unless you control the remote. How Mulkey, McGraw, Cole and the other squatters can squat in stiletto heels without falling on their butts is beyond me and defies physics.
    1. Muffet McGraw (800x450)

      And McGraw in a skirt can do it! Note: Are those Ruby Slippers?

      Do not rule out men’s footwear. Gary Blair has a lovely pair of maroon suede shoes. And Texas’ assistant coaches Travis Mays and Tina Thompson will be styling as always.

  3. Jewelry – At half time coaches will be interviewed. This is a good opportunity to see the bling. Those championship rings are the size of the knobs on your chest of drawers.
  4. Tattoos – You are on your own here – as Jimmy Buffet sings about tattoos – “a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.” Make up your own categories. I tend to favor those with long verses down one’s entire forearm and continue to wonder – why has no one designed an ink that will show on people of color?”
  5. Commentators – Learn these names. Kara Lawson and Rebecca Lobo – the best of ESPN; the best of the rest: Holly Rowe, Doris Burke, Nell Fortner, Carolyn Peck, Pam Ward, Gail Goestenkors, Andy Landers and Brenda I always forget your last name.

The best part is Brent Mushberger does not announce any women’s games.

Happy Watching.

Texas Aggie Men – BTHO Green Bay TONIGHT @ 6:30 and Hook ‘Em Hippies against Northern Iowa.

Texas Aggie Women – BTHO Missouri State on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 16,, 2016 – Me and My Brackets

Wednesday, March 16,, 2016 – Me and My Brackets

Our post today is brought to by the word Skullduggery – Skuhl-DUHG-uh-ree

It is a noun meaning:

  1. dishonorable proceedings, mean dishonest or trickery: bribery graft and other such skullduggery
  2. an instance of dishonest or deceitful behavior; trick

But enough about the presidential elections and the government.

Here is my completed bracket for the women’s NCAA Division I basketball tournament.

2016 Womens bracket (800x450)

Yep – got the Baptists and the Catholics in Championship Game – Baylor and Notre Dame. As you can see I have Baylor and Texas A&M playing in the Sweet 16. When these two teams play it is known as a “bitter rivalry.” I am sure Coach Mulkey and Coach Blair will show clips from 2011 and the infamous clock issue. Should A&M pull an upset, I will not talk to my family for a week.

“Just Say No to Four” is my mantra for UConn. The University of Connecticut is a basketball dynasty in any league and Briana Stewart (Stewie) is one of the greatest collegiate athletes you will see – male or female. Nevertheless, Here’s What I’m Thinking – the odds are against you to repeat as National Champions for a fourth time. And you know Mulkey and Muffet have teams that can beat you. The scenery only changes for the lead Huskie and it is time for a change. So I am going with the Bears and the Creepy Leprechauns.

But first on March 19 The Fighting Texas Aggie Women must BTHO Missouri State.

I also completed a Division I Men’s Basketball Bracket. I used the Penny method for selecting the Championship Game – my favorite colors, mascots, funny sounding names, etc. My major criterion was schools from which I have graduated. Therefore I have Texas A&M playing Stephen F. Austin for the National Championship. Gig ‘Em Aggies and Ax ‘Em Jacks!


Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016 – VOTE! March Comes in Like a Lion and Goes Out Like a Lamb. VOTE! Let the Madness Begin.

Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016 – VOTE! March Comes in Like a Lion and Goes Out Like a Lamb. VOTE! Let the Madness Begin.

We shall leave the political March madness and let it continue to run amok on its own social media course. Now, it is time for March Madness – COLLEGE BASKETBALL!!!

Get ready because I follow both men’s and women’s Division I NCAA college basketball. For the sports impaired – this is the sport with the big, round, brown ball that one bounces and tries to put through the tall pole with hoop attached to a net. Players wear uniforms that resemble underwear.

Here’s What I’m Thinking will be your handy guide to the bazillion DI college basketball games about to be played across the Sisterhood of ESPN. As in football, HWIT may or may not actually be about basketball.

Beginning Thursday (because tomorrow is Texas Independence Day – March 2 – a sacred day in the history of Texas) you can look forward to such insightful topics as:

  • The Teams
  • The Coaches
  • The Brackets
  • The Schedules
  • The Mascots – Really? Your school’s mascot is a spider (Richmond) or a blue hen (Delaware)?
  • CPR for Buzzer Beaters – Or Do Not Throw your Dammit Doll toward the TV or Do Not Through Your Computer Tablet Toward the TV while you are watching two games.
  • A Critique of the Announcers – Welcome to Brent Mushberger. Now, please go away.
  • Critique (read bitching) of ESPN for the Wrap Around in WBB
  • The Texas Aggies
  • The SEC Conference
  • The Baylor Bears
  • The Texas Longhorns
  • The Big 12 Conference
  • My favorite team is the women’s team playing UConn

And the most important one of all – Fashion – This will include, but not limited to:

  • players’ uniforms,
  • players’ footwear,
  • coaches’ ensembles
  • coaches’ footwear

Hair is a separate category – in basketball – it is all about the hair!

Texas Wesylan 11.1.15 (800x533)

Texas Aggie women v. Texas Wesylan 11.1.15 Photo by me

All of that and more. Let March Madness begin.

Sic ‘Em Lady Bears for winning the Big 12 Women’s Basketball Title last night.