Monday, September 18, 2017 – My Monday After College Football Awards

Monday, September 18, 2017 – My Monday After College Football Awards

This weekend’s games were why we love college football.

Let’s begin with the scores. All the Bigs won big by big scores. Alabama OU, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, and Clemson.

The When Is It Basketball Season? Award goes to Baylor for their loss to Duke 20 to 34. There is always Kansas, Baylor.

The ULaLa Second Half Elixir Award, produced by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Fighting Aggie Band goes to the Texas Aggies.

The announcers said “Perhaps the Aggie Band will help the Aggies in the second half.” Photo by KB.

Not certain if this is Kyle Field at 11:00 kickoff, but it looks pretty full to me. Photo by KB.

I hope you ordered a case of the Elixir for next week’s game. Now that you have finished playing the Three Sisters of the Poor, next week it is time to bring home the bacon.


Photo by me. Gator by Prejeans.

The 00.00 Clockwork Orange Award goes to both UT schools. First to the University of Tennessee. Hail Mary, Full of Gatorade, as Florida wins with a Hail Mary pass as time runs out to defeat the Vols. I guess Gators can reach Rocky Top.

The second 00.00 Clockwork Orange Award goes to THE University of Texas as USC scores with seconds left in the first half.

In addition, THE University of Texas receives a Poopy Undies Award and a new award entitled Pop a Vein Award as their fans watched the entire game ultimately loosing as the field goal split the uprights in the second overtime giving USC the win 24 -27. Trust me, Horns, the Aggies know the feeling of seeing the ball go through the goal post as time expires. At least it wasn’t in your stadium and on Thanksgiving.

The Herding Cats Cowbell Award goes to the Bulldogs of Mississippi State. For Real! These dogs put an ass kicking on LSU 27 to 7.

As mentioned in previous posts, this year there is The Big Solid Award. This award is given to defensive units and individuals in the defense and there are several this week. Let’s begin with The Big Solid’s Alma Mater, Mississippi State and award a Big Solid Award to the Mississippi State Defense. It is not easy to herd cats.

Bully! I could have been a contender. I am prettier than Smokey and UGA. When is our play day, Miss Reveille? Photo my me from the TV.

A second Big Solid Award goes to the Defense of THE University of Texas. I am not sure the Horns are back, but the defense was impressive. Let us see what happens in Dallas in October.

Now to the individual Big Solid Awards.

To #4 Deshon Elliot, of THE University, I am awarding the Franco Harris Immaculate Reception Award and a Big Solid Award for 2.5 interceptions. Yes, it was almost three interceptions so I am giving half credit for the almost third one.

To Texas Aggie # 23 Armani Watts – a Big Solid Award for two interceptions. We are going to need many more of those.

And last, the Big Super Solid Award goes to #8, Dorion O’Daniel of Clemson for his interception of a Heisman Winning Quarterback, (Lamar Jackson) and returning it for a touchdown. Pure Big Solid. Perhaps he will share the video when the Bulldogs take on the Tide. Factoid: Joe Namath was eleventh in the balloting for the 1964 Heisman Trophy, which was won by quarterback John Huarte of Notre Dame. John Who?

Honeyboy! Look who just won the American League West! The Houston Astros! This might be the year! Go Astros.

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  1. Janne Swearengen

    You have made Big Solid’s day!! Great blog!


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