Friday, May 12, 2017 – Good Morning, Comrades.

Friday, May 12, 2017 – Good Morning, Comrades.

Good Morning, Comrades. Grandma Babushka here – substituting for whoever is supposed to be doing this. In former Soviet Union I was great educator, but sent to Red Siberia. Now come to America like an immigrant. I am now janitor and was cleaning up in hallway of White House when asked to read this to you while man hide in bushes.

“Special Welcome to Boris and Natasha and evil spy from Spy vs Spy in Mad Magazine. (Source: Newman, Alfred E., Mad Magazine.) On behalf of Moose and Squirrel I want to welcome you to The White House Press Room.   Have picture for you of Big Bull Moose doing what he does best.

Moose marking his territory for winter. Alaska 2014. Photo by me. Kenai Peninsula.

New T-shirts and hats for you with Moose picture on front and says – Make America Great Again. This time in Cyrillic letters.”

All for now. Must go clean up more after Moose in White House.

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