Friday, November 7, 2014 – Life of 3.14….

Friday, November 7, 2014 – Life of 3.14….

I did not read nor see the movie called Life of Pi. I know it is about a boy and tiger who somehow wind up in boat together.  The Aggies are in the same boat except there are three tigers in the boat. There is a tiger-in-waiting for the next three Saturdays. I am pretty sure, we have no paddles and will be up the creek without one for each of the next Saturdays. But who knows? This Saturday TV football begins with Baylor and OU at 11:00 am.  Not as big a game as it once was, but there is still much on the line. Ole Miss plays a school named after a prefix called PRE. I have not found the exact name of the cupcake school, but Ole Miss needs it to lick their wounds, literally, from last week. The # 1 school, Mississippi State, also has a cupcake game against the University of Tennessee at Middle Some Place. (UTM) The 2:30 time slot looks more interesting. We have the Texas Longhorns vs West Virginia, Texas A&M at Auburn and the Irish of Notre Dame against Arizona State.  With the exception of the last game, the two previously mentioned could be over before the end of the half. The game that could determine a chunk of the Big 12 kicks off at 6:30 pm between K-State and TCU – The Purple Reign Game.  Fear the Frog and remember, keep the Big 12 Championship in Texas. Thirty minutes after that kickoff, flip over to Baton Rouge in Death Valley as the LSU Tigers hold Alabama’s future in their hands. And way out West, the Utah Utes (not to be confused with “the two utes”, from My Cousin Vinny) can really fumble up the standings of the committee, with a win over Oregon. And Florida State – you just get a big YUK. Granted it is not a Cavalier attitude (get it?) The Seminoles play the Cavaliers of Virginia.  Regardless of being in the eye of the tigers, we are the Aggies. BTHO Auburn!

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