Friday, November 21, 2014 – College Football Week 13 – Nobody Cares Unless You Are…

Friday, November 21, 2014 – College Football Week 13 – Nobody Cares Unless You Are…

It is the thirteenth week of college football.  It is also known as the week Nobody Cares Unless You Are Number Four or Five in the Eyes of The Committee.  Once again, it is Cupcake, Cream Puff, and Make Lots of Money from the Gate Receipts Weekend. Depending on which rankings you are looking at, we have number 1 Alabama playing West Carolina University, number 2 Oregon playing Colorado, number 3 Florida State playing Boston College, and number 4 Mississippi State playing the Commodores of Vanderbilt and then there is # 5 and/or # 6 TCU/Baylor.  The Frogs did not look too intimidating last evening against West Virginia winning by only six points. And the Bears of Baylor play the Cowboys of Oklahoma State Saturday evening. Yawn! Next weekend starts the beginning of the end of college football with the state bowl games, such as The Egg Bowl or The Iron Bowl with intrastate rivalries. The Aggies play LSU on Thanksgiving Day.  This is not a rivalry because in order to be a rivalry, one must have one won at least one game against the opponent, which unfortunately the Aggies have not won against LSU. Perhaps, this will be the Thanksgiving.  Whatever the outcome, “as God is my witness, I will never go hungry, eat turnips from the field or watch Justin Tucker kick a field goal again” on Thanksgiving.  Sic ‘Em Bears! Sorry, Kristen.

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