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Sunday, March, 20, 2016 – Get Your Facts on the Jacks Straight, Man!

Ax'Em Jacks!

Sunday, March, 20, 2016 – Get Your Facts on the Jacks Straight, Man!

This was on Yahoo Sports this morning. “For a team that only began its basketball program in the mid-1980s, the Lumberjacks have carved out a niche for themselves in the Southland. This is their third straight NCAA appearance — fourth overall — and their second victory. As a 12 seed in 2014, the Lumberjacks upset fifth-seeded VCU. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/news/ncaa-tournament-2016-stephen-f-223500563.html

Then what sport were the Lumberjacks playing in Shelton Gym when they won all of those NAIA championships in the 1970’s? More specifically during the 1967- 1971 when I was a student “neath Texas pines where we’ve found peaceful shrines”

Let’s give the sport’s writer the Ax, Jacks.

Perhaps the sportswriters have just discovered what is behind The Pine Curtain.

Ax’Em, Jacks! Beat Notre Dame!

Buddy Glasses

Wednesday, March 16,, 2016 – Me and My Brackets

Wednesday, March 16,, 2016 – Me and My Brackets

Our post today is brought to by the word Skullduggery – Skuhl-DUHG-uh-ree

It is a noun meaning:

  1. dishonorable proceedings, mean dishonest or trickery: bribery graft and other such skullduggery
  2. an instance of dishonest or deceitful behavior; trick

But enough about the presidential elections and the government.

Here is my completed bracket for the women’s NCAA Division I basketball tournament.

2016 Womens bracket (800x450)

Yep – got the Baptists and the Catholics in Championship Game – Baylor and Notre Dame. As you can see I have Baylor and Texas A&M playing in the Sweet 16. When these two teams play it is known as a “bitter rivalry.” I am sure Coach Mulkey and Coach Blair will show clips from 2011 and the infamous clock issue. Should A&M pull an upset, I will not talk to my family for a week.

“Just Say No to Four” is my mantra for UConn. The University of Connecticut is a basketball dynasty in any league and Briana Stewart (Stewie) is one of the greatest collegiate athletes you will see – male or female. Nevertheless, Here’s What I’m Thinking – the odds are against you to repeat as National Champions for a fourth time. And you know Mulkey and Muffet have teams that can beat you. The scenery only changes for the lead Huskie and it is time for a change. So I am going with the Bears and the Creepy Leprechauns.

But first on March 19 The Fighting Texas Aggie Women must BTHO Missouri State.

I also completed a Division I Men’s Basketball Bracket. I used the Penny method for selecting the Championship Game – my favorite colors, mascots, funny sounding names, etc. My major criterion was schools from which I have graduated. Therefore I have Texas A&M playing Stephen F. Austin for the National Championship. Gig ‘Em Aggies and Ax ‘Em Jacks!