Monday, February 27, 2017 – My Five Takes on the Oscars

Monday, February 27, 2017 – My Five Takes on the Oscars

First of all I did not watch the program. I read a book and then to sleep.

Buddy GlassesWhile I enjoy movies, I enjoy people running, jumping, throwing spherical objects through the air and/or into hoops more. I would rather spend money to see that event than go to a movie.

Second, I do not know the majority of the people at the ceremony. They all look the same to me – a beautiful head in a tuxedo or dress of sequins and satin. Or as they are thought of in some areas – Sin and Satan. Isn’t that special?

Third – I was hoping the protestors from the Dakota Pipeline would show up to pick up the winners’ awards – a flashback to Marlon Brando “It’s just business; nothing personal.”

Fourth – I wonder if Warren Beatty was looking at his sister saying “Can you channel me out of here to anyplace but here?” Faye Dunaway might be thinking “I am NOT Kellyanne Conway.”

Fifth – those who protested by not viewing the Oscar program. Of course, this is your constitutional right, but there is a missing adjective in The First Amendment under the “right of the people peaceably to assemble.” Sidebar to Sean Slicer: Note the correct grammar and placement of the infinitive. You have split your infinitive more times than Star Trek has with “to boldly go.”

But back to protesting. The missing adjective is “effective.” Protesting by not watching is a good statement of your beliefs. A more effective protest would be not going to the movies, not watching the movie on video, not streaming on Amazon or Hulu, no Netflix or not purchasing the video.

Why is this more effective than affective protest? And we are back to Oscar winners. From 1972 – Joel Grey. Liza (with a Z) Minelli. Cabaret. Song:

Money makes de vorld go around; de vorld go around. A mark, a yen a buck or a pound, it makes de vorld go round. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money     If you happen to be rich…

Here’s what I’m thinking: I wonder how many can tie this HWIT together?


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