Wednesday, August 29, 2018 – Time to Start Getting Ready! Be Cool!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 – Let’s Get This Party Started! Be Cool!

What are you wearing to the Aggie game tomorrow? I will be wearing a maroon T-shirt and shorts and tennis shoes. I will be sitting in my air conditioned living room on my high tech recliner. To accessorize I will be holding a maroon and white Texas Aggie Coozie fitted with an amber glass bottle of liquid. I hope I have enough amber bottles to get through the Fourth Quarter.

The Aggies will take the field tomorrow evening at 7:30 against Northwestern State University. Temperature in Kyle Field should have fallen into the lower 90’s by kickoff. It is going to be hot. Hot and muggy. Welcome to August in Texas.

However, The Aggies will be cool thanks to Adidas and their technology. “Jerseys are body-mapped for a refined fit.” I am not sure what that means, but it sounds like the jersey fits perfectly on the player. Jerseys have these ribbed knit patterns that are engineered mesh panels. These mesh panels channel a feature something Adidas made up called Climacool. It provides breathability and cooling zones to the players. The inside of the jersey features silicon grip patterns on the shoulders to lock the jersey in place over the shoulder pads.

Climacool? Cooling zones? I wonder if that cooling feature comes in something my size?

As long as it comes in his size, keeps him cool and running away from defenders toward the goal line, I do not care about the high tech ribbed patterns.

Stay Cool! BTHO Northwestern

Trayveon Williams waving to ME!



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