Monday, August 8, 2016 – Still Magnolias from Magnolia High School. Magnolia and Texas Proud!

Monday, August 8, 2016 – Still Magnolias – From Magnolia High School. Magnolia and Texas Proud!


Corrected Brianna and Kyle

Dear Still Magnolias,

If you graduated from Magnolia High School in Magnolia, Texas then you are a Still Magnolia.

Last August (2015) several Magnolia High School graduates representing several graduating classes met for lunch to “remember when.” The discussion turned to “tomorrow” and we decided to come up with a pay forward project. We called ourselves the Still Magnolias and decided to ask former MHS students to donate and trust the process.

We prayed. We met. We planned. We made decisions. We sought wisdom. We met again and again with the greatest Still Magnolia of us all – Celeste Graves. And we repeated this process again and again. The results were beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. Still Magnolias and Celeste Rock!

Fast forward to May 19, 2016 – Awards Night for Magnolia High School. The Still Magnolias awarded two $500 scholarships to two outstanding graduating seniors. Then the Still Magnolias awarded Magnolia High School $1000 to create funding to provide assistance to this year’s current students attending Magnolia High School to help achieve their educational dreams.

To those of you who opened your hearts and pocket books, we cannot thank you enough. To the individuals from the Class of 1967, the Class of 1966 and the Class of 1952 who send funds with notes and checks – “Here is at least one scholarship,” we thank you again and again.

The Still Magnolias have worked with administrators at MISD and at MHS to formalize the project and the funding process. It has evolved into The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund.

The purpose of The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund is to remember and honor individuals who make or made a difference in our lives by paying it forward to make a difference in the life of a Magnolia High School student.

We decided to name each scholarship and change the names each year. This year we want to remember and honor two individuals who made a difference in the lives of countless Magnolia High School graduates – Celeste Graves and Howard (Uncle Dave) Davenport.

Now another school year begins. For the MHS Class of 1967 it marks the 50th year since we graduated.   We walked out of the auditorium ready to change the world. We did change the world just as the world changed us. Here is our chance to change the world again for Magnolia High School students.

In the coming posts you will hear more about The Molly Memorial and Scholarship Fund and how you can help. Please feel free to message me for details. But for now here’s to all of the Still Magnolias and welcome and good luck to the newest members – Brianna and Kyle.

Go Bulldogs!

Miss Magnolia, 1967

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