Monday, September 09, 2019

Monday, September 09, 2019 – The Monday after College Football Awards Show

Today is 09.09.2019.

Let’s begin as usual with the weekly Poopy Undies Awards. Teams receiving PU Awards for scaring their fans are:

  • Michigan who barely won in OT against Army 24 to 21 and
  • LSU and THE University of Texas at Austin. Both teams and their fans please collect your trophies. Note: this award was made at the end of the third quarter Saturday night.

Alright! Alright! Alright! The award for Best Looking Person on a team’s sideline goes to the Minister of Culture, Matthew McConaughey.

I ask my wonderful SFA college Roomie to send me pic from the game. I really appreciate the picture, but I was hoping for a selfie with Matthew. Maybe next time?

The Sight for Sore Eyes Award goes to Boise State. The Broncos won over Marshall as in We Are, Marshall, Matthew McConaughey movie. But it is that blue field! That ugly blue field. I have heard of Field of Dreams, but IMHO, that is a Field of Nightmares on the cones and rods in my eyeballs!

The Someone’s Gonna Get Hurt Award goes to Jalen, OU and the Boomer Sooners! Plus OU has a guy a running back named Rambo! OU 70 – South Dakota 14.

Two Awards go to The Fighting Texas Aggies. First, we all know the Aggies never lose; they just run out of time. So The Add More Time Award goes to The Aggies with the inscription: Time Needed: 365 more days.

The second award to the Aggies is the Eagles Award when they sing

We can beat around the bushes;
we can get down to the bone
We can leave it in the parkin’ lot,
but either way, there’s gonna be a
heartache tonight, a heartache tonight I know.
There’ll be a heartache tonight
a heartache tonight I know.

The OMG What a Shot and What a Match Awards go to Rafael Nadal and D Medvedev for US Open Men’s Tennis Finals. Nadal wins in 5 sets and four hours and 50 minutes.

The No 10 Run Rule goes the Houston Astros for their win 21 – Mariners 1..

On a final note – If you love football; love the South; and love history turn to the SEC network on Tuesday nights at 7:00 CST (I think) for Saturdays in the South. I had no idea John Heisman was so influential in the growth of football in the South. Maybe football should give an award named him.

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