Friday, September 25, 2015 – Snarky Friday Football

Friday, September 25, 2015 – Snarky Friday Football

My weekend teams and Here’s What I’m Thinking about them.

Georgia v Southern @ 11:00 AM on SEC – Sanford Stadium, Athens, Georgia

UGA, UGA, YUKA to 11:00 AM games. One has to start so early to be drunk by that time.

LSU v Syracuse – @ 11:00 on ESPN – Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY

The Syracuse mascot is an anthropomorphic orange. Who besides me, Dr. Sheldon Cooper and the DeMarsion know the meaning of “anthropomorphic?” The Orange’s name is Otto. Otto the Orange. (Just Google it)

Otto the Orange

The LSU mascot is a live Tiger. The Tiger’s name is Mike the Tiger.

Mike the Tiger Mike the Tiger eats oranges like grapes. Otto the Orange – oh I can’t stop laughing.

Northwestern v University of Central Arkansas @ 11:00 AM on ESPN3 @ Turpin Stadium – Natchitoches, La.

Well, one team will have a win in the W column.

Baylor v Rice @ 2:00 on Fox Sports @ McLane Stadium – Waco, TX

Do you have the same scheduler as TCU and Ohio State? You are aware The Committee is watching. So is Larry Culpepper, the Dr. Pepper guy. I think he has the deciding vote.

Ohio State v Western Michigan @ 2:30 on ESPN2 – Ohio Stadium – Columbus, Ohio.

See above about The Committee watching. I am thinking the Buckeyes better buck up and show some points on the scoreboard.

THE University of Texas v Oklahoma State @ 2:30 on ESPN @ DKR Memorial Stadium – Austin, TX.

Cowboys v Longhorns – a clash of the oranges – not Otto – Depends on who shows up.

Texas Flag @ Sunset (800x600)

Alabama v UL Monroe @ 3:00 on SEC – Bryant-Denny Stadium – Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Pretty sure the Tide is going to roll over the Duck Dynasty. Watch out for the tsunami.

Texas Tech v TCU @ 3:45 on Fox @ Jones AT&T Stadium, Lubbock, Texas

Beware The Wayward Wind. It’s a restless win. Coach Kliff is in an ass-kicking mood and TCU is playing the ghosts of the Southwest Conference.

Vanderbilt v Ole Miss @ 6:00 on ESPNU @ Vaught-Hemingway Stadium , Oxford, MS

Given that William Cutbirth Faulkner is one of my favorite authors and one of the greatest Southern writers in American Literature, it would only be natural that I would selection Faulkner residential writing home of Oxford as the possible winning team; this of course is because in all honesty Vanderbilt should be playing Rice whereas the two academic powerhouses can play on a level playing field.

The above sentence is understood by those who read WCF and English/American Lit Majors.

Mississippi State v Auburn @ 6:30 on ESPN2 @ Jordan-Hare Stadium – Auburn, Alabama

Go Bulldogs. Uncle Will, we are so looking forward to your visit in College Station. We wanted you to know College Station topped the list of most exciting towns in Texas yesterday. Really!

Texas A&M v Arkansas @ 6:00 on ESPN – @ AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

This is the start of SEC play. A&M almost ran out of time last year. Texas Tech has pissed off the Hogs.

In honor of Texas Tech kicking ass last weekend with their hurry up, spread offense, I am proposing that Aggies wear our Ray-Bans to be cool like and in honor of Coach Kliff and the hurry up, spread offense to help remind Arkansas of last week. FYI – Arkansas, the Aggies run a hurry up, spread office and the Aggies have a defense.

Ray Bans (450x800)

Oh yes – here are some special uniforms designs.

BTHO Arkansas

6 responses to “Friday, September 25, 2015 – Snarky Friday Football

  1. Barbara Hawkins

    My hubby absolutely loves to read about your college football viewing schedule! We both are curious if you think anyone from our class reminds you of Larry Culpepper in looks and boasting personality? Cool pic! Gig’em & Roll Tide!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wayne Rogers? No. Wait, I think he was mute. Hmm. Some one stuck in the past. A legend in his own mind. RW!


  3. OMG – you are so right. I have never heard the story about “he invented the college playoff system” or any of the other stuff. What’s with the Christmas trees?


  4. As for Christmas trees – I have not had a real tree in years. One of my “best” trees was when I strung lights on my 3 tripods. Once I strung lights and garland along the stairs. I would have to take chill pills if I had to deal with one NM tree, let alone three.


  5. Oh well we will worry about the IT issues later. I like your idea. I think I will wait until closer to Christmas, show whatever hippie, type Christmas tree I do, and post some really liberal, Democrat political Snarky Friday post.


  6. FYI – his brother Larry and I are FB friends and he likes my stuff all the time and vice versa.


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