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Tuesday, June 16, 2015 – BILL! Run for the Hills! The Floods Are Flashing!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 – BILL! Run for the Hills! The Floods Are Flashing!

Bill is headed to Texas and he is not running for President of the United States. Let’s see, with Jeb Bush and soon to be announcing Donald Trump, how many candidates are running? Do the John Wax math.

I see where Chris Christi says he would “start World War III.” That’s certainly encouraging. As the great Tom Lehrer once sang in the 1960’s, “Watch World War III on pay TV.”

Here’s What I’m Thinking. What if all of the candidates who want to run the country do something like Dancing With the Stars, or World Wrestling Federation with mud and Jell-O?

People could email, text, or tweet their votes. If the DWTS model was used, each week we could vote a candidate out of the race. The last two candidates standing get to be POTUS and VPOTUS and face off in a Jazz Dance to All That Jazz from Chicago. (It’s a stretch, but it works describing D.C.) “ …it’s just a noisy hall, where’s there’s a nightly brawl…”

Better yet – a quick step from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – “Oooh, I love to dance a little side step; now you see me; now you don’t …”

I am kinda rethinking the mud/Jell-O wrestling. I do not want to see any of those people in swim suit attire in high definition TV.

How about we put all of the candidates on an island and call it “Survival Reality Politics?” And put the island in Bill’s path. I would watch that on pay TV.