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Thursday, August 10, 2017 – Fire and Fury and The Merry Little Minuet

Thursday, August 10, 2017 – Fire and Fury and The Merry Little Minuet

“For man’s been endowed with a mushroom shaped cloud…”

I am a Baby Boomer – One of those people whose birth falls between 1945 and 1950. We are the first generation to live under the threat of nuclear annihilation and the balancing act of nuclear proliferation.

In 1960 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev banged his shoe on the podium at The United Nations and screamed “We will bury you.” I was eleven years old and I was scared.

1962 –United States’ President John F. Kennedy and Soviet leader, Khrushchev take us to the brink of nuclear war over the missiles in Cuba. I was thirteen years old and scared.

1967 – My friends went to Vietnam. I was eighteen years old and scared.

1968 – We, the People, said enough of oppressions and there riots in the streets across America. I was nineteen and scared.

1968 – I voted for the first time in the U S Presidential election. I never voted that way again. I got scared.

2017 – Today the POTUS tweets threats of nuclear war to North Korea at 3:00 AM. I am sixty-eight years old and I am not scared to say it, “Get this idiot impeached and removed.” Repeal and replace this disaster. If not …

“For we know for certain that some lovely day, someone will set the spark off and we will all be blown away.”

The Kingston Trio singing Tom Lehrer’s The Merry Little Minuet.




Wednesday, August 9, 2017 – Back to the Future Again

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 – Back to the Future Again or History the Way it Should be Taught

I received a great compliment the other day. A dear friend said, “I would love to have taken a history class from you.” Yes, you probably would. Ask all those fabulous J. L McCullough High School students in the late 70’s and early 80’s. They had the best and brightest history and government teachers Conroe ISD had to offer. Take that CHS!

Here is what I am thinking my history class might hear today.

Good Morning,

Is Stephanie on her way to class? Or will she be virtual presence? Good, here she is.

You need your device. I hope they are charged but if not, move to one of the charging stations in the back. Remember to charge! An uncharged device is like The Charge of the Light Brigade and you know what happened to them.

Open your folder and click on the link I sent you just now.

Screen One

Listed below are three historical events. Your assignment is to relate each of these three past events to the current events today in as many ways as you can think of. You may work alone or form a group not to exceed four.

Your assessment will be a presentation of how you chose to relate the events and how many relationships you can make. Alabama is going to be tough but it is there. No, I do not think it is the football team, but if you can find a relationship, then go for it.

You may choose any presentation method, including but not limited to: essay, charts/graphs, poetry, artwork, music, movie, theatre (a play), or a combination of methods.

Upload your presentation to your folder on Electronic Homework. Your final presentation is due at 11:59 PM, August 9, 2017.

Screen Two

  1. Seventy-two (72) years ago, August 9, 1945, the United States dropped a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.
  2. Forty-three (43) years ago, August 9, 1974, the following letter was sent to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. It read:

“I hereby resign the office of President of the United States.

Sincerely, Richard M. Nixon.”

  1. “Who’s Next?” By Tom Leher That Was the Year That Was Album 1965


Let me know if you have questions.

Friday, June 3, 2017 – Yesterday

Friday, June 3 – Yesterday

Yesterday the internet was down. That probably accounts for the five provider trucks in my hood all day. So here is yesterday’s HWIT.

Friday, June 2, 2017 – The Great Tom Leher

Listening to Tom Leher this morning. I thought the songs were about social and political issues and happening in the 1950’s and 1960’s. I did not realize it was a dystopian futuristic view of The United States in 2017. Thank you Donald Dumbster. I’m going with Paris Agreement.

Friday, February 10, 2017 – Order in the Court. The Southern Snark is Now in Sessions

Friday, February 10, 2017 – Order in the Court. The Southern Snark is Now in Sessions

The Great Tom Lehrer from 1967.



Tuesday, December 6, 2016 – Merry Christmas and Manseutude

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 – Merry Christmas and Manseutude

Good Morning Boys and Girls,

Please note: I will sue your happy butt if you do not let me express my freedoms expressed in the greeting. Besides, I am rethinking law school.  With the new administration and President Elect Twitter, the most jobs he will create will be in the field of lawyering up along both sides.

Our vocabulary word for the day is: Mansuetude. Is a noun that means mildness, gentleness, the mansuetude of Christian love.

“I know there are people who do not love one another and I hate people like that.” Tom Lehrer.


Thursday, July 16, 2015 – The Invasion of Texas and Tom Lehrer is Alive and Well

Thursday, July 16, 2015 – The Invasion of Texas and Tom Lehrer is Alive and Well

I see where Jade Helm 15 – aka The Invasion of Bastrop – has begun. The concerned citizens, such as a former sheriff from Arizona (that tells us a lot) and his volunteers are “shadowing” the exercise – with their still concealed (until September 1) handguns. And Goobernor Abbott has ordered State Guard to monitor them and the rest of the goings on.

This is a military training exercise across multiple states. Military officials have said the topography in selected areas is ideal to replicate foreign combat zones. What foreign combat zone does Bastrop represent?

Meanwhile, The United States signed an agreement with Iran. In light of the two “events” I bring you once again, from 1965 and equally as relevant today – the genius of Tom Lehrer, from That Was The Year That Was with “Who’s Next?” Sing along and Just change “Alabama” and sing “ We’ll try to stay serene and calm when BASTROP COUNTY gets the bomb.

Who’s Next? By Tom Lehrer

First we got the bomb, and that was good, ‘Cause we love peace and motherhood.

Then Russia got the bomb, but that’s okay, ‘Cause the balance of power’s maintained that way. Who’s next?

France got the bomb, but don’t you grieve, ‘Cause they’re on our side (I believe). China got the bomb, but have no fears, They can’t wipe us out for at least five years. Who’s next?

Then Indonesia claimed that they Were gonna get one any day. South Africa wants two, that’s right: One for the black and one for the white. Who’s next?

Egypt’s gonna get one too, Just to use on you know who. So Israel’s getting tense. Wants one in self defense. “The Lord’s our shepherd,” says the psalm, But just in case, we better get a bomb. Who’s next?

Luxembourg is next to go, And (who knows?) maybe Monaco. We’ll try to stay serene and calm When Alabama gets the bomb. Who’s next? Who’s next? Who’s next? Who’s next?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 – BILL! Run for the Hills! The Floods Are Flashing!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 – BILL! Run for the Hills! The Floods Are Flashing!

Bill is headed to Texas and he is not running for President of the United States. Let’s see, with Jeb Bush and soon to be announcing Donald Trump, how many candidates are running? Do the John Wax math.

I see where Chris Christi says he would “start World War III.” That’s certainly encouraging. As the great Tom Lehrer once sang in the 1960’s, “Watch World War III on pay TV.”

Here’s What I’m Thinking. What if all of the candidates who want to run the country do something like Dancing With the Stars, or World Wrestling Federation with mud and Jell-O?

People could email, text, or tweet their votes. If the DWTS model was used, each week we could vote a candidate out of the race. The last two candidates standing get to be POTUS and VPOTUS and face off in a Jazz Dance to All That Jazz from Chicago. (It’s a stretch, but it works describing D.C.) “ …it’s just a noisy hall, where’s there’s a nightly brawl…”

Better yet – a quick step from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – “Oooh, I love to dance a little side step; now you see me; now you don’t …”

I am kinda rethinking the mud/Jell-O wrestling. I do not want to see any of those people in swim suit attire in high definition TV.

How about we put all of the candidates on an island and call it “Survival Reality Politics?” And put the island in Bill’s path. I would watch that on pay TV.

Lent Day Seventeen

Lent Day Seventeen

Friday, March 21, 2014 – “Fight, fiercely Harvard…” That is not the fight song of Harvard University, but rather the parody by one of its alumni and one of the greatest satirist of the twentieth century. While you are thinking who it is, here is a report from yesterday’s and this mornings’ games. This tournament has already had so many upsets, the name should be changed to March Schizophrenia. Harvard might be the only school who could spell it though. Congratulations to the Billikens and you certainly needed to be and have that good luck charm to pull off the win. Also having good luck were the buzzer-beating Texas Longhorns and of course the Harvard Crimson upsetting Cincinnati. If your bracket had not busted earlier with Dayton over The Ohio State, it probably did with Harvard. My selection, Colorado, played as though they inhaled too much of the air caused by the recent passing of laws in their their state to expand recreational opportunities. And then, am I the only one who sees the irony in the win by the North Dakota Bison over the Oklahoma Sooners? Bison – 1. Native Americans and Sooners – 0. The revenge of the buffaloes, you betcha. And so far today, it has been a good day for bears – both Baylor and Mercer. Mercer upset the Duke Blue Devils. And the brackets continue to bust. Fight, fiercely, Harvard is one of many songs by the fabulous Tom Lehrer. Tom Lehrer earned his AB in mathematics (magna cum laude) from Harvard University in 1946 when he was 19. He received his MA degree the next year and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. His songs, such as Pollution and A Song for World War III, (Watch World War III on pay TV…) are as meaningful and pertinent today as they were in the 1960’s and 1970’s. So for Mr. Lehrer and all the other key carrying scholars – Fight, fiercely, Harvard.