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Tuesday, April 12, 2016 – ICYMI – In Case You Missed It.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 – ICYMI – In Case You Missed It.

While we anxiously await the results of tonight’s reality show live from New York – The United States Presidential Elections – let’s take a look at what you missed in other news.

First News from the Royal Families:

From India: Did you see Kate Middleton playing cricket in those high heels? You go, Girl!

From the Brazos Valley: Make that Sir Quarterback. His Royal Highness and his peeps appointed Trevor Knight as starting quarterback for the 2016 Texas Aggie Football Season.

Panoramic view (800x284)

Knight was named MVP of the 2014 Sugar Bowl when he led Oklahoma to a 45–31 upset of two-time reigning national champion Alabama.

From Golf: Jordon Spieth – I think it would have been pretty funny too if you had dropped The Green Jacket twice as you put it on this year’s champion – what is his name again?

From DWTS: Looking good as Prince Charming, last night, Von Miller.

Second News from the Weird and Strange and Just Downright Awful

Johnny Manziel is my new roommate. He is staying and paying until he makes up for the dollars I spent on buying his shit.

From the land of “Take me back to Dixie” come the ghosts of George Wallace and Jesse Helms – Alabama, and North Carolina – we have the reincarnation of the current governors of Mississippi and North Carolina.

From these backwards thinking minds comes legislation regarding who can pee where. When did one’s need to pee become a need to legislate? Please use the bathroom with the urinary disposal system you were born with? How in the hell are you going to enforce this? I am not buying this shit either.


Ship wreck 4

Third News from World of The Let’s Make a Deal

The “good money” Proposal

From some faithful and loyal readers of HWIT, I received the following proposal yesterday:

“BTW – we would pay good money to see a video of you throwing your clubs in the water, jumping in after them, thrashing wildly while screaming and cursing just sayin.”

Here is my Counter Proposal – Pick a definition of “good money” and bring it!

  • Must be at the 12th Hole in Augusta at The Masters – you pay for my trip to The Masters and my videographers
  • The purse Jordon Speith received
  • New clubs after mine are in the water
  • A tailgate weekend at my house when Johnny Manziel moves out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 – Chris Christie: ‘I will throw my body in front of the Johnny Manziel train.’

Shaking Hands with Johnny Manziel - Copy (800x600)

Johnny Manziel – touching my Aggie Ring! Aggieland Outfitters, College Station, Texas, 2014.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 – Chris Christie: ‘I will throw my body in front of the Johnny Manziel train!

The Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie said he would sacrifice his body if Johnny Manziel goes to the Dallas Cowboys. Wow! What a great idea. Not that you would die if you literally threw your body on the tracks Governor Christi, but the combination of the National Football League and politics. Why not? Neither cannot possibly get any crazier, can they?

If politicians would throw their bodies under the bus, train, car based on the decisions regarding sports figures to exit the Presidential race, this would cost so much less than debates and caucuses and even elections.

So who are the favorite players of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary, Bernie and the fringe players?

If Johnny comes marching home again to Texas, he can channel in the great Dallas Cowboy quarterback Don Meredith – allegedly sometimes still a bit tipsy in the huddle on Sunday afternoons after closing down those bars around Mockingbird Lane in Dallas. He allegedly sang country western songs upon entering the huddle. See Johnny Manziel already has credentials. I suppose they are not appreciated as much in Cleveland.

The only thing we Cowboy fans want are New Jerseys that read Winners Super Bowl 51!


Manziel Monday – July 13, 2015 – I Am Older and Have More Insurance Than You Do

Manziel Monday – July 13, 2015 – I Am Older and Have More Insurance Than You Do

Yes, I stood in line for almost two hours to get Johnny Manziel’s signature yesterday, Sunday, July 12, 2015.

Shaking Hands with Johnny Manziel - Copy (800x600) Me and Johnny Manziel - Copy (800x600)

I chose the white mini-helmet to have Johnny Manziel sign. The particulars of how I was able to obtain a ticket to the event, why I chose to obtain it and how much money I spent to obtain his signature plus the inscription of “Heisman 12” are another story. Today is the backstory of why I chose the white mini-helmet.

Helmet w cert 1 (600x800)

With Certificate of Authenticity

Helmet without certificate (800x600)

The Autograph

Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2015 – Confirmation of being a ticket holder for event on July 12. Eventually only 350 tickets were sold. Each item you wanted him to autograph required a ticket.  Large ticket items (full size helmets, footballs, posters) were $150.

Date: Thursday, July 3, 2015

Place: Aggieland Outfitters, College Station, Texas – AKA – Drive By Credit Card Amount Increases

Need: Something for Johnny Manziel to sign on the Johnny Manziel Resurrection Tour.

Conversation with clerk – aka 18 year female student:

Me:  I cannot decide which mini- helmet I want him to sign. I think I will go with the white one because that was  the one The Aggies wore when we defeated Alabama in 2012.

Clerk: Oh no. That was an away game, so it would have been the black one!

Me: Thoughts to self – Did you just tell me I was wrong? I am older, have more insurance and confident enough to bet any sheepskin on my wall that I am smarter than you. And I will forget more about Aggie football than you will ever know. I know where I was and who I was taking to on the phone (Ms. Navasota, T. McE) as the clock ran out (read: witness) when score was Texas A&M 29 and Alabama 23 in Tuscaloosa in 2012.

Me: I will take the white one.

A couple of shots. Gig ‘Em.

Johnny 3 (610x800)Johnny 1 (800x600)