Friday, September 18, 2015 – Your Saturday College Game of the Week Football Schedule

Friday, September 18, 2015 – Your Saturday College Game of the Week Football Schedule-

For the third week of college football, here are the games I will be watching. In my ever attempt to enlighten and inform you, here is a schedule and posted on the ESPN App.

Baylor - BU UT 2013 - Scoreboard Champs (800x600)

Baylor has an open week. The photo is the last lit score board in Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco.

Texas A&M vs Nevada @ 11:00 AM on SECN @ Kyle Field. College Station. Who plays football at 11:00 in the morning? I hate the 11:00 AM games because it is difficult to stay awake for the afternoon games. Reminder: Pick up more vodka and bloody Mary mix.

Auburn vs LSU- @ 2:30 on CBS @ Tiger Stadium. Baton Rouge. Tiger, Tiger burning bright; Please give Muschamp’s defense a fight.

Northwestern State v Mississippi State – @ 3:00 on SECN @ Davis Wade Stadium. Starkville, Mississippi. Be sure to watch for my relative on the Northwestern sidelines. My cousin is the defensive coach. He will be the really good looking one. You know it comes with the family. Let’s go Demons!

Texas Tech v Arkansas @ 6:00 on ESPN2 @ Razorback Stadium. Fayetteville, Arkansas. What goes well with tortillas? Pork.

Oklahoma State v UTSA @ 2:30 on FOX1 @ Boone Pickens Stadium. Stillwater. Go Pokes!

TCU v SMU – @ 7:00 on FSN @ Amon G. Carter Stadium, Fort Worth. Really? Who does your scheduling, TCU? The Pillsbury Dough Boy? How much does strength of schedule count?

Cal v Texas – @ 6:30 on Fox @ DKR Memorial Stadium, Austin, Texas. THE University wanted to play in the Pac 12. Now is your chance to show them what you got.

Ole Miss vs Alabama @ 8:15 on ESPN @ Bryant-Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Hotty Toddy and Roll Tide.

And now what could happen after last week’s ESPN programming fiasco. Here is  the possible ESPN schedule.

If you are watching the Aggie/Nevada game @ 11:00 on the SECN, you will be switched at half time to ESPN3. This allows those of us who do not want to watch and pay for it on our computers to watch the game as it buffers along.

The Auburn /LSU game will be transferred to another ESPN station as soon as ESPN buys out CBS giving it a monopoly on college football. This deal will occur during a critical series with minutes left to play in the game.

At 4:46 the Northwestern/Mississippi State will move to ESPNU ensuring only those who chose to pay for more sports on their cable are able to see the game.

At 3:26 the Oklahoma State/UTSA game will be moved to an ESPN sister station, yet to be available to viewers.

At 4:52 the Northwestern/Mississippi State game will move to ESPN2. This game will run long and the Texas Tech/Arkansas match up will be moved to SECA. I am not sure if cable TV has made it Lubbock or the state of Arkansas.

At 7:15 the Cal/Texas game will move to The Longhorn Network, which probably nobody in California receives.

At 8: 07 the TCU/SMU game will be taken off the air and replaced with the Monmouth vs Wagner game from the Big South Conference.

At half-time with the scored tied between Ole Miss v Alabama, ESPN and the decision-makers there will replace what could be the game that says much about what will happen in the SEC with the Sacramento State vs Weber State game or the Northern Iowa vs Cal Poly game. These are schools that no one cares about unless your child goes there.

I hope your team wins. I hope ESPN does not jerk us around like last weekend and BTHO Nevada!

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