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Friday, November 13, 2015 – The Friday Before Saturday College Football

Friday, November 13, 2015 – The Friday Before Saturday College Football

Before we look at Saturday’s college football schedule, I want to give a shout out to PT (as in personal trainer, not physical therapist) Killer Queen (KQ). I am keying this post one letter at a time with a pencil between my teeth. This is the only part of my body that does not hurt.

Seems KQ wanted to try a new exercise routine yesterday that she found on Pinterest. Meagan, stop showing her this crap. It began with 15 push-ups. There were 30 jumping jacks – followed by 50 more. I lost consciousness sometime during the burpees and I think only 15 minutes had elapsed. I am still grinning today though. I did all of the exercises, lived to tell about them and have KQ to witness. Nice job, KQ.

But we must look forward to the really big football games tomorrow. Remember I write about football teams I like and teams that play teams that I like. If your team(s) is not mentioned, please let me know and I will be happy to make snarky comments about them.

The Selection Committee has spoken for the first rankings. I told you we (mostly me and RL) suspected a secret meeting between The Committee and The Pope to ensure Notre Dame over Baylor.

The early birds at 11:00 on various networks are:

  • Florida and South Carolina
  • Kansas and TCU
  • Ohio State and Illinois
  • THE University of Texas and West Virginia

THE University of Texas with a 4-5 record and West Virginia at 4-4 meet on ESPU coming live from Morgantown, West Virginia. Remember: When WVa wins, the students burn couches to celebrate the victory. Like I know why? I am not up on hillbilly culture and customs. Nevertheless, Horns, please protect the environment and do not allow couches to be set on fire.

At 2:30 our game watching options include:

Coming live from Jones AT&T Stadium in Looobock, Texas the Tortilla Throwing Red Raiders of Texas Tech host the Wildcats from Kansas State. The interest level is only due to bowl match-up projections. It can be viewed on Fox Sports Network.

On ESPN2 @ 2:30 we have # 1 and undefeated Clemson @ 9-0 visiting Otto the Orange and Syracuse in Syracuse, New York. The team wearing orange will win.

Otto the Orange

Otto the Orange

Opposite at 2:30 with the worthless, Chatty Cathy CBS announcers, rolling in at    #2, with a record of 8-1, The Crimson Tide of Alabama rolls into Starkville, Mississippi to meet Mississippi State. Remember, Tigers, it is the SEC and on any given day something unexpected can happen.

From “… where the winds come sweeping down the plains,” the # 8 Oklahoma State Cowboys at 9-0 travel to Ames Iowa to meet Iowa State with a record of 3-6 @ 2:30. Pistol Pete and the Cowboys are used to Cyclones. The game is on ESPN.

On the Notre Dame network, NBS, the Creepy Leperachauns of #4 Notre Dame with a record of 8 and 1 play the powerful Demons of Wake Forest with their  record of 3-6. Should we call this the Exorcist Bowl?

Cousin Darryl and the Demons of Northwestern will be at Bowers Stadium in Huntsville, Texas meeting Sam Houston State. Yes, I have a degree from Sam Houston, but Me and Cuz Darryl are DNA related, so Go Demons.

And then night falls.

When night falls a most interesting contest between #24 Houston @ 9-0 and # 21 Memphis @ 8-1 @ 6 kicks off on ESPN2 from TDECU Stadium in Houston. Where did you two come from?

The Razorbacks from Arkansas and the #9 LSU meet on ESPN at 6:15 from Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. I will have a cup of gumbo with a big side of bacon please.

And in the game with the most ramifications for the Big 12 Conference and the national rankings we find #6 Baylor versus #12 Oklahoma on ABC from the truly beautiful McLane Stadium in Waco at 7:00. The Home Depot Game Day Show should be setting up for tomorrow’s Big 12 showdown about right now I hope Corsor looks good with a Bear on his head. Does anybody really look good with a Sooner Wagon on their head?

My main screen will be when West Carolina University comes to the magnificent Kyle Field to take on the Texas Aggies @ 6:00 on the SECN. Does that meet Bret Mushmouth and Jesse Palmer are the announcers? Get me to a radio. Bret – the term is AGGIES, not Eggies as you continually say. Put down your cocktail.

The Aggies who appear to be having a Ground Hog Day movie kind of season take on the West Carolina Catamounts form Cullowhee, North Carolina. OMG – I hear banjo music playing. Both teams are 6 and 3.

Running Reveille (800x533)

Run Rev Run

The mascot of West Carolina is a Catamount. Is this some kind of sailing vessel? Where is Cullowhee, North Carolina? A Catamount is a cat – really big one with teeth. I believe in Texas it is referred to a mountain lion or a cougar. Cullowhee, North Carolina sits among The Great Smokey Mountains and Blue Ridge Mountains. Sounds beautiful.

Nevertheless – BTHO West Carolina

My apologies for this being late. Blame KQ. It is hard to type with pencil between your teeth

Manziel Monday – July 13, 2015 – I Am Older and Have More Insurance Than You Do

Manziel Monday – July 13, 2015 – I Am Older and Have More Insurance Than You Do

Yes, I stood in line for almost two hours to get Johnny Manziel’s signature yesterday, Sunday, July 12, 2015.

Shaking Hands with Johnny Manziel - Copy (800x600) Me and Johnny Manziel - Copy (800x600)

I chose the white mini-helmet to have Johnny Manziel sign. The particulars of how I was able to obtain a ticket to the event, why I chose to obtain it and how much money I spent to obtain his signature plus the inscription of “Heisman 12” are another story. Today is the backstory of why I chose the white mini-helmet.

Helmet w cert 1 (600x800)

With Certificate of Authenticity

Helmet without certificate (800x600)

The Autograph

Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2015 – Confirmation of being a ticket holder for event on July 12. Eventually only 350 tickets were sold. Each item you wanted him to autograph required a ticket.  Large ticket items (full size helmets, footballs, posters) were $150.

Date: Thursday, July 3, 2015

Place: Aggieland Outfitters, College Station, Texas – AKA – Drive By Credit Card Amount Increases

Need: Something for Johnny Manziel to sign on the Johnny Manziel Resurrection Tour.

Conversation with clerk – aka 18 year female student:

Me:  I cannot decide which mini- helmet I want him to sign. I think I will go with the white one because that was  the one The Aggies wore when we defeated Alabama in 2012.

Clerk: Oh no. That was an away game, so it would have been the black one!

Me: Thoughts to self – Did you just tell me I was wrong? I am older, have more insurance and confident enough to bet any sheepskin on my wall that I am smarter than you. And I will forget more about Aggie football than you will ever know. I know where I was and who I was taking to on the phone (Ms. Navasota, T. McE) as the clock ran out (read: witness) when score was Texas A&M 29 and Alabama 23 in Tuscaloosa in 2012.

Me: I will take the white one.

A couple of shots. Gig ‘Em.

Johnny 3 (610x800)Johnny 1 (800x600)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This morning I ordered Dr. R. Bowen Loftin’s book – The 100 Year Decision. It will be one of 1000 with a signed card enclosed. Of course I have to pay shipping and handling when I could just pick it up just down Highway 6 on Highway 60 (AKA University) at Aggieland Outfitters. Of course, I could ask my dear friend in Navasota, TPM, to ask Bowen to sign it for me. Bet you did not know that Dr. Loftin, former President of Texas A&M University was from Navasota, Texas, did you? Put that in your Factoid of the Day. His family actually lived next door to the P’s. Captain Hairspray was her brother’s roommate when Fish at Texas A&M, but she usually doesn’t tell people that factoid. But back to Dr. Loftin’s book – A statement from his co-author:

“To begin with, most college football fans probably have no clue that [Loftin] may be the reason why the landscape of the game, in terms of conferences and affiliations, shook out the way it did. Thankfully, he doesn’t hold back with his firsthand account of how University of Texas officials not only took both he and A&M for granted, but essentially tried to strong-arm its rival into something that wasn’t in the school’s best interest.”

As I was saying, I wish I could pick it up at Aggieland Outfitters when it released on September 20. Speaking of Aggieland Outfitters, Thursday, August 14 the SEC Network goes live and there is a tailgate party at Aggieland Outfitters. The first 300 people get a Limited Edition Koozie. And then, most important of all – FREE BEER to fill the koozie! What time can I expect your arrivals? The party is from 4 – 6. Wonder what time I must get in line. I love the fact the SEC Network kick off has free beer or even paid for beer. I also ordered my season women’s Aggie basketball tickets today. So fall and winter are shaping up quite nicely.

Rest in Peace, Robin Williams. The demons took another great one.