Friday, September 27, 2019 – Snark – Week Five

Friday, September 27, 2019 – Snark – Week Five

It is a Bob Wills’ weekend because There’s big balls in Cowtown; So let’s all go downtown.

Actually, the only game in Cowtown, also known as Fort Worth, is Kansas at TCU, but Arlington is close enough for Shark Work so let’s start there.

Not only is there football with big balls, it is the opening of the State Fair of Texas in Dallas! So let’s begin with the Bloody Mary Morning, 11:00 games and a breakfast menu.

We have the Texas A&M Aggies and The University of Arkansas pigs at 11:00 on ESPN. I shall have a side of fried bacon, fried sausage, fried ham, fried pork chops and some pork rinds – all presented tastefully on a wooden stick. This could be a two Bloody Mary game. Starkle may sparkle as the One Who Got Away!

Texas Tech at Oklahoma at 11:00 on Fox – I shall also have a deep fried tortilla for Tortilla Tech with a side of fried butter on a stick. I doubt many tortillas will fly at Norman because Jalen is going to Hurt you bad.

Kansas at TCU on FS1 – Jayhawks and Horn Frogs kick off at 11:00. Worth an occasional check.

Heading in to the 2:30 time slot we find the following:

Iowa State Baylor at 2:30 on ESPN – Always interesting and always scary for the Bears. There is something about the Weather Pattern mascot (Cyclones) besides their ugly color combination uniforms that keeps you guessing until time runs out. Sic ‘Em, Bears!

Ole Miss and Alabama at 2:30 on CBS – Hotty Toddy, God Almighty, but not this weekend Rebels. The Tide is just beginning to Roll. Did you know that Nick Saban was playing football at Kent State when the shootings took place? He and his friends decided to go get something to eat and then walk back across campus. They had just left the eating establishment and arrived back on campus shortly after the shootings and became part of the resulting chaos. Had they not gone to lunch first, they would have been in the middle of the entire tragic incident. Source: Saturdays in the South –The History of the SEC on SEC network. Check it out.

Virginia at Notre Dame on the Notre Dame Network, NBC at 2:30. Yes, Virginia, there is a RL and he will text his ND comment. Go Cavaliers!

Towson at Florida at 3:00 on SEC Network – Towson? Blah! Tongue out emoji.

And in the dinner hour or in this case supper hour cause it is the South, ya’ll know, we find:

Mississippi State and Auburn at 6:00 on ESPN – The Bulldog cowbells are ringing as they Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair. You know like in the hair color – Auburn? We gonna need some Big Solid plays with interceptions and run backs. Sideline bar: Elf, I was very disappointed that the SEC presentation of Saturdays in the South did not show Big Solid’s interception and touchdown return against Joe Namath. Guess Broadway Joe edited that piece out of his bio. Go Bulldogs.

Kansas State at Oklahoma State 6:00 – NO TV! Well, that ain’t right. Must rely on pictures from those attending the game. Make it a good homecoming, ya’ll. Have fun and Go Pokes.

BTHO Arkansas!

One response to “Friday, September 27, 2019 – Snark – Week Five

  1. You have made Big Solid’s day!! Loved it


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