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Friday, August 31, 2018 – Snarky Friday

Friday, August 31, 2018 – Snarky Friday

Happy Snarky Football Friday. Last night we had the opportunity to see two schools’ fund raisers to fund their entire athletic department. Pistol Pete and the Cowboys of Oklahoma State beat Missouri State 58-17. That Mullet is looking good, Mike.

Kyle Field 8.30.18 Photo by KB

Of course my eyes were glued to the Texas Aggies versus Northwestern State. I told you, Demons, that Kyle Field was loud. Three false starts in a row on the first series. Twelfth Man.

Of course we all held our breath when Northwestern scored in the Fourth Quarter. So what if the Aggies were ahead 50+ to zero. Final score Aggies 59 and Northwestern 7 plus a large percentage the gate receipts like Missouri State gets.

In the horrible 11:00 AM spot on Saturday we have following games with teams who must have done something back to get stuck here.

In the O-State battle we find Ohio State and Oregon State on ABC. The Beavers and Suspension.

Also at the non-football game time of 11 am we find THE University of Texas and Maryland on FS 1. Was it really necessary to throw Texas coach, Tom Herman, under that bus because he went to a strip club with the domestic abuser? What are you trying to do? Go dot your “I” with a tuba, Ohio State.

Hotty Totty, God Almighty! On ESPN we have the Rebels of Old Miss and the Raiders of Texas Tech. I do not think you are allowed to throw tortillas at NRG Stadium in Houston or write graffiti on the buses, Tech.

The Sooners of Oklahoma and QB Kyler Murray take on FAU (whoever that is and I’m too lazy to look it up) on FOX. I hope Murray has gained some weight. When he played for Texas A&M, he looked like he was one tackle away from a body cast.

Clemson and Furman kickoff at 11:20 on ACC Network. Come on Furman Paladins. Hope Clemson is looking ahead to next week.

The dogs are let out at 2:30 when the Washington Huskies meet the Auburn Tigers. This could be big for both the PAC 12 and the SEC conferences. It’s on ABC.

Opposite on CBS we find the Georgia Bulldogs playing the Austin Peay Governors. UGA going to peay all over the Governors.

Speaking of bulldogs. At 6:30 on ESPNU it’s the Lumberjacks of Stephen F. Austin and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. I must root for SFA since I have papers from there. However, I fear that Bullie will pee on the pines before the Jacks can give them the Ax.

In the big game, the Tide comes rolling in as Alabama and Louisville kickoff at 7:00 on ABC. In a Snark closing, I would like to say the following to all of the sports mouths. Nick Saban will decide who starts at quarterback for Alabama. All of you mouths are just speculating. I’m sure if Coach Saban needs your input he will call you. Roll Tide.

Thursday, August 30, 2018 – Here We Go, Jimbo! Getting Prepared

Thursday, August 30, 2018 – Here We Go, Jimbo! Getting Prepared

Okay, Jimbo, as a Former Student, Class of 1985, and nearing age 70, I want to see some of that 75 million in action tonight. WHOOP!


I have been waiting for this since 1967. That is when I first wanted to go to Texas A&M University. As usual, I was slightly ahead of my time. My dear, departed Honeyboy told me that I could attend “any college in the state of Texas except that long, haired, hippie, Communist school in Austin.” I am pretty sure he was not referring to St. Edwards.

But through a long and winding path from the Piney Woods of East Texas at Stephen F. Austin, and the Davy Crockett Forests of Sam Houston State, I finally made it to Texas A&M University. Once you drink the Kool-Aid, your blood turns maroon.

Tonight opens the Jimbo Fisher era and as always there is hope and promise of championships on the minds of every Aggie. The Aggies are prepared and you should be prepared for watching the game on the SEC Network at 7:30. Here are my handy, dandy suggestions for watching Texas Aggie football. One must have the following readily at hand:

  • The four basic food groups – Sweet, salty, alcohol and chocolate – are within twelve steps of access.
  • All screens, including phone, are charged or plugged into recliner. I only have six this year; I sold the TV on the patio.
  • Ensure all apps are up to date: Twitter, ESPN, ESPN Watch and all the Aggie apps.
  • Musical little football that plays War Hymn is near.
  • Dammit Doll is close for slamming into recliner or throwing toward the television. Try not to scare the cat.
  • Windows and doors to patio are closed so neighbors do not hear you sound like the sailors on shore leave in a bar with dancing poles. Now you know why I do not have a TV on the patio.
  • Should not be a factor tonight, but I always ensure I have a paper bag near in case of hyperventilation and YouTube video for self CPR in the event I stop breathing. This is only necessary in close games.

Here is a note of local flavor when watching the game tonight. One of the quarterbacks for Northwestern is from Navasota, Texas. That is just down Highway 6 a piece from College Station. Shelton Eppler was all-state QB and took his high school team of Rattlers to state and won the championship. Watch for him. He is number five and will be on the ground under an Aggie linebacker. Seriously, I hope he plays well and makes Navasota proud.

BTHO Northwestern

Friday, August 10, 2018 – Snarky Friday and Come Onward Northwestern

Friday, August 10, 2018 – Snarky Friday and Come Onward Northwestern

Thursday, August 30, 2018, our beloved Reveille VIII will be laid to rest at 8:30 AM. She will lie with the other First Ladies of Aggieland in the special area just outside the north end of Kyle Field.

And of course all of the Reveilles can see the scoreboard.

Thursday, August 30 – like we need one more activity in College Station that day. It is the opening game for The Fighting Texas Aggies football team. It is the debut for new coach Jimbo Fisher. The Fighting Texas Aggies welcome Northwestern State University Demons from Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Even at the early hour of 8:30 AM it is entirely possible that the attendance at Reveille VIII’s memorial could exceed the entire enrollment of Northwestern (10573) and Natchitoches Parish (18219). Of course I’m going! You had to ask?

Since many will be travelling from Louisiana to College Station and visiting Kyle Field I wanted you to know what the small crowd is on Thursday morning.

The big crowd – aka the ones standing and swaying in the stands in Kyle Field that evening will exceed the population of both the school and the parish and the surrounding parishes combined!

The game will be on TV on the SEC network. Those of you who live in Louisiana probably can see it since it is the SEC network and LSU is in the SEC. Unlike THE University of Texas that has The Longhorn network, the SEC shares with other teams. It also provides more programming and better commercials than alumni doing commercials for THE UNIVERSITY.

So I hope the Northwestern Demons get paid a huge share of the gate and television profits. I also hope the amount covers the medical bills because the Aggies plan to BTHO Northwestern.

Pics from Reveille Grave from theclio.com