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Monday, June 26, 2017 – My Monday after Weekend College Sports Awards

Monday, June 26, 2017 – My Monday after Weekend College Sports Awards

Those of us in Texas know that the season that precedes football is called baseball and maybe golf. I usually post Here’s What I’m Thinking about the previous weekend’s college football games. I seldom do other sports awards, but as always there is an exception. Here are my Monday after the weekend college sports awards.

Best Golf Shot of the Year – Jordon Spieth’s chip out from the bunker to win The Travelers Championship in Sudden Death. Spectacular. The celebratory jump with his caddie was pretty good too. Google it.

My College World Series Awards

First to the Oregon Beavers – I did not think LSU could defeat you twice. Nevertheless, here is your Welcome to the SEC! Trophy.

To TCU –I was somewhat hoping for an all purple CWS final. Here is your second place, Welcome to the SEC! Trophy. Note to NCAA, if the Aggies cannot have any form of bubble making machines or devices for celebrations of runs because they are distracting, then TCU cannot have beach balls. There were more beach balls in the stadium than at a Grateful Dead Show in Mountain View. Also, NCAA, the bubbles burst and no one has to run on to the field to pick one up.

To the other teams who were in the bracket to reach the College World Series, great job. Very proud of all of you and hope to see you next year with Aggie bubbles.

But tonight we go to North Baton Rouge – formerly known as Omaha – for the first game of the finals of the College World Series between the LSU Tigers and that horrid team from Gainesville, Florida. Never trust a team from Florida or a team that has a mascot that tastes like chicken.


1954 Magnolia High School Senior Trip. New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo by my father.

Alligator at Prejeans. Photo by me. Is alligator wrestling an NCAA sports or just at Florida University?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 – ICYMI – In Case You Missed It.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 – ICYMI – In Case You Missed It.

While we anxiously await the results of tonight’s reality show live from New York – The United States Presidential Elections – let’s take a look at what you missed in other news.

First News from the Royal Families:

From India: Did you see Kate Middleton playing cricket in those high heels? You go, Girl!

From the Brazos Valley: Make that Sir Quarterback. His Royal Highness and his peeps appointed Trevor Knight as starting quarterback for the 2016 Texas Aggie Football Season.

Panoramic view (800x284)

Knight was named MVP of the 2014 Sugar Bowl when he led Oklahoma to a 45–31 upset of two-time reigning national champion Alabama.

From Golf: Jordon Spieth – I think it would have been pretty funny too if you had dropped The Green Jacket twice as you put it on this year’s champion – what is his name again?

From DWTS: Looking good as Prince Charming, last night, Von Miller.

Second News from the Weird and Strange and Just Downright Awful

Johnny Manziel is my new roommate. He is staying and paying until he makes up for the dollars I spent on buying his shit.

From the land of “Take me back to Dixie” come the ghosts of George Wallace and Jesse Helms – Alabama, and North Carolina – we have the reincarnation of the current governors of Mississippi and North Carolina.

From these backwards thinking minds comes legislation regarding who can pee where. When did one’s need to pee become a need to legislate? Please use the bathroom with the urinary disposal system you were born with? How in the hell are you going to enforce this? I am not buying this shit either.


Ship wreck 4

Third News from World of The Let’s Make a Deal

The “good money” Proposal

From some faithful and loyal readers of HWIT, I received the following proposal yesterday:

“BTW – we would pay good money to see a video of you throwing your clubs in the water, jumping in after them, thrashing wildly while screaming and cursing just sayin.”

Here is my Counter Proposal – Pick a definition of “good money” and bring it!

  • Must be at the 12th Hole in Augusta at The Masters – you pay for my trip to The Masters and my videographers
  • The purse Jordon Speith received
  • New clubs after mine are in the water
  • A tailgate weekend at my house when Johnny Manziel moves out.

Monday, April 11, 2016 – Go Down Jordon. Oh, It’s Go Down Moses?

Monday, April 11, 2016 – Go Down Jordon. Oh, It’s Go Down Moses?

Yeah, it was Roll, Jordon, Roll. If you did not see it, then do not watch because it was so painful. After leading the field at The Masters Tournament for three days, on the 12th Hole, Par 3 Hole, Jordon Spieth quadruple bogies for a seven (7).

What is even worse, is that I knew exactly how to score two balls in the water, two drops, and three strokes. I know because I do that frequently on Hole # 16, Par 3 at Briarcrest Country Club. I am supposed to play like you. You are not supposed to play like I do.

I would have thrown my clubs in the water, jumped in after them, and thrashed wildly in the water while screaming and cursing on national television until my caddie was forced to come in to save me.

But you, classy as always, almost pull off the great comeback. But you walked calmly to the parking lot, waved a slight wave to reporters, and were whisked away. Or as we say in Texas – This is when The Cowboy Rides Away. It is OK to cry.Texas Flag @ Sunset

Friday, July 17, 2015 – Come On Jordon and They Are Not Called Sand Traps

Friday, July 17, 2015 – Come On Jordon and They Are Not Called Sand Traps

St. Andrews, Scotland – The Home of Golf. Home of The Open Championship, often called the British Open. It is one of the four major championships in golf.

For at least 464 years, golf has been played at St. Andrews in Scotland.

However, before the Old Course could even be born, golf was illegal. Not to mention that GOLF meant Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.

In 1457, King James II had outlawed the game because it took away from men practicing archery. That’s right: golf was a counter-cultural game. Well, that is what happens when the Stewarts are on the throne.

Almost a half-century later, King James IV ended the ban in 1502. That’s probably because he enjoyed the game. Records show he bought clubs in the village of St. Andrews in 1506.

One of the fundamentals one learns when learning to play golf is that the areas filled with sand are called bunkers, not sand traps. However, often you will hear golfers refer to them as “Oh crap” or some other, more color adjective.

If you look at the bunkers on St. Andrews, they look more like sand prisons. I am not certain I could even climb out of those deep holes filled with sand with a ladder, let alone get a little white ball out of one by hitting it with a stick. It’s a 50-50 chance I can get the ball out of the bunker when the lie is relatively flat. I always succeed on the third attempt when I pick up the ball and throw on the green. I am not certain I could do that given the depth of the bunkers at St. Andrews.

And remember when we all wanted to “play like Tiger?” Well, now we do.

So good luck Jordon Spieth. As the great Harvey Penick said “Take dead aim.” Bring the Claret Jug home to Texas.