FRIDAY, September 11, 2015 – IT’S A NEW DAY IN AGGIELAND and WTHIBS? (Where the Hell is Ball State?)

FRIDAY, September 11, 2015 – IT’S A NEW DAY IN AGGIELAND and WTHIBS? (Where the Hell is Ball State?)

The official opening ceremonies for the redevelopment of Kyle Field showing its new look begin today at 3:00 PM.

But the new look to Here’s What I’m Thinking begins NOW. Let’s open with a prayer – Please, Lord, let there be a redevelopment of The Fighting Texas Aggie Football Team and not just Kyle Field. Amen.

The new header is The War Hymn Monument. Here is the plaque below.

Aggieland 8.9.15 2015-08-09 046 - Copy (800x248)

Tomorrow the Fighting Texas Aggies play The Cardinals of Ball State University. Where the hell is Ball State? Muncie, Indiana. Where the hell is Muncie, Indiana?

It will be the first match-up between the two schools. I see that BSU boasts of 16,000 students and the capacity of the football venue is 22, 500.

Anybody else doing the John Wax math here? That is only 38,500 people if the stadium filled to capacity and the student body watched from outside on big screen TVs. I believe that is the seating capacity of Section 507 on the Upper Deck in Kyle Field.

This is directly from the Ball State webpage and this is all there is about Kyle Field.

“The Ball State-Texas A&M matchup will highlight the grand opening of the $485 million redevelopment of the venerable Kyle Field that originally opened in 1905. The original concrete seating on the east and west sides was added in 1927 and the horseshoe was completed in 1929.”

It sounds as though there have been no improvements to Kyle Field since 1929. I wonder if they will be surprised. What does venerable mean?

Whoever was in charge of scheduling this game should be fired.

Sully's Boots

If you have to ask what this is and why there are coins, you will never understand.

BTHO Ball State!

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