Thursday, September 17, 2015 – My Comments on Their Comments

Thursday, September 17, 2015 – My Comments on Their Comments

Who watched the debates? I thought the Junior Varsity debate had much more substance than the Varsity debate. Of course, I hesitate to refer to 11 people screaming as a debate.

DSC_1153 - Copy (800x527)

Statue of Liberty – I shot this in 1986 from a helicopter ride in NYC.

Both debates went something like this for all of the candidates:

Question: What are your thoughts on Issue X?

Response: Let me talk about Issue Y.

It took 5.7 seconds for Rick Santorium to say the word “abortion.” This was in response to his first question that had nothing to do with the issue of abortion.

When Lindsey Graham was asked a question, his constant response was about going to war. He missed a golden opportunity by not fully explaining Marbury v Madison and then somehow made it sound as though the case that established the Supreme Court as the “law of the land” was responsible for the Court’s decision regarding gay marriage.

He also said he would support payment for a regional army “comprised of 90% of the Turks, the Jordanians, the Saudis and the Egyptians and “we will kill every one of those bastards we can find.” Have you looked at the religious affiliations of those countries?

I forgot who said something about replacing “one novice with another.” Did you forget about George W. Bush being a novice?

Then they took on Chief Justice Roberts – somebody said he would “fight for good, conservative judges on the Supreme Court.” I laughed when Jake Trapper reminded them of Ronald Reagan’s and George W. Bush appointments, including the Chief Justice, to the Supreme Court. Also, history teaches us that Franklin Roosevelt could not pack the Supreme Court with justices.

The Varsity Debate had so many people I would forget who was actually on the stage. Ted Cruz introduced himself as the son of “an Irish/Italian mom and a Cuban immigrant dad, who fled oppression and came to America seeking freedom.” From Canada?

Also Senator Cruz said he would “tear up the catastrophic Iran Deal on the first day if elected.” The others jumped on Senator Cruz from a policy standpoint and actually discussed weaknesses of the Iran Deal and the parts that do need modifications.

Cruz, in response to a question, said that he would get rid of a “theocratic Ayatollah.” Does Senator Cruz know the meaning of “theocracy?” Aren’t Senator Cruz and all the others courting the Evangelicals advocating a theocracy?

Every time Bernie Sanders was mentioned as a “socialist”, it sounded as though their rhetoric came directly from a high school history book referring to Franklin Roosevelt.

I thought Carli Fiona gave some excellent answers and excellent responses.

I also went to bed at 9:00 with a headache from information overload and so much bullshit. But do keep your voter registration card current.

2 responses to “Thursday, September 17, 2015 – My Comments on Their Comments

  1. Enjoyed and agree with your review of the debate. Wonder when they’ll get around to talking about the economy. How and who will pay for the dramatic expansion of the military as well as needed roads, airports, telecommunications and electric utility upgrades? That discussion will be interesting to hear.

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  2. Got my voter card ready. Still have to put all the names in a hat and will draw them out later. Remember when Honeyboy had the little mini stroke and they were trying to see how bad it was mentally. Mr. Duffey, whar is the day? Mr. Duffey what month is it? He answered correctly. Mr. Duffey, who is the preesident of the U.S? He raised up off the bed….”BILL CLINTON AND I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM”

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