Wednesday, May 10, 2017 – Human Anatomy and Political Science

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 – Human Anatomy and Political Science

Good Morning, Class,

Today our class is interdisciplinary content delivery of human anatomy and political science.

But first, our anticipatory set. Thank you, Saint Madeline Hunter, Patron Saint of Education.

What do a cluster of old white men politicians know about a woman’s human anatomy?

While you are trying to think of something, here’s what I’m thinking:

First of all every member on the Senate health care committee should experience a monthly period for at least a year. Included are, but not limited to: debilitating abdominal cramps, bloating, mood swings, and all of the other body changes that occur during that time of the month.

Second – every member of the Senate health care committee should experience a mammogram. Only then can they experience the delight of a garage door closing on their breast.

This should be followed by a complete pelvic exam. Men complain about a prostate exam. How about a piece of metal stuck up your Go-go!

Then I think you should be pregnant for nine months with the ensuing hormonal changes and a delivery of the baby.

And last but not least I think each and every one of you on the Senate Committee promising to revise the House of Representatives pyric victory regarding health care should:

Go through a long, painful and agonizing menopause!

I am thinking you Bale of Turtles on the current Senate Committee should get some people with woman body parts on this committee or you are going to be clueless about the backlash and it looks like an uphill climb to me.

Hole 14 – Briar Crest Golf Club. Bryan, Texas. Photo by me.

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