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Wednesday, September 16, 2015 – Don’t Mess With Texas Football

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 – Don’t Mess With Texas Football

Two comments, a question and prediction.

The Eyes of Texas are no longer upon the AD, Steve Patterson.

It appears “till Gabriel blows his horn” is 22 months.

Are you (as in Texas) going to light The Tower?

You (as in Texas) will never get Nick Sabin.

UT OSU Nov 16.2013 2013-11-16 026

Tuesday – September 15, 2015 – A Walk in the Park – Veteran’s Memorial Park, College Station, Texas

Veterans Park College Station 9.13.2015 2015-09-13 166 - Copy (800x530)

Sunday I took a walk in the park. Veterans Memorial Park in College Station has a beautiful walking path filled with history and beautiful sculptures in memory of the wars and dedicated to those who kept and keep us free.

Isn’t this an incredible work of art? It is part of the Vietnam Memorial located in the park. There will more photographs from the park, but today here is my favorite. This sits at the entrance to the park. The first time I saw it, it took my breath away. Actually, so did the second, third, fourth and fifth time and on… it took my breath away. It is in every way breathtaking.

Veterans Park College Station 9.13.2015 2015-09-13 181 (800x530)

Veterans Park College Station 9.13.2015 2015-09-13 179 (800x530)

So in honor of those who served and sacrificed before them, those who served and sacrificed then and those who serve and sacrifice now – Thank you.

Monday, September 14, 2015 – May I Have The Pigskin Envelope Please?

Monday, September 14, 2015 – May I Have The Pigskin Envelope Please?

Today we open the Monday after college football awards program with the largest award ever given.

To ESPN – I give the Screaming, Streaming, Scrambling, Where the hell did MY football game go Award? This goes to every programming executive and decision maker for making the worse decisions in the history of college TV football. Your asinine decisions caused fans to bunny hop to networks and stations many people do not receive and pay for streaming on your computer when it was originally on their TV for FREE. I hope your server melts with protests and the appropriate heads roll and get called on the proverbial carpet. This was wrong, wrong, wrong. Unless you want ESPN to stand for Extra Special Pissed Off Network, never do this again.

Since it was Cupcake Week there were many high scoring games. High Scores Awards go to:

Boston College 76 to O over Howard

Ole Miss – 73 to 21 over Fresno State

TCU – 70 to 7 over Stephen F. Austin

Texas Tech 69 to 20 over UTEP

Baylor – 66 to 31 over Lamar

Texas State – 63 to 24 over Prairie View A&M

Note to all: You do know these points do not carry over like your phone minutes? I am thinking Ole Miss, Baylor and TCU, you are going to need some of those points later.

The Defensive Award for the week goes to Uncle Will Muschamp and Auburn. It took Auburn an overtime and luck to beat Jacksonville State that only had a 2% chance of winning. Looking forward to seeing you in College Station in November. Did you know Texas A&M has a new defensive coordinator, Uncle Will? Perhaps you have heard of him – John Chavis?

Worst Uniforms Award goes to TCU. Were the jerseys supposed to look that way or did someone dump a 50 gallon drum of bleach into the laundry?

Worst Helmut Award goes to TCU also. Those looked like one of those sponge paintings on Pinterest done by a kindergarten craft class.

The Slow, Lethargic Start Award is shared between Baylor University and Alabama. Baylor – they are bears. It takes them awhile to get moving, but once they do…get out of the way. It took a bit of time for the Tide to Roll. The Tide appeared to be out as they did not score THAT many points against a cupcake team. I am afraid Alabama started three deep into the roster.

The Welcome Wagon Award goes to Ball State University for scheduling the first game home game in the newly renovated Kyle Field. Yes, the stadium holds more than most rural town populations in Texas.

Atrium (586x800)

Atrium at The Bush Library

Ball State also receives the Way to Hang Tough Award and Never Give Up Award. This is awarded even though the Aggies were four deep into their roster and I heard the Navasota Rattlers were about to suit up to finish the game.

The Young Frankenstein Award for It’s Alive! (as in the Big 12) goes to the Sooners of Oklahoma for defeating Tennessee in double OT.

The HEARD It Through the Grapevine Award goes to THE University of Texas at Austin. I think this is what the alumnae what to see. Don’t care if it was Rice. It built confidence. Stay Strong.

The Tumbling Tumbleweeds Award goes to every team who took a tumble in the rankings. Special Awards go to:

Oregon – Duck, Duck, SPARTAN!

The Corporal Maxwell Klinger, Holy Toledo Award goes to Toledo University for for turning Arkansas into bacon bits.

To the Georgia Bulldogs – A win over Vanderbilt and Miss America too!

And a special award goes to the wives and mothers of football players. I am calling this award The Penny Award because her husband played for LSU who defeated Mississippi State in the closing seconds. Next week her son’s team where he coaches, Northwestern State in Natchitoches, plays a really pissed off Bulldog team. Go Demons. And Penny? Go shopping and do not watch.

BTHO of Nevada. Who?

Sunday, September 13, 2015 – The Boots of the Statue

Sunday, September 13, 2015 – The Boots of the Statue

In my ongoing attempts to enlighten people…

Several of you mentioned the photograph of the boots of the statue on the campus of Texas A&M on Friday’s Here’s What I’m Thinking post. Here is the story told when I toured campus a few years ago – with my wonderful thoughts added. Any of you old Ags out there, please correct any Bad Bull.

The statue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross stands in front of The Academic Building on the campus of Texas A&M.

Campus tour 7.5.2014 2014-07-05 057 (522x800)

Taken July 5, 2014

The Crazy Texas Legislature (I know, that is redundant, but this crazy Lege was back in the late 1880’s). But they tried to close the land grant college because the state only needed one university and it was in Austin. It was Lawrence Sullivan Ross – the first president of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, now called Texas A&M University – that stood before The Lege and “saved” the little college where the train stopped – College Station.

Today when Aggies face a major test, both literally and figuratively, we leave pennies at the base of the statue of Sully. This is to give us luck and strength to face the challenge before us.

Campus tour 7.5.2014 2014-07-05 056 (2) (600x800)

July 5, 2014

Sully's Boots

Check the coins the day after The Fourth of July.

So where do the coins go? The coins are picked up daily – more often during finals week – and the money goes toward the purchase of our beloved rings. When you order your ring, half of the cost is picked up by Ring Funds. Given what the other half costs that you pay for is one of the many reasons our rings do not come off of our fingers. Ring replacements are not halved with Sully funds.

Lawrence Sullivan Ross is one of the most interesting people in Texas history. It took a hell of long time for “the good of the girls” to become the improving influence, but it was there in thought all along. Thank you Sully.

Here are a few factoids from Wikipedia. So glad some of the names of clubs changed or hopefully disappeared.

His family lived on the frontier of Texas where his family founded Waco where he attended Baylor as a teenager. FYI – Baylor Family – it was when Baylor was in Independence. He graduated from Wesleyan University in Florence, Alabama in 1859.

He was the 19th governor of Texas who oversaw the dedication of the new Texas Capitol building.

He is credited with saving the land grant college from closure, and his tenure saw a large expansion in college facilities and the birth of many school traditions. After his death, the Texas legislature created Sul Ross State University in his honor.

Although enrollment had always been limited to men, Ross favored coeducation, as he thought the male cadets “would be improved by the elevating influence of the good girls. In 1893, Ethel Hudson, the daughter of a Texas AMC professor, became the first woman to attend classes at the school and helped edit the annual yearbook. She was made an honorary member of the class of 1895. Several years later, her twin sisters became honorary members of the class of 1903, and slowly other daughters of professors were allowed to attend classes.

During Ross’s seven-and-one-half year tenure, many enduring Texas A&M traditions formed. These include the first Aggie Ring and the formation of the Aggie Band. Ross’s tenure also saw the school’s first intercollegiate football game, played against the University of Texas.

 Many student organizations were founded in this time period, including the Fat Man’s Club, the Bowlegged Men’s Club, the Glee Club (now known as the Singing Cadets), the Bicycle Club, and the College Dramatic Club. In 1893, students began publishing a monthly newspaper, The Battalion, and two years later, they began publishing an annual yearbook, known as The Olio.

FRIDAY, September 11, 2015 – IT’S A NEW DAY IN AGGIELAND and WTHIBS? (Where the Hell is Ball State?)

FRIDAY, September 11, 2015 – IT’S A NEW DAY IN AGGIELAND and WTHIBS? (Where the Hell is Ball State?)

The official opening ceremonies for the redevelopment of Kyle Field showing its new look begin today at 3:00 PM.

But the new look to Here’s What I’m Thinking begins NOW. Let’s open with a prayer – Please, Lord, let there be a redevelopment of The Fighting Texas Aggie Football Team and not just Kyle Field. Amen.

The new header is The War Hymn Monument. Here is the plaque below.

Aggieland 8.9.15 2015-08-09 046 - Copy (800x248)

Tomorrow the Fighting Texas Aggies play The Cardinals of Ball State University. Where the hell is Ball State? Muncie, Indiana. Where the hell is Muncie, Indiana?

It will be the first match-up between the two schools. I see that BSU boasts of 16,000 students and the capacity of the football venue is 22, 500.

Anybody else doing the John Wax math here? That is only 38,500 people if the stadium filled to capacity and the student body watched from outside on big screen TVs. I believe that is the seating capacity of Section 507 on the Upper Deck in Kyle Field.

This is directly from the Ball State webpage and this is all there is about Kyle Field.

“The Ball State-Texas A&M matchup will highlight the grand opening of the $485 million redevelopment of the venerable Kyle Field that originally opened in 1905. The original concrete seating on the east and west sides was added in 1927 and the horseshoe was completed in 1929.”

It sounds as though there have been no improvements to Kyle Field since 1929. I wonder if they will be surprised. What does venerable mean?

Whoever was in charge of scheduling this game should be fired.

Sully's Boots

If you have to ask what this is and why there are coins, you will never understand.

BTHO Ball State!

Thursday, September 10, 2015 – The Day Before The World Forever Changed

Thursday, September 10, 2015 – The Day Before The World Forever Changed

Tomorrow when you wake up and realize it is September 11, your first thought will be “where was I?” at 8:46 AM that morning fourteen years ago.

Twin Towers with new script (800x551)

Taken from The Hudson River – check out the tug boat at the bottom left for an idea of the size. The photograph is actually in color (look at the building to the right of the second tower), but shooting into the sun gives a silhouetted look. This photograph, with the caption, is copyrighted by me.

According to the established time line for that morning – At 8:46:30 American Airlines Flight 11 crashed at roughly 466 mph (790 km/h or 219m/s or 425 knots) into the north face of the North Tower (1 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99.

DSC_1204 (532x800)

Another view of the towers from The Hudson.

My second thought will be: I was in the air on an American Airlines flight returning to Texas from Tampa, Florida. It could have been my flight. Tampa would later be revealed as a possible terrorist training ground.

In going through boxes I found two boxes of 35mm slides from my first trip to New York City in 1986. I share these three photographs with you today as a reminder of those who sacrificed their lives that day and for those who sacrifice their lives on a daily basis for our freedom.

DSC_1200 (800x532)

Taken from a helicopter. Look slightly to the right and you can see Liberty Island.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 – Long Live the Queen – 23,226 days, 16 hours and Roughly 30 minutes on the Throne

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 – Long Live the Queen – 23,226 days, 16 hours and Roughly 30 minutes on the Throne

Sometime around 5:30 today (London time I suppose) we once again get to witness history.  With the exception of the first two and half years of my life, there has never been a time that Queen Elizabeth II has not sat on the throne of England.

From the AFP (Associated Foreign Press) Article


Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II (L) posing for pictures with husband her Prince Philip on the Queen’s Coronation day at Buckingham Palace in London on June 2, 1953 (AFP Photo/-)

London (AFP) – Queen Elizabeth II is set to become Britain’s longest-reigning monarch surpassing the record of her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria around 5:30 pm on September 9 after 23,226 days, 16 hours and roughly 30 minutes on the throne

The exact moment at which the 89-year-old monarch will reach the milestone is hard to pinpoint, as the precise time of her father king George VI’s death in his sleep in 1952 is not known.

However, the queen will not indulge in fanfare or celebrations, marking the occasion with just another public engagement — this time opening a new railway line in Scotland. Nor are there widespread street parties or other official events planned. The mood is in keeping with the sober style of her reign, something inherited from her father and grandfather King George V.

The queen has “established a record of unimpeachable integrity”, said historian David Starkey.


Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II leaving Buckingham Palace in a carriage as she heads to the official State Opening of Parliament ceremony in London in 2009 (AFP Photo/Leon Neal)

“I think she is immensely respected. She has played the role with a certain dignity. In this touchy-feely age she has performed… in a slightly old-fashioned way.”

While queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years and 216 days between 1837 and 1901, saw Britain’s power reach its zenith with a global empire and vast industrial expansion, the current queen’s rule has largely been one of British contraction.

It has seen Britain rebuild following World War II, dismantle its empire and turn to Europe.

The kingdom has weathered economic collapse in the 1970s and revival in the 1980s, unrest in Northern Ireland, the emergence of a less deferential society and mass immigration changing the country’s make-up.

The queen also calmly steered the monarchy out of the scandals that engulfed her reign in the 1990s.

She described 1992, in which her sons Prince Charles and Andrew separated from their wives and daughter Princess Anne divorced her husband, as her “annus horribilis”.

Her popularity reached its nadir when the “people’s princess” Diana, by then divorced from her son and heir Prince Charles, was killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

Britain was plunged into an unprecedented outpouring of public grief and the monarch was accused of lacking compassion and misreading the national mood in the aftermath.


Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II (R) and her husband Prince Philip, looking at floral tributes outside Buckingham Palace in London, following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales (AFP Photo/John Stillwell)

Her decision to keep the family — including Diana’s sons, Princes William and Harry — mourning privately at their estate in Scotland rather than returning to London was deeply unpopular, as was the failure to lower the royal flag as Buckingham Palace.

After days of intense pressure, she returned to London and addressed the nation on TV, beginning a slow rehabilitation of the monarchy that saw her golden jubilee warmly celebrated by the public in 2002.

Judith Rowbotham, visiting research fellow at Plymouth University, said: “She has been on the throne so long, it’s difficult to conceive of the country without her.

“It’s part of the framework of what you think of when you think of Britishness.”

Andrew Gimson, author of “Gimson’s Kings and Queens: Brief Lives of the Monarchs since 1066”, said that had the queen’s heavy-smoking father not died young at 56, “we wouldn’t be celebrating now”.

“Either the king or queen doesn’t succeed at an early age, or they succeed young but die young as well. It’s unusual both to succeed young and live for a very long time,” Gimson told AFP.

Of the queen’s reign, he added: “I think it will be looked back on as a staggering achievement to remain so securely on the throne through a period of such tremendous social and economic change.”

Her record-breaking reign means there are now three generations of future monarchs waiting in line, for the first time since Victoria’s death.

The queen’s eldest son Prince Charles, 66, is now older than the British retirement age. He is the longest-serving heir to the throne in British history, having held the position since the age of three. Next in the order of succession is his eldest son Prince William, 33, and his eldest grandson Prince George, who turned two in July.

Writing in the preface to “Elizabeth II: The Steadfast”, a new biography by former foreign secretary Douglas Hurd, William said his grandmother’s “example and continuity” was a “model for a life of service”.

“Time and again, quietly and modestly, the queen has shown us all that we can confidently embrace the future without compromising the things that are important,” he wrote.

On her 21st birthday, five years before the early death of her father, the then-princess Elizabeth dedicated her whole life “whether it be long or short” to serving the Commonwealth and its people.

Besides Britain, she is queen of 15 other realms, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Jamaica. She has been queen of several other nations, including South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Though she is the oldest monarch in the world following the death of 90-year-old king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in January, she is only the second longest-serving. That title is held by Thailand’s 87-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who took the throne in 1946.




Tuesday, September 8, 2015 – Looking Out My Backyard

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 – Looking Out My Backyard

Trivia Tuesday – What group sang Looking Out My Back Door?

While you are thinking – the song and the group are from the Sixties and many of you may not be able to recall the decade – here are some photos I took yesterday while looking out my backyard.

Hummingbirds 9.7.15 2015-09-07 046 (746x800)

Such a nice lady to have a hummingbird feeder.

Hummingbird 1 (800x418)

I will have the sweet, red liquid, please.

2 Hummingbirds (800x405)

Excuse me. This feeder is taken.

2 Hummingbirds - Copy (763x706)

Yes, but I am older and have more insurance. Not mention I am in better focus.

Answer: Creedence Clearwater Revival

“Lookin’ Out My Back Door” is track #5 on the album Cosmo’s Factory. It was written by J. C. Fogerty.

Just got home from Illinois lock the front door oh boy! Got to sit down take a rest on the porch. Imagination sets in pretty soon I’m singin’

Doo doo doo lookin’ out my back door.

Monday, September 7, 2015 – Happy Labor Day and the First of the Monday after Saturday Football Awards

Monday, September 7, 2015 – Happy Labor Day and the First of the Monday after Saturday Football Awards

If you followed last year’s Here’s What I’m Thinking, you know that the Monday following a college football weekend is my awards Monday. So without further ado…

The Everybody Gets A Certificate of Participation Award – goes to every team that played this weekend. One can tell it was the opening games for every team. Fumbles, clock managements, interceptions, Oh My!

The Most Points Scored Award – goes to Hotty Toddy Old Miss Rebels for scoring 76 points on Tennessee Martin. You do know, Ole Miss, that those points are not like minutes on your phone and do not carry over to other games (like Alabama), don’t you?

The Hail on the Corn Award goes to BYU for the reception in the end zone to win over Nebraska as time expired. Each year it necessary to remind you (RL) that the mascot of BYU is the Cougars, and not the Mormons. The Drill Team is not called The Sister Wives. How can BYU have a Hail Mary pass? Shouldn’t it be a Hail Brigham Young? Or Hail Donnie and Marie?

The Maybe We Should Go Back to Military Marching Style Half Time Show Award goes to the K-State Band for their Enterprising attempt at a half time from another galaxy. They definitely boldly went where no other band has gone before. Not even the Rice Marching Owl Band MOB or the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band – LSJUMB – The World’s Largest Rock and Roll Band. Thank God, they were not playing South Carolina.

The Most Offensive Commercial Award (seen during the Sam Houston State and Texas Tech game) goes to – Gorilla Insurance in Lubbock, Texas. REALLY? An African-American couple with piles of overdue bills, when a giant gorilla burst through the door with a giant million dollar settlement check and the next scene is the guy running away with the check and the woman chasing after him down the street and him screaming “I’ll be back for you!” What the hell was this? A middle school technology project? Thank goodness you only had enough advertising budget for one other. That one looked like a drug deal payout.

And now to our top awards.

Bang the Drum, Slowly – To THE University of Texas – I got nothing that you have not already screamed, cussed and cried over. There were 33 entries for “ugly” in the Thesaurus. All were appropriate.

UT OSU Nov 16.2013 2013-11-16 026 (800x600)

The Captain James T. Kirk Award goes to Texas Aggie FRESHMAN Christian Kirk for having Warp Speed and leaving the Sun Devils in the desert dust.

The You Look Good in an Arizona State Uniform Award given because you were in their back field enough times to be wearing one – goes to Texas A&M Defensive Ends – Miles Garrett and Daeshon Hall. That had a combined six sacks, 6 1/2 tackles for losses, three forced fumbles and 15 tackles.

Now. Everybody calm down and do not overreact. We know how this started last year.

BTHO – Ball State!

Friday, September 4, 2015 – Snarky Friday – The Great Andy Griffith and What It Was Was Football

Friday, September 4, 2015 – Snarky Friday – The Great Andy Griffith and What It Was Was Football

OK – Ms. Mathews and perhaps if there is one other person who does not understand football, here is the great Andy Griffith from 1953 to explain it to you one more time. Get you a big orange drink and listen.

Northgate? – Must be at Texas A&M.

Sic ’em Bears! But really, it is SMU!

BTHO Arizona State – What is a Sun Devil?