Thursday, May 11, 2017 – IT Cannot Come Soon Enough. When Does It Begin?

Thursday, May 11, 2017 – IT Cannot Come Soon Enough. When Does It Begin?

I am so over these governmental, constitutional, and foreign crises I am just going to get under my desk, put my hands over my head and wait for IT. I do not know what “IT” will be, but probably something out of the Stephen King novel.

Therefore, I am leaving the “What Have You Done Now?” story of whoever is in charge of the country and moving on to happy thoughts. At least for now.

When does NCAA College football start?

WARNING TO ALABAMA FANS – Be prepared before clicking on the link below. The header is Clemson. Just Roll on past it.

College football season begins at the end of August. Not soon enough. Why are Rice and Stanford playing in Australia? Perhaps it is The Smarty Pants Bowl. Ooh that sounds like a potty training product. Let’s call it The Intellectual Property Rights Bowl.

ICYMI – Over 10,000 Texas Aggies will graduate and become Former Students this weekend. Remember: We are The Aggies; The Aggies are we. And

We Are Fearless!

September 2 – BTHO UCLA!

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