Lent Day Fourteen

Lent Day Fourteen

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 – Got your bracket filled out for the men? I did a relatively accurate analysis of the mascots of the schools and organized them into the following categories. Birds, cats, mammals, humanoids, other and last, but not least, “what the hell is a …?” Assuming the Kansas Jayhawk is a bird, there are eleven bird mascot schools, including Stanford Cardinals. So explain to me then why the school with the brightest minds of the universe, past and, present, have a tree wearing sewn together green patches as a mascot. There are ten schools with a cat as a mascot, and 50% of those cats are Wildcats. The cat category includes the BYU Cougars. They are not the BYU Mormons. There are sixteen mascots classified as mammals including four dogs, three bears, two buffalo, a wolf pack and a wolverine, a badger, two horses, a ram and a bovine. OK. It’s a Longhorn, but it is still a bovine. The humanoid category is defined as a human in a mascot costume. There are two colonels, a cavalier, a Spartan and friar. Also, included are a lumberjack, two minutemen and a volunteer. There is an aggie, a Sooner, a cowboy and an Indian. There is Ragin Cajun and a cornhusker and one Orange man. In the Other category, there are two devils. One is a sun devil while the other is a blue one. There are two weather patterns – a hurricane and a cyclone. The last category is the “What the hell is a …?” These mascots include a jasper, a buckeye, a flyer, a crimson, and a tar heel. And the best of category goes to a billiken. I would love to hear some of those cheers. The jasper mascot of Manhattan College comes from Brother Jasper who founded the college. And a billiken is a good luck charm. It really is worth Googling. Oh yeah, there is only one mascot from the reptile family and it is a big gator from Florida. This mascot can pretty much eat the others. So the bracket completion strategy based on which mascot can eat the others may prove equally as sound as the highly researched, statistical analysis and both will achieve the same national champion results.

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