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Monday, August 1, 2016 – Open Carry, but Not Open Beer Containers. Campus Carry, but Not Everywhere.

Monday, August 1, 2016 – Open Carry, but Not Open Beer Containers. Campus Carry, but Not Everywhere.


Montgomery County Go Texan Photo – early 1970’s (I think). Used with permission. (sorta)

image5 (494x800)

Photo by HB. Damn – still look like that, including orthopedic shoes.

Whoopie Yi Ky Yea! Or as Texas Tech says “Guns Up!” I am going get me a pink skirt with white fringe on the bottom, grab my black Patsy Cline, pearl snap button shirt, jump into my best cowgirl boots (the Lucchese lizard ones) and get me a pink, matching holster and handgun with a pink grip. As of January 1, Texans could openly carry a hand gun on your hip, just like Wyatt Earp and Annie Oakley.

Then there is campus carry. As of today in Texas if you are 21 years old, have a concealed handgun license you can carry your firearm on certain college campuses. Handguns in your school’s colors. What a concept. Get yours at the campus bookstore now.

One is not allowed to carry their weapon in to residence halls, child care centers and ticketed sporting events. Heck, if I were going to shoot somebody, it would probably be in one of those places. “I am trying to study! Turn down your music or I will come shoot you!”

I understand the University of Houston has installed state of the art gun safes to store handguns as carriers move into places where their gun is not allowed. I wanted to carry a gun for my one semester at the U of H in 1972.

At Texas A&M there are certain areas on campus where one can openly campus carry their gun. I hope if there is a shooter on campus he (or she) is in one of those areas and not in a residence hall, childcare center or ticketed sporting event. Does that mean I can carry my gun to intermural events? I can have beer at an intermural and sometimes at ticketed sporting events, but I cannot drive a car with an open beer.  I don’t think you can ride with me either if you have an open container of alcohol.

Most bars have signs barring guns inside. A strictly regulated sign must be displayed. It has 30.07 for NO open carry and 30.06 for NO concealed firearms. Alcohol and firearms with “Don’t take your guns to town, Son; leave your guns at home” playing on the sound system – not a good mix.

THE University of Texas at Austin has a listing of regulations and policies regarding campus carry.

The debut of the Texas gun law falls on the 50th Anniversary of the deadly mass shooting at The University of Texas in 1966 where 17 people, including an unborn child were killed by Charles Whitman –a crazy person on a college campus with a gun.

I wonder if it too late to go to law school.

June 2, 2015 – Sine Die! The Fat Lady Has Sung and the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature Has Adjourned! God Help Us All!

June 2, 2015 – Sine Die! The Fat Lady Has Sung and the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature Has Adjourned! God Help Us All!

Sine Die. The fat lady has sung and the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature has adjourned!  God Help Us All!

Remember RL, when there really was a fat lady that sang Texas Our Texas at sine die? What was her name? Ernestine Glossbrenner? House representative from Corpus Christi maybe?  What did they sing yesterday? Onward Christian Soldiers marching off to Bastrop?

Well, Yippee Yi Ky Yay! Listen up Buckaroos – Open carry of handguns has passed from the legislature and galloped on over to the governor for his stamp of approval.  You can openly carry your handgun, but keep your beer closed while driving.

And campus open carry of handguns passed for public institutions of higher education too.  That will give an entirely new meaning to Texas Tech’s “Guns Up!”   Those crazy Red Raiders can now shoot the frozen tortillas from the sky when they throw them at the opposing team and fans.

How many days until college football season begins?

One last question.  Will the The Velvet Jones School of Technology at the corner of First and Chicon in Austin be grandfathered into campus carry?

Sine Die – all of the idiots may return to their respective villages.