Tuesday, June 28, 2016 – Random Thoughts from the Left Field of my Mind.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 – Random Thoughts from the Left Field of my Mind.

Life has been too sad lately so today I shall share some of my left field thoughts regarding TV commercials. Let’s laugh.

How long have those two Sonic guys been doing commercials? One would think as many years and as many items as they eat at Sonic they would weigh 300 pounds and have cholesterol and blood pressure readings off the charts.

Have you seen the commercial for bleach where the fake scientists put a bull wearing a T-shirt in a trailer lines with jars filled with stains? My question is this. How do they get the bull to wear the T-shirt?

Have you noticed that just as you sit down for dinner there is a commercial about something to do with one’s nether yeha? Just as you take a bite of that taco there is a commercial for laxatives, irritable bowels, bladder overflow, yeast infections, prostate testings and all other “living better through chemicals” that are made to stop or start the above mentioned topics.

And speaking of nether yehas. What is with the erectile dysfunction boner drug and the bathtubs? Don’t stop to take a pill or find a bathroom. Are they going to do it in the bathtubs? Are they going to do it in a bathroom? Does the drug only work around plumbing fixtures?

Why hasn’t Bob Dylan or Joan Baez been appointed United States Poet Laureate? Aside from the fact that neither would accept such a bourgeois appointment. I am not sure how my brain synapted from ED drugs to Dylan and Baez. I warned you about random thoughts from left field of my mind.

Stay cool on thisTuesday. It is still pretty cool in Texas. The temperature has not reached triple digits yet. Should happen on The Fourth of July.

July 4, 2014 2014-07-04 173 (800x530)

July 4, 2014 – George H. W. Bush Library. College Station, Texas. Photo by me.

Go to a Sonic to cool off with a slushy drink. Perhaps you will see the two guys.

One response to “Tuesday, June 28, 2016 – Random Thoughts from the Left Field of my Mind.

  1. LMAO!!!! Please stop the bathtub commercials!! And the drug commercials are just depressing! Who in their right mind would take then after hearing all the side effects!

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