Manziel Monday – July 13, 2015 – I Am Older and Have More Insurance Than You Do

Manziel Monday – July 13, 2015 – I Am Older and Have More Insurance Than You Do

Yes, I stood in line for almost two hours to get Johnny Manziel’s signature yesterday, Sunday, July 12, 2015.

Shaking Hands with Johnny Manziel - Copy (800x600) Me and Johnny Manziel - Copy (800x600)

I chose the white mini-helmet to have Johnny Manziel sign. The particulars of how I was able to obtain a ticket to the event, why I chose to obtain it and how much money I spent to obtain his signature plus the inscription of “Heisman 12” are another story. Today is the backstory of why I chose the white mini-helmet.

Helmet w cert 1 (600x800)

With Certificate of Authenticity

Helmet without certificate (800x600)

The Autograph

Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2015 – Confirmation of being a ticket holder for event on July 12. Eventually only 350 tickets were sold. Each item you wanted him to autograph required a ticket.  Large ticket items (full size helmets, footballs, posters) were $150.

Date: Thursday, July 3, 2015

Place: Aggieland Outfitters, College Station, Texas – AKA – Drive By Credit Card Amount Increases

Need: Something for Johnny Manziel to sign on the Johnny Manziel Resurrection Tour.

Conversation with clerk – aka 18 year female student:

Me:  I cannot decide which mini- helmet I want him to sign. I think I will go with the white one because that was  the one The Aggies wore when we defeated Alabama in 2012.

Clerk: Oh no. That was an away game, so it would have been the black one!

Me: Thoughts to self – Did you just tell me I was wrong? I am older, have more insurance and confident enough to bet any sheepskin on my wall that I am smarter than you. And I will forget more about Aggie football than you will ever know. I know where I was and who I was taking to on the phone (Ms. Navasota, T. McE) as the clock ran out (read: witness) when score was Texas A&M 29 and Alabama 23 in Tuscaloosa in 2012.

Me: I will take the white one.

A couple of shots. Gig ‘Em.

Johnny 3 (610x800)Johnny 1 (800x600)

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