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Monday, March 14, 2016 –Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Monday, March 14, 2016 –Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Does Anybody Care about Time?

And so the opening lines of the Chicago song go.

Let me have a show of hands – how many like Daylight Savings Time?

Last night due to the magic of television the men’s NCAA tournament basketball bracket was completed. Tonight the women will learn where they will play and who they play as their bracket is completed. I will be at the Texas A&M Watch Party tonight. Teams placed in the brackets should be available to download this later this evening. If you want a blank bracket to complete as announcements are made go to the NCAA website http://www.ncaa.com/interactive-bracket/basketball-women/d1

Therefore, tomorrow be prepared as we explore How to Complete Your Bracket to select winners.

Buddy Glasses

Professor Buddy T. Cat

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 – Your Basketball Bracket Primer – Going Dancing – Part I – The Women’s Tournament

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 – Your NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Primer – Going Dancing – Part I – The Women’s Tournament

Gather ye basketballs while ye may, the time is still a flying; And that same team that flies today; tomorrow will be dying.

Monday evening the ESPN will air the selection show for the NCAA Division I women’s tournament. Sixty-four teams will be selected to go to the dance. Let’s start with terminology.

Automatic bid – these are teams who win their conference or their conference tournament. It is like going to the dance with your long-time boy/girl friend.

At large invitation – these are teams who did not win their conference or their conference tourney, but will get to go to the dance. It like hoping you get asked to the big dance by somebody.

Bracket – a funny little chart showing which teams play against one another. More to come on brackets after Monday.

Bracket Virgins – your first time to complete a tournament bracket.

The Dance – the championship tournament is referred to as “the dance.” I do not know why.

Final Four – the last four teams left after everybody has played through their bracket. These teams play to be crowned 2016 Basketball National Champions.

Hardware/Bling – Hardware refers to the trophy; Bling refers to the BIG diamond rings you get if you win the tournament. The bling is the size of the nob on your dresser drawers.

Ticket punched – this is the term that a team received an automatic invitation and is loading the bus or plane to travel to a destination selected by people who actually get paid to watch, analyze and make up brackets for sporting events.

Let’s see who already has their tickets punched to the Dance and the conferences represented.

  1. George Washington – A-10 Conference
  2. Notre Dame – ACC
  3. Chattanooga – Southern
  4. South Carolina – SEC
  5. Maryland – Big 10
  6. Oregon State – Pac 12 – Go Beavers! It is not the usual champ – Stanford. Sorry Tara V. I hope you get an at-large bid.
  7. Iona – MAAC Conference. I must admit I was devastated when Iona upset Quinnipiac 57-41.
  8. Yale – Ivy League
  9. St. Johns – Big East Conference. It is St. Johns first trip to the Dance since 1988. Come on – you got to like St. Johns. Their band plays New York – New York – “Start spreading the news; I’m leaving today…”
  10. Baylor – Big 12 Conference
  11. UNC Wilmington – Colonial Conference
  12. University of San Francisco – WCC
  13. Florida Gulf Coast – Atlantic Sun
  14. UNC Ashville – Big South
  15. Northern Iowa – Missouri Valley
  16. Austin Peay – Ohio Valley

I have never heard of most these teams either and my TV automatically turns to ESPN so do not fret.

Still to come – tournament winners from the following alphabet soup of conferences: West Coast; Mountain West; American East, MAC, SWAC, Big Sky MEAC, WAC. No, I have no idea what the letters stand for either. You have Google on your computer, look them up.

I think I left out a team. Oh yes – UConn from the AAC. I refer to this team as Geno and his Giants. I shall yell for any team playing UConn.

The at-large bids will “round out” the field of 64 teams. This should include Texas A&M, THE University of Texas @ Austin, and other teams that are really good basketball teams.

Then play begins. There is no tomorrow. You win or you go home. The objective is to continue to play until there are only four teams left. This is called The Final Four. Notice: there are four teams I have bolded. These are my Final Four predictions. Notre Dame, South Carolina, Baylor and UConn.

Another prediction: Baylor will win the Championship Game against UConn.

But then again it is not called March Madness without reason. Yale or any other team could throw the ball toward the basket on a desperate shot and win on a buzzer beater. A buzzer beater is defined as: with the scored tied and only seconds left to play in the game, a desperation shot is attempted; the ball goes through the basket and the team wins. Shades of Louisville several years ago and all Baylor fans wanted to (or did) throw up.

As we wait for Selection Monday, let’s begin to cheer for teams we want to win somewhere in the tournament. Sic’ Em Bears. Gig ‘Em Aggies and yes, even Hook ‘Em Horns. Somebody bring that hardware and bling back to The Lone Star State from Connecticut! Geno and the Giants already have too much hardware and too much bling. It is someone else’s turn for hardware and bling.

GB & Me (800x600)

GB (Gary Blair – Texas A&M women’s basketball coach) and me. Photo by the crazy women who shoved me out of the way to get her photo made with GB.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 – International Women’s Day and the Women’s Basketball Division I Tournament.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 – International Women’s Day and the Women’s Basketball Division I Tournament.

Today is International Women’s Day. We celebrate and sing “I am woman; hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore.” (Helen Reddy).

Corps (800x600)

First female leader of the Texas Aggie Corp of Cadets. photo by me.

What better way to celebrate than to watch amazing young women play collegiate basketball at the highest level.

Texas Wesylan 11.1.15 (800x533)

# 1 Courtney Willis – Senior – Texas A&M; Major: Computer Science; 3.8 GPA with Khaalia Hillsman- Texas A&M “Big” – sophomore business major who is already taking graduate courses in TAMU’s school of business. Photo by me.

The teams for the 2016 NCAA women’s basketball tournament will be selected next Monday. Sixty-four teams will be selected to play in this tournament. In April one team will be crowned National Champions and will cut down the nets as confetti streams to the court.

Whether you are a fan of basketball or not, take a time out to watch some incredibly gifted and talented woman play basketball. Listen to a few of the amazing stories of the leaders of tomorrow who are currently dribbling a basketball upon and down a court.

Here are some examples of the stories you will hear about these women and the many others like them who will be the decision-makers for our future. I mixed many examples, but each one of them represents real stories and examples of the female student athletes.

The women’s broadcast teams are pretty awesome too. If you tune in to a game, you will hear another group of incredible women who played and or coached the game. Here are some examples of the comments you might hear.

Sally is a 6’ 7” Senior and hails from French Lick, Indiana where she was four-year all state and twice McDonalds All-American. She graduated from high school with over 30 hours of college credit. She graduated in December with a degree in nuclear physics and is working on her Masters in molecular biology. She has been accepted by Johns Hopkins Medical School and will enter this fall. She said she grew up listening to her grandfather tell stories about watching Larry Bird play in high school and college.

Princess is a 5’9” sophomore aerospace engineering major, with a minor in Russian. She was a National Merit Scholar and completed an internship with NASA last summer. She helped design a soft landing system for the Mars study. Her brother is a two-time All-American basketball player at Duke.

Natasha’s is a six-foot small forward. She and her parents escaped some horrible place in the world and came to the United States when Natasha was ten. She spoke no English and found that basketball, like all sports, has no language barriers and soon began playing street ball in some horrible place in inner city Chicago. When she was twelve she got involved with the Dawn Staley Foundation. She credits this experience as life-saving. When Coach Staley offered her a scholarship, there was no hesitation. She was coming to South Carolina to play for her idol and mentor.

The starting five for Princeton refer to Otisha as Miss B. She is the only one who made a B last semester. She made a B in folk dance giving her a 3.9 GPA while the other four all boasted a 4.0 GPA for last semester. Otisha is majoring in environmental design and international women’s studies. She wants to help bring clean drinking water to remote villages throughout the world.

Carla is a junior point guard from Atlanta. Carla’s team mates refer to her as “Lashes” because of her long eye lashes. Carla credits her success to her high school AVID program and her middle school teacher, Karen Young. Carla has a double major in Sports Managements and Communications. Her goals include attending law school and one day becoming president of ESPN.

In honor of women throughout the world today and for those making the tomorrows let’s get ready to Celebrate, celebrate; Dance to the music. I am woman; hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore …

Thursday, March 19, 2015 – Here Come the Big Boys

Thursday, March 19, 2015 – Here Come the Big Boys

Today I will spend my afternoon watching very large and handsome young men dressed in uniforms of tank tops and long shorts run and bounce and then toss and catch a round ball. Then after several passes, one of the young men will attempt to throw it through a hoop.  Today the big boys (no pun intended) begin to play. The big schools with recognized names begin play.

I actually played girls’ basketball in high school.  Let me rephrase that – For two years I attempted to play girls’ basketball.  The few outstanding qualities I possessed at the time were: height at 5’ 8” and some small level of athletic (i.e. – eye hand coordination) ability.  However what little eye-hand coordination I possessed was compromised because I wore glasses.  Those beautiful, wing-tipped, cat-eyed monstrosities, if you recall.  I had to wear a mask to avoid breaking them.  This is a fundamental truth of basketball at any level – You cannot play basketball while wearing a catcher’s mask.   You cannot see anything except what is directly in front of you. The wearing of a mask is probably why I turned out to be a much better softball player than basketball player.  There is actually a position which requires you to wear a mask.  Unfortunately, MHS and every other high school in Texas did not have organized and sanctioned softball teams. But I have forty years of softball stories with trophies packed away somewhere to prove my participation.  And unlike most catchers, I still have my original working knees.   And in my mind and dreams, I can still throw out that runner going to second and I can still hold on to the ball as the runner slides into home plate causing me to go ass over head for OUT NUMBER THREE!

But that is in my mind and dreams.  Today I will be in my chair (IMC) watching a couple of teams from the men’s NCAA Bracket.  Tomorrow the women’s NCAA basketball tournament begins.   By tomorrow evening I will have carpel tunnel of the thumb from channel changing with the remote and my eyes will look like basketball balls.

But for today – Sic’ Em Bears! And because you are from the state of Texas, I wish the team from Austin good bounces also.

Lent Day Fourteen

Lent Day Fourteen

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 – Got your bracket filled out for the men? I did a relatively accurate analysis of the mascots of the schools and organized them into the following categories. Birds, cats, mammals, humanoids, other and last, but not least, “what the hell is a …?” Assuming the Kansas Jayhawk is a bird, there are eleven bird mascot schools, including Stanford Cardinals. So explain to me then why the school with the brightest minds of the universe, past and, present, have a tree wearing sewn together green patches as a mascot. There are ten schools with a cat as a mascot, and 50% of those cats are Wildcats. The cat category includes the BYU Cougars. They are not the BYU Mormons. There are sixteen mascots classified as mammals including four dogs, three bears, two buffalo, a wolf pack and a wolverine, a badger, two horses, a ram and a bovine. OK. It’s a Longhorn, but it is still a bovine. The humanoid category is defined as a human in a mascot costume. There are two colonels, a cavalier, a Spartan and friar. Also, included are a lumberjack, two minutemen and a volunteer. There is an aggie, a Sooner, a cowboy and an Indian. There is Ragin Cajun and a cornhusker and one Orange man. In the Other category, there are two devils. One is a sun devil while the other is a blue one. There are two weather patterns – a hurricane and a cyclone. The last category is the “What the hell is a …?” These mascots include a jasper, a buckeye, a flyer, a crimson, and a tar heel. And the best of category goes to a billiken. I would love to hear some of those cheers. The jasper mascot of Manhattan College comes from Brother Jasper who founded the college. And a billiken is a good luck charm. It really is worth Googling. Oh yeah, there is only one mascot from the reptile family and it is a big gator from Florida. This mascot can pretty much eat the others. So the bracket completion strategy based on which mascot can eat the others may prove equally as sound as the highly researched, statistical analysis and both will achieve the same national champion results.

Lent Day Twelve

Lent Day Twelve

Sunday, March 16, 2014 – OK- a word of warning. If you do not like college basketball, then you should probably stop reading this Lenten log now because there is going to be a lot about basketball in the next few weeks. I realize Lent is a religious observance, but to some of us, basketball is a religion. The NCAA basketball tournament is the great equalizer in sports. Smaller Division I schools have just as much of a chance to win as the large perennial power houses. That is one of the reasons I enjoy watching. The difference in a game may lie in a foul and a made or missed free throw. And who doesn’t like to watch buzzer beaters? The men’s brackets come out this afternoon and the women’s tomorrow. I fill in several brackets. One is based on which school’s mascot can eat the other school’s mascot. One is based on school colors. I might pick all schools with the color red. Of course I also do a carefully calculated bracket based on multiple statistical variables. And one bracket is my sentimental bracket. I pick teams based purely on sentimental factors. This year on the men’s sentimental bracket, my championship game is between the Wichita State Shockers and the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks. Of course, SFA is my one of my several alma maters (Given ‘Em the Ax ‘Em Jacks). These two teams hold the best won-loss records in Division I men’s basketball. I will pick both to go far into the statistical bracket also. On the women’s bracket’s I have any school save Notre Dame and UConn in the championship game. I might pick the USC women because they have red in their uniforms and are coached by Cynthia Cooper. Sometimes I complete a bracket because I admire the coach. So as we dribble through the next weeks, don’t say I did not give you fair warning. Don’t make me call a technical foul on you.