Sunday Morning, September 17, 2017 – Vietnam and Constitution Day

Sunday Morning, September 17, 2017 – Vietnam and Constitution Day

Tonight PBS stations will air the Ken Burns and Lynn Novik documentary Vietnam. It will be difficult to watch. But We, the People must watch. It will be especially difficult for those of us who lived it one way or another. For those who have no memory of this time period it is imperative that you watch.

We must revisit a time of protests, angst, upheaval and change in order to understand the protests, angst, upheaval and change that We, the People are experiencing today.

It was a time of unpopular leaders in an unpopular conflict in a foreign place exemplified by protests of “Hey, Hey, LBJ, How many kids did you kill today?”

It was a time of water hoses and attack dogs in our streets with “Burn, Baby Burn” slogans against our fellow Americans because of the color of their skin and ignoring the content of their character.

It was time of flag burning and flag waving and multiple crises of The United States Constitution addressing First Amendment Rights.

News about Vietnam came into our homes every evening on the social media of the day – television. Families sat down at the dinner hour to watch Vietnam on the evening news. Today we have 24/7 cable TV and other social media to keep us divided.

The Vietnam Conflict was considered the most consequential, divisive, and controversial events in American history probably until today.

Perhaps it is not ironic that today, September 17 is also Constitution Day

On this day citizens are asked to read and reflect on The United States Constitution in its entirety. I suspect only history and government geeks like me will read the document from We, the People to the last signer, Gouv Morris.

If you only have three minutes, check out the video and sing along to one of the best learning programs ever – School House Rocks. Remember it is WE, the People of THE UNITED STATES of American Not just the few.

We were divided once. We are divided today. The Constitution worked during the years of turmoil of the years reflected by the Vietnam decades and it will work today.


One response to “Sunday Morning, September 17, 2017 – Vietnam and Constitution Day

  1. Delia, I am so glad you know it is Constitution Week-it is 230 years young. I belong to Daughters of the American Revolution and made a display about Constitution Week at our local library. Went to a Constitution luncheon yesterday., too! Your video post is great! I do not know if I can watch Vietman War by Ken Burns. He will not sugar coat anything. It should be great though.

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