Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014 – College Football – Week Eleven

Who is the most famous alumni from The University of Tennessee at Martin? And my apologies for not recognizing UTM by its official name last Friday and referring to it as UTennessee @ Somewhere. Also, it seems the Prefixes is not the mascot of Presbyterian. The mascot is the Blue Hose. The Presbyterian Blue Hose. I am not certain if this refers to a legging or stocking, or a garden tool or some type of religious undergarment worn like other religious beliefs. Nevertheless, Ole Miss hosed them 48-0.

Prior to Monday, College Football Awards – Week Eleven, you probably do not get the SEC network. If you did and watched it Saturday morning, you know there was a segment from Ruffino’s in Baton Rouge showing how to make gumbo. As all gumbo recipes begin, “First you make a roux.” Then you add the “gumbo Trinity” of onions, bell pepper and celery. After that it got very generic. For example, “Then you add your spices.” This is because no one who makes gumbo is going to give every detail. It is our secret. But what do you have Longhorn Network that is informative, informational and practical? But the Longhorns win the first award today. It is

The Our State is Better in Football Than Your State Award goes To THE University of Texas for beginning to look like a Texas team and not like Westlake High School against the University of West Virginia! TCU also receives a share of this award for winning against K-State.

In The Purple Reign Bowl, TCU rained Princely on K-State to strengthening the chances of the Big 12 Championship belonging to a school in state of Texas.

Baylor receives the First Win in Norman Award and also strengthening the in state chances for the Big 12 Championship.

Our Lady of the Desert Award is presented to Notre Dame for drying up ND’s championship chances. Arizona Sun Devils! You should have brought an exorcist with you.

The Meteorological Phases of the Moon Award goes to LSU. You should know The TIDE always rises during the full moon.

The What’s The Point Award goes to the LSU field goal kicker for the field goal in the game with a minute left against Alabama giving LSU the lead.

The What Were You Thinking Award goes to the LSU kick off kicker for kicking the ball out of bounds on the ensuing kickoff and thus giving Alabama an opportunity to score and tie the game in regulation and then go on to win in OT.

The Leon Lett Award goes to Utah for dropping the football short of the goal line…

While The Almost as Good As The Play* – goes to the Oregon player for picking up the dropped ball in the end zone and then to all eleven Oregon players for running the entire length of the field to score and tie the score, while the Utes celebrated prematurely on their sideline. *The Play refers to a last-second kickoff return during a college football game between the University of California Golden Bears and the Stanford Cardinal (remember it is a color, not bird) on Saturday, November 20, 1982.

And now to The Fighting Texas Aggies I proudly award the following awards:

To the true freshman Aggie Quarterback, Kyle Allen, I give the “Stay Calm and Carry on with Ice in Your Veins” Award.

The Awe Burn Your Chances for taking out the Tigers Final Four contention.

The Awe Burn The Clock Award for holding on to the end.

The Red-Headed Step Child Award goes to Texas A&M because Auburn will not want to bring this game out in public.

The Ruling on The Field is Confirmed! Aggie Ball! Award.

The Ruling on The Field is Confirmed! Aggie Ball! Award. Yes, they get two of the same awards for the two late fumble recoveries.

And while Bo Jackson was a great dual sport athlete and is a super person, the Aggies win the Bo Don’t Know Texas A&M! Award.

Pat Summit graduated from The University of Tennessee at Martin.

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