Friday, September 6, 2019 – First Snarky Friday of September

Friday, September 6, 2019 – First Snarky Friday of September

It is week two of college football. This Saturday we have another mixing bowl of cupcake games. Everybody will have their cake and eat it too. Except, it is separation Saturday for four teams. But first.

For the 11:00 am hour, there is no school worth watching even if you attended it. Therefore, run errands, go the grocery story, perhaps take in an outdoors event. Get all of that done before 2:30. Then just turn the channel to ABC and hang on.

At 2:30 we have Clemson University hosting The Fighting Texas Aggies in Death Valley. The ‘bo’ boys of Dabo and Jimbo will duke it out. I am already nervous.

Following that game on ABC we have THE University of Texas at Austin hosting the Tigers from LSU in Darrel K. Royal Memorial Stadium. This is the first matchup of two top ten teams this season. The Horns will have pleasure of hearing the LSU band play Hold That Tiger multiple times.

Since there are few teams to snark about, I must prepare for these two important contests. It is necessary to obtain large quantities of the four basic football food groups – sweet, salty, alcohol and chocolate.

I must ensure Maroon Out shirt is clean, must get dammit doll ready along with a small maroon and white football that plays War Hymn when pressed. I must change to LSU shirt before their kickoff.

Then I must ensure the oxygen tanks are filled in the event of a close game and God forbid OVERTIME!

Until Monday – Hold that Tiger! And BTHO Clemson!

And to my relatives is Louisiana – Feel free to sing “Good bye to Texas University; so long to the orange the white…” and “Saw Varsity’s Horns Off!”

To my TU friends – here is a little YouTube video to start your weekend. GEAUX TIGERS!

I’m pretty impressed with the girls prancing down the street in heels, but I do not understand the bags. Make-up and cosmetics? Maybe comfortable shoes?

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